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He rescued me.

Well, i guess it all started when i lost my chow named Baby. She was 11 yrs old and just like one of my kids. I was heart broken when we lost her.

The girls where i worked felt so bad for me, they kept looking for a chow puppy with no luck.

This is where Bandit comes into the picture. The girls went to our local shelter for one last hunt for a chow when they saw the cutest little black lab puppy you have ever seen. He was 6 weeks old, and the last puppy left out of his litter. They looked up at his chart, only to see this big red x through it. Of course, this meant they were going to uthenize him the next day if he was'nt adopted. Well, the girls were not about to let that happen.

Anyway, i'm at work and they call me outside to "show me something".

I peeked in the truck and there he was.... Bandit. He was the sweetest little thing i had seen. He was scared and did'nt know really what to do.

I took him home and fell in love with him. He saved me from my broken heart, and he was saved from doggie heaven. A perfect match if you ask me. He is so smart and funny. There is never a dull moment with him around. I love him so much and so do my husband and son. He is a member of this family and i'm so glad we have him in our lives. :)

jody grainger
shallotte, NC

safe at last

A friend walks his daughter's black lab every day in the trail near my house and mentioned to his daughter one day that he had seen a little grey cat sitting on a log looking lonely and lost. He saw this little guy a few times in the next two weeks and realized that he was living in an old sewer pipe. One day took his daughter with him and just as they caught a glimpse of this cat a hawk was flying overhead and they decided to save the cat from a possibly horrible fate. It took a while to catch him but they did and took him home to the house with the lab, which didn't work out really well.(they are now friends). Knowing that it had been over a year since I had to put my beloved friend to sleep, she thought it was time for me to have a new friend. He was pretty sick but I got him to the vet and he is now healthy and happy and the sweetest little guy and a great companion.

Marilyn Purcell
Windsor, ON, Canada


We got Sassy from our local SPCA when she was about 8 months old. Those floppy ears and sad eyes were too much to resist! She's a bluetick coonhound -- a breed common in the South, but fairly rare here in California. She's a good conversation starter, as most people don't recognize her breed. The usual comment is, "Is she a beagle mix?" No, but she sure can howl like one! Sassy is almost four now, and a real sweetheart. Her favorite thing is just to lean against one of us to get her ears scratched. Such a puppy dog!

Sandi and Steve
Long Beach, CA

Four Great Danes

The third Great Dane I had come to me in my life was Solu Khumbu. She was about the last in a litter of 11 to be taken to a new home. When I found her she was 14 weeks old and really did not look like a Dane. Registerd with a family of champions, she was overlooked. Black in color, I told her she was the prettiest GD I had ever seen. Now she is a striking, healthy, beautiful and loyal companion. Two knee sugeries at two years old and never complained, growled or snapped with the pain or rehab process. She is my $10,000.00 dog. In 2006 I found the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue and donated many of my photography cards for their auction. In 2008 Bob and I adopted three rescues, within 30 days : 1st Jasmine a Harlequin Dane/Lab mix, 2nd Kagney a Fawn Rodesian Ridgback/GD mix and 3rd Sophie a purebred stunning Black puppy. It is so amazing to look into their eyes and know they trust us. We will take care of them and love them no matter what and for who they are as individuals. Sure they have some past things to work through, but it is getting better with every day. They show much gratitude and love always. And Funny.... We have horses they play with and 30 acres for them to run and feel free. A shelter or a rescue animal is the way to go. I am grateful for RMGDRI and Big Dogs Huge Paws who work so hard to bring these dogs to us.

