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Our Curmudgeonly Kitty

My family has always gone to shelters to find our companions. Bob was so quiet in his cage, and so handsome, when I heard this was his 3rd time back at the shelter and he was to be put down the next day I had to take him with me. Being a full grown male and coming from a hard life, we had a few rough months while he acclimated to being in a new home. Now he is a playmate for our toddler and part of our family. All Bob needed was a chance, and a loving home, to flourish into a loving, if sometimes grumpy, companion. I can't imagine a single day without Bob waiting for me when I get home.

Newbury Park, CA

Sydney the Goffin's Cockatoo

First let me say that parrots should only go to experienced handlers. Parrots are messy, costly to maintain and LOUD!!! I had many years of wildlife rehab experience before we had adopted 2 Amazons in need of a new home. We also adopted two dogs from our local MSPCA. Through them we became friendly with the owner of a local pet supply shop. A woman came into in the shop with a nearly naked cockatoo and said she didn't know what to do with it since her kids didn't want it and it was obviously sick. The shop owner took the bird and started nursing it back to health. It had been neglected and shut in a closet to keep it quiet. It could not be approached with an open hand indicating it had probably been hit as well. My husband didn't think this poor critter could ever become a companion bird even if it survived its current poor state. We decided to try and reimbursed our friend for vet fees and had him genetically sexed. Sydney took a keen interest in the other 2 birds and our dogs and seemed to like his open, sunny cage. He was nervous and agreesively bit at first but ate well and his feathers started growing. With time and patience he became a 'velcro pet.' He still tends to chew his tail and wings when upset but otherwise has been in great health. We're glad we've been able to provide all the birds with a good life and they have added so much to ours.

Bridgewater, MA

My Two Girls

Our story begins with Ginger, a beautiful 1 1/2 yr old red Brussels Griffon. Her previous owner grew tired of this precious little girl and was going to have her put down until my friend found her and brought her to me. What a special gift I received when Ginger came to live with us. After a couple months I decided Ginger needed a sister so I went looking on Pet Finder and found Jamie, a beautiful 3 1/2 yr old brindle colored Brussels Giffon. She had been rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. She is so sweet and loves to be loved on. They get along so well, play together, sleep together and are Velcro dogs to me. They are constantly right by me. They now have a forever home with us, are happy and we are happy with them.

Cabot, AR

Nick and Nora

The morning of September 14, 2006 was a regular weekday for me, and as I got ready for work that day, I opened the blinds to see a small, wide-eyed, gray and white kitten staring back at me from the window ledge. An adult stray is one thing, but the sight of a scrawny kitten fending for itself prompted me to open the door to put out food and water. As I did so, I noticed another kitten, this one all gray, sitting on the chair on my back porch. They were still there when I got home from work, and though I was reluctant to take in any more cats (I had--and still have--an older cat who was used to being an only "child"), it's over three years later and Nick and Nora still live here. Someone out there gave up two beautiful kittens who are now playful, loving, full-grown cats. I don't know where they came from or how they ended up on my back porch, but I'm glad they found me.

Kansas City, KS

Our Perfect Boy

In 1999 we went to the Denver Dumb Friends League hoping to adopt a small female dog, preferably a Sheltie. When we left we had adopted a 58 pound male Australian Shepard. A few days later we found he suffered from separation anxiety. With lots of love, patience, and the help of animal behaviorist he became the confident, loving companion we always knew he could be. Ten years later I can't imaging not sharing our lives with him. Through the years we have adopted a number of dogs from shelters. Each one has been a total joy.

Lakewood, CO

Christmas Miracle

This is Christmas. Christmas Miracle Actually. So named because she had been shot and left for dead. She wasn't expected to live through the holidays one year and miraculously, she did and went on to live in my heart forever. I was part of a rescue team that saved her. She'd given birth to 7 pups and was foraging for food after being abandoned with about 20 other dogs. Someone had shot her and left her to die. She'd managed to bury her pups in a snowbank for safety. The medical team treating her realized she had been pregnant and whisked her back to the original location. There, buried in the snow, were 7 starving and cold puppies. We got them all adopted and Christmas came home with me. Today, she shares her home with 3 other rescue dogs.

