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rescued animals are the best!

After my 21 year old cat Sylvester passed away, i thought i would never get another cat. My heart was shattered. The house was so quiet and foreign to me, there wasnt someone waiting for me to come home. How i missed that! I finally went down to the animal shelters, and started looking. I went to 2 different shelters and i didnt connect with any of the animals so i started walking out of the area where they kept them, and the girl asked me if i saw the cat all the way on top? I didnt even notice it, it looked like an empty cage. She opened the cage up and i put my arms up to the cage and out comes this beautiful black persian mix with gold eyes! She looked like a black panther.She walked right into my arms and i melted! In that instant i knew i found my new family member, Pantera.The girl said she was 10 months old and she was born at the shelter, no one wanted her because she was all black. As you can see from this picture she is beautiful,loving and a well behaved cat. She makes us laugh alot and i cant stop taking pictures of her... i urge all of you out there thinking of getting an animal to go to the pet rescue shelters. They make such loving pets...

Palm Desert, CA

Abandoned at a Doggy Daycare

I found Trek on Petfinder listed as a Boston Terrier!! When I met him he looked in my eyes, gave me a kiss, and came home that day. A routine blood test revealed he had Heartworm Disease. His doctor said Trek should respond to treatment and he has recovered completely. He loves to chase the ball, and Canada Geese from the park. His Maine Coon cats Emma and Fred love him and he's found his forever home with us.

Jenny & Claus

Attleboro, MA

Attleboro, MA


Tigger was a stray kitty wandering the streets near my dad's welding shop. He now has his forever home and a personality that is true to that of the infamous Tigger ... he's a bouncy, pouncy, flouncy and trouncy creature who's always looking to have fun! He loves his big sister Lucy's (Great Pyr) stuffed animals; is very good at harrassing his other big sis Sweetie Pie (Blue Russian-ish); and is constantly chatting it up w/ his big brother Slick (Shepherd mix). All four of my "kids" are rescues! Have you hugged your animals today?

Shannon Hollandsworth
Owasso, OK


I got Snow back in 2003, he was an adult cat who had been given up by people who were moving. When I mentioned Snow playing, I was told, "oh, he doesn't play." That didn't matter to me, I needed him and he needed me. As time went by I got him to sleep with me, but he would only get at the end of the bed. He would not play, he looked very depressed. But as the years have gone by, Snow not only plays now, he is faithful about getting in bed every night and sleeps right next to me. He gives kisses and is so loving. He and my Punky kitty cat have become good friends, they are my sweet boys. He is the most loving, kind boy. I feel like God put us together. I was told most won't adopt adult cats, I have adopted two, Snow and Casper, and they have been one of my best decisions. I will never hesitate adopting adult cats.

Rene Rogers
Midland, TX

He picked US

My family went to the shelter to get my daughter a kitten. After we picked one we were walking out and Sugar reached his paw thru the kennel and grabbed my shirt. I told my family we would come get him on next addoption day. Addoption days were Wednesday and Saturday. The woman at the shelter said "The animals in this cage will be put to sleep tommorow" so there was no doubt we had to take him home that day. He is now 15 years old.

John Burianek
San Antonio, TX

Six Years Without a Lap

We call her Sing-Sing, after the infamous prison of that name. She was in a shelter for six years and had had no vet care.She was about nine years old when I adopted her.She had only one tooth and had tumors in her ears.

Now at fourteen she is healthy and happy with us and our ten year old Pit Bull whom she adores.

Victoria Smith
Kent, CT

She's delicious and delightful!

Tiramisu was a Craigslist find. A kind-hearted lady took in this beautiful little girl after she had been abandoned in the woods and kept her until she could find a good home for her. When I saw her cute little face on Craigslist, I jumped in my car with the cat carrier. "Misu" may have been "free to a good home" but to us she is priceless!

Teresa Ryan
Niceville, FL

4 Little Kitties

My story is one of loving and adding to the family. Our 4 cats have all come from the 2 shelters in our town. The last addition , Bobbi was a foster that I had to hand feed until she was strong enough to eat on her own. She is the only one of 4 kittens to survive an infection. They all get along and love to sit and look out the sliding door at the birds around the feeder. Their names are: Ed, Bobbi, Shadow & GiGi. They get along well with our rescue lab mix Woody. They keep our home fun, loving and snuggly. I still volunteer at the shelter and wish all the kitties there could find forever homes. They make the best home companions and fill your life with joy.

Adrienne Beckham
Sault Ste. Marie, MI


Even though we already had two German Shepard dogs at home we felt that someone was missing. Mason came to us from a rescue that listed him as a German Shepard/Belgian Malinois mix. We have since found out through genetic testing that he doesn't have any of either breed in him. He is a Lab, Husky and Pit mix and we couldn't imagine not having him. Our other two dogs Ella and Violet have deemed him an honorary German Shepard.

Laurie Washington
Wilmington, DE

Max our big boy

When our beloved Rotti Mix Bess died of cancer I was devastated and crying all the time. After 2 weeks we went to the local shelter to look for a new dog hoping it will make me feel better. Max was 8 month old and barking all the time in his kennel. When I told my husband that I did not want him because of the barking he suggested that we take him to the Get-Aquainted-Room. Well - Max sat down next to my husband and leaned against his knee. We realized that he had only barked so much because he was so lonely and starving for affection. Max is now 8 years old and a wonderful friend and companion to us and our little rescued Miniatur Pincher and our rescued cat. Rescued animals make wonderful pets! Please adopt!

Elfi Gilford
Petaluma, CA
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