Wendy Persch

Wendy Persch
Montrose, CO

My Sweet Sadie

One night my fiance and I were sitting out front and heard something

whimpering in the neighbor's bushes, then here comes this poor dog covered in grease w/ gashes in her face,limping up to me from the other yard with these sweet eyes staring at me saying "please don't leave me out here" OH from that point I was hooked. We couldn't call the pound because we knew they would put her down because she was too hurt and because she was a pit bull. So only thing I could do was keep for the night and take her to vet in the morning as I didn't have the $ to call the emergency vet. Well long story short - I didn't think she would even make it through the night and she did and took her to the vet to find out that she had been run over and it had actually crushed the ball in one of her hip joints. Well,after many, many tears and talks with the doctor - I finally worked out a payment plan to pay for the over $500 it would to take to fix her. So we worked all that out and they replaced the ball in her hip and cleaned up and brought her in to me a few days later and I couldn't even recognize her - she was white! When I left her there she was black from all the grease! Well it wasn't an easy recovery but thankfully it worked, and now she can outrun her new buddy (pictured w/ her) and you would never believe how much she has improved! Not to mention she is the sweetest thing in the whole world, she definitely gives Pit's a good name and was absolutly worth all the work and $!!!

Lexi Waldrop
Midland, TX

One Lucky Kitten

I stopped at the vet to get HW meds for my dogs and there was a tech crying holding a tiny gray kitten. He was a stray brought in by a client but tested positive for Feline Aids. She had another cat so could not keep and he was going to be put down. I have dogs, not cats, so took this tiny boy home. 6 yrs and 17 lbs he now rules our home of 4 German Shepherds.

Susan Kimball
Hamilton, OH

My Maggie

I was sent a picture of Maggie and fell in love, she came to me through BoxAR rescue. The first picture I saw of her she was emaciated and had sores on her body. Later we found out she also had heart worm. She had been very abused and has many scares to prove it. Maggie is now a very Happy well mannered girl. She loves laying in the sun, being worshiped and playing with her sister Samantha. Maggie makes friends ware ever she is and is not shy at all about seeking attention.

Trudy Harper
Keene, NH

Our Dog Duke

We moved into a larger house in January, and always talked about getting a dog when we did. When we were all settled, we went to the local shelter looking for a dog that would get along with our cats and would be good with children. We decided a Labrador would probably be the best breed, so we focused on that.

We found Duke in one of the last rows. He looked so sad and confused. His paperwork said he was five years old and turned in the day before because his family was losing their home. We decided to keep his name. Today we've had him four months, and he gets along great with our cats, loves children, and makes our house feel like home.

Please adopt a shelter dog!

Virginia S
Las Vegas, NV

Miss Daisy Mayhem

On a Sunday in July 2007, Daisy was the last dog we met after a marathon of adoption days with different rescue groups. We saw those big ears and warm, brown eyes and were hooked.

How anyone could have left this little bundle of love at the shelter, I don't know. But even in her frightened state after experiencing the trauma of being left by her former owner, Daisy was all love. Over the course of a couple weeks, she warmed to us completely, and her wonderful, crazy, hilarious, personality blossomed and we were so glad that we got to be Daisy's forever family.

Thanks to Used Pets Rescue in Los Angeles, Daisy has been warming our hearts, bringing us laughter, and making our every day existence more joyful and meaningful ever since.

Erin & Jonathan
Berkeley, CA

Hairy love at first sight!

Three years back I was living in Southern California by the beach and I kept noticing these two, I thought, stray black cats. They would sleep in the sun on top of cars or stroll along the beach seemingly enjoying the sunset in the evenings. I started putting food and water on my front porch for them and noticed they were becoming frequent visitors. Slowly but surely I earned their trust and they would come inside my house to relax and sleep, day or night.

Eventually, I "adopted" one of the cats, naming him Tuxedo, because he had been abandoned and had no real home. The other, Jinx, had a collar on and a family to go home to. We moved to Northern California and brought Tux with us along with two other friends, Ruby and Jack, a brother and sister we had adopted from a rescue group to keep Tuxedo company.

A year later we adopted Dottie, who was about to be destroyed at a shelter. I can't tell you the amount of joy these animals bring to our lives. I leave work excited every day to come home to them and wake up every morning so happy because I get to share my love with these four hairy, lovable creatures. I just don't understand why anyone wouldn't give shelter or rescue animals a chance. Although we have four cats already I would love a million more. Jack, Ruby, Dottie and Tuxedo are the best of friends and I can't imagine my life without them.

Janae Bousema
San Francisco, CA
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