K Damon
Boise, ID


We found Mayfair last winter timidly hiding in our garage for days. He was almost staved and could barely withstanding the cold. After we took him in, we came to know that he once belonged to an abusive home. After several months, Mayfair almost recovered from his scarred past and filled our house with love and warmth. We lost May last month due to a tragic accident but his memories live on within us. We miss him.

Toronto, ON, Canada

Toby and Lucy

Our Rescue Organization does a lot of work with feral cats. We focus on TNR for the colonies in our area. One day we were after a female cat named Ciera who had successfully eluded our traps for 3 years. Finally, we caught Ciera! As we always do, we checked to see if she was nursing. Unfortunately, she was. We were torn as to what to do – let her go back to her kittens and potentially never catch her again or take her to be spayed, leaving the kittens to survive on their own. We began a frantic search, looking under every bush and backyard shed. 8 hours later, we found 3 tiny kittens. After evaluating them, we discovered that two kittens were born with limb deformities. They each were missing a portion of their hind legs. We knew it was going to be tough to find a home for these sweet babies. After several months, we finally found a woman who wanted to help a special needs kitten. She was only planning on adopting one, but once she saw Toby and Lucy, she couldn’t help but adopt both. Toby and Lucy adjusted well to their new home. Toby was able to get around well and could even keep up with the other cats in the house! Lucy’s mom felt bad that Lucy was often left behind, so she adopted another kitten with disabilities to keep Lucy company. Lucy’s new friend had paralyzed hind legs and used a wheelchair. Lucy and her new friend became best buds, doing everything together. These lucky kittens not only survived a difficult separation with their momma and endured the difficulty of their disabilities, but they managed to win the heart of a wonderful woman who gave them the best life imaginable!

Laura Ramsower
Rahway, NJ

Casper's Incredible Journey

Casper came to us as a feral cat, but under the loving care given by Sandra, his foster mom he was able to be adopted. After two years of living in this home, he escaped thru an open window. Sandra immediately contacted her co volunteers at the Stoneham Cat Society, Stoneham MA and others to make posters and go door to door in this heavily wooded area. Casper went missing the first week of May and was never seen again. People did call with possible sightings, some calls were particularly cruel. Sandra was relentless in replacing the old posters with new. Little did we know that Casper was close by, less than a football field away from his home. Finally 6months later in October the day arrived that we had all been hoping for. The call came in to the hotline, CASPER HAS BEEN SPOTTED. The people began to feed him and two weeks later, on Halloween Night , we got the call. “He’s here bring the traps. With nervous excitement we set the traps and low and behold it was just a matter of hours and they had him. We rushed out holding our breaths, could it REALLY be Casper?? After six long months?? To our amazement it was him. Off to Sandra’s house we go, we had not told her of this because we did not want to get her hopes us. Sandra could not believe her eyes when we walked in with him, her excitement and joy brought tears to our eyes. A quick check of Casper and we could see he was full of ticks and wounds. He spent the next 10 days at the hospital recovering from anemia and the wounds. He now lives in his “Forever Home” with Sandra and his new friend Cupid.

Sandra moores
Stoneham, MA

Our Easter Lily

This all happened Easter morning 2009.

My husband, Ron, was walking our 12 year old (diabetic and completely blind) Samoyed Lacy when she sniffed something in the brush beside the road. When Ron investigated further he found this tiny scared little kitten all by herself. So, not seeing any mother cat, he picked her up.She about 2-3 weeks old when her life changed forever.

I was home when Ron finished his walk with Lacy. I heard him come in and he called to me to look at something. I was half sleeping before church Easter morning. Then I heard a faint mew. I said, "If I can't keep it, don't bring it home!! As soon as I saw her, I fell in love with this tiny kitten.

Lily's life began an infant feral kitten in the woods beside the road to our home. There are many more that are untouchable, unloved and unfed that die each day, but our Lily will be with us forever. We also have 5 dogs, 4 of which are also rescues.

Feral kittens and cats are different from domestic ones and much harder to earn trust from. But the times when she chooses to lay in our laps makes it worth it.

Nola Ruppard
Valdese, NC
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