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FIV Positive and Abandoned on a Parkway!!

As I was driving on Ocean Parkway I noticed a beautiful Maine Coon walking among the bushes. I always keep cat food in the car, so I dumped some for this guy. He came right over to eat. He wasn't feral, which means someone dumped him there. The next day I put a carrier in my car, hoping for the chance to catch him; then I'd worry about getting him a home. I didn't see him for the next 3 days. Finally, on the 4th day I saw him in the same area. It was easy to lure him into the carrier with food. At the vet's office, it was determined that this Maine Coon, soon to be named Buddy, was not only infested with ticks, but he was also FIV+. They agreed to board him at the office, but I eventually brought him home to foster him until I could get him a home. After placing various ads pleading Buddy's case, a nice gentleman called to inquire about Buddy - he was heartbroken over the recent passing of his own beloved Maine Coon. All it took was one look at Buddy, and the man agreed to adopt and give him a loving forever home. Now, Buddy lives a life of luxury and doesn't have to worry about living life abandoned on a parkway ever again!

Long Beach, NY

Neko: My Little Tough Guy

I first saw Neko chasing a piece of paper that was blowing in the wind. He had been abandoned by my mom's neighbors when they moved and she was taking care of him. We brought him back to San Diego to join our other cats.

Although full-grown, he is tiny and has no tail, but he is not afraid of anything! I'm sure he would ride the vacuum cleaner if he could. He has appointed himself the official greeter of the house and rushes to introduce himself to everyone who visits. Everything is his business and he will not tolerate a closed door. It's such a joy to have him in the family.

Susan Rappoport
San Diego, CA

A Gentle Giant

"Tuxie" Tuxedo was left in my rural area late one summer. It took me nine months to tame him. Once he chose me to live with he never looked back, enjoying toys, a warm home and a loving "Mama". His almost perfectly symmetrical black and white coat earned him his name. A large cat with very wide whiskers Tuxie is also called "Gentle Giant", "Little Motor Boat" (a loud purr), etc. He enjoys cuddles, 'kissing' my hands and taking relaxed naps in my lap. He is a true joy who joined Timothy (grey) and Chadeaux.(black).

Lorraine Zigman
Perkinsville, VT

A Mighty Hunter

Chadeaux was left on the streets of a neighboring town, and rescued by the relative of a co-worker. My co-worker was looking for a home for him, and when we saw each other it was love at first sight. It was the end of December and the pads on his feet were raw from winter conditions including ice. My husband wanted to name him Shadow for following me around. I took the word chateau, changing it to Chadeaux pronounced Shadow with emphasis on the last syllable. He became a life-long hunter wiping out most of the rodent population in my neighborhood. Chadeaux is nearly seventeen years old, still feisty and scrappy when he feels it necessary, sometimes causing minor problems with my other two "saved cats". He likes to snuggle especially at bed time keeping my back or front warm on cold nights.

Lorraine Zigman
Perkinsville, VT

Me and Miss Kitty

I was going through a rough time and would sit outside a lot to think. This little kitten would come and sit with me and put a paw on my leg as if she was listening to me. I called her Miss Thing. She would visit me every day and if I wasn't outside she would scratch and meow at the door until someone let her in. She would then come and find me wherever I happened to be in the house. Her owners didn't take care of her so when i moved, Miss Thing somehow ended up in my car and she became Miss Kitty. To make a long story short, I saved her life, as she was pregnant, and because her owners didn't take care of her, she ended up very sick and the kittens died inside of her. I rushed her to the vet and was told if I had waited 5 more minutes, Miss K would have died. Since then she has been with me and I wouldn't have it any other way. 11 years now! I don't know what I would do without her. I dread the day she passes. <3

London, ON, Canada


I found Misty on Petfinder. She is a 21-year-old ex-racehorse and ex-broodmare with a sterling pedigree. Thanks to New England Equine Rescues for saving her from an untimely end. Misty is a model of courage and an inspiration to me.

Norwich, CT

King Hoss

By the luck of the police officer finding him on the streets back in 2000,our best friend stopping by the local animal shelter & us dragging our feet for 2 months before going to "interview" Pumba as he was known then. Hoss as he is now known has changed our lives for the better. He is king of our world, we renamed him Hoss because at 6months old, when he found us, he already weighed 65lbs and we thought he acted like Hoss from Bonaza. Just a big lovable guy! Now 10years laters and 100lb and 2 human children to run with he is a big lap child! As for what type of breed or breeds he may be, it doesn't really matter, when it's all said and done he is priceless to us and very much apart of our family!

Lewin Family

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, IL

Our Dakota Picked Us!

Two years ago, my fiancee and I were looking to get a new member in our family! Sometimes he worked midnights and I needed a companion to keep me company. We both wanted to adopt. We called a nice lady through the Edgar County Humane Association who told us she had a litter of black lab puppies that had been dumped. I had to work, so my fiancee surprised me and went to pick one out. Dakota was the only one that kept following him around, so he brought him home. Dakota picked us and we couldn't be happier! He is our best friend and faithful companion. He is beyond spoiled now! He owns the bed and gets a new toy or treats pretty much everytime we go out. He even gets covered up with a blanket when he falls asleep on the couch! He has his own Christmas stocking and goes to see "SantaPaws" every year! He loves going to PetSmart, playing with his black lab cousin, Desi, running in the snow, his frog toy, playing in the creek on the land, singing to our musical clock, and as seen in the picture, going for rides! It is his 2 year anniversary with us and we are hoping for many, many more years with him. He has made our lives whole and changed us from a couple to a family! He makes friends wherever he goes! We are getting married in April, and Dakota will have his special spot in our wedding pictures, for sure! Rescue an animal! Your life will be changed forever and you will be blessed with unconditional love for a lifetime! Its the BEST gift you could give yourself! Thank you for picking us, Dakota! You make us smile everyday!

Scottland, IL

Rescue of Muffin from Puerto Rico in 1995

While on a family vacation to Humacao, Puerto Rico in 1995, we came across a cute, puppy living off the streets in the complex. We immediately feel in love with her and named her Muffin. When we left the following week, we were not able to bring her on the plane. We subsequently contacted the concierge at the Palmas Del Mar Resort, and he went out armed with recent photos we sent to him, to find Muffin. Within a few days, she was on her way to JFK Airport in NY. His name is Kerry Soto and armed with our credit card and his great love of animals, he was able to make all the necessary arrangements to have her shipped. She will be 16 next Sept., and that was the best thing we ever did!!

Kathleen Kocher
Brookhaven, NY


We adopted Blacky in March 1998 from the Bucks County SPCA when he was about one year old. When we walked into the room where all the cats were caged, he put his paw out as if to tell us to pick him. So we did. We have had 12 wonderful years with him and he is still going strong. I am so glad we went to the SPCA that day.

Ft Washington, PA
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