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Lucky is one of my three dogs ( I also wrote Daisy's story).

My sister found Lucky laying in a creek by her house and slowly got him to follow her home.

When I met him he was in her backyard. We couldn't get him to move. He would not eat and had difficulty drinking water. He was throwing up any water he drank.

I took him to the emergency vet and they informed me he had parvo.

They said he had been sick for quite awhile and probably wouldn't make it.

They asked if I wanted to have him put down.

I asked them to please try and save him. I visited him at the vet every day.

After a few days they called and told me he had started eating on his own.

Over the next few months we found several other health issues, but finally he was given a clean bill of health.

He has been with me for 8 1/2 years now and is doing great!

Vacaville, CA

Schnitzel Finds a Home

Schnitzel is a German Sheperd mix dog. When I found Schnitzel he was an extremly skinny puppy living with a homeless couple. He was only about 4 months old when I found him and in dire need of some TLC and vet care. I thought from his lack of previous care he was going to die from either lack of nutrition or other dog diseases. Luckly Schnitzel didn't die and he soon visited a vet who told me if I didn't take him home he probably would have died in another 3 days. As Schnitzel got older we discovered he had a fear of teenage boys in baggy clothes. The vet and I suspect of teenagers abusing him when he was on the streets. This is a fear we are still working on with him and now that he is 75 lbs. and 24 inches tall he can be a little scary to strangers. Schnitzel loves to run free at our local reservoir and play at the park with other dogs. He's now 3 years old and lives with his pet parents, 8 year old boy and 2 Boston Terriers, Baby and Otis. Dispite Schnitzels unfortinate early puppyhood he has a great personality and loving family.

April Vickey
Pueblo, CO

Missy's story

We discovered Missy in our neighborhood one summer evening in 2003. She was a very friendly dog and loved to walk with us at night with our rottie, Czar. We tried to catch her for at least 2 years and just could not catch her. She would come 2-3 feet from our grasp, but she would never let you get any closer. She survived out there thru all those hurricanes we had in 2004-2005 time frame. Many times we wondered if she made it. Then she would always come around after things settled down, and never missed a meal. It was a very heartbreaking time for us to see her out there, knowing she would someday die of some disease. Animal control finally caught her and we picked her up from there. She came up positive with heart worms, and made it thru that. Now she just loves to lay in her bed and loves being in the house; although she insists on a well deserved walk every day~She is a very smart, & wise little dog & such a joy...

Jacksonville, FL

What a Gal

This is Whinnie, a 6 year old Female Neutered Feral that I found by accident in the back woods starving. I feed and take care of her since birth, One of 16 ferals I care for, and I know them all by name. Whinnie is what I call the Matriarch of the group. She Watches two other of my Young Gorgeous feral females Tinker and Belle and keeps the Boys away from them. She is Truly amazing to watch as she rounds them up and won't allow them to cross the street and keeps them well within her watch area. Like a Mother Hen with her chicks she keeps them in line, and No they are Not her kittens, she just took on the job on her own. She's a Real Trooper rain or shine she's there protecting these other cats and kittens as if they were her own.I give her and all my feral cats a good home,well insulated, and Heated with infra red on the Cold Florida winters,but outside with Good food twice a day on real China, I Catch, Spay/Neuter and return, and in return I get more Love and entertainment than money can buy. My Wife and I are now adoptive parents to many feral cats and kittens, Whinnie the Wonder Cat, What a Gal. Den Mother of the year.


Ancient Jojoba, Our Sweetheart

8 years ago, I went to a pet fair to see some greyhounds from a rescue organisation I supported. Different shelters had brought animals to offer for adoption. Most were kittens, but one cage held a beautiful sand-coloured adult, with gorgeous peridot-green eyes.His age was ascertained to be about 10 years old. I began to pet him, and he let out these strange laryngitic meows. 'Who will want to adopt an old,almost toothless cat?' the shelter worker bemoaned. Me!

All these years later, Jojoba(so-named by my daughter because he is such a soft, smooth character)is the Elder Statesman of our multi-cat household. Adopting him was one of the best decisions of my life; and I encourage people to seriously consider fully-grown, rescued animals when they are planning to welcome a new pet into their families. These creatures are so appreciative; and generous in their expression of gratitude.

Susan Delia Carpenter
St-Pie, QC, Canada


Sam was at least 10 pounds underweight, heartworm positive, and terribly nervous around people when he came to me through a volunteer affiliated with a local animal rescue organization. In addition, he had several broken teeth and a painful hernia. Despite being terribly neglected and likely abused in his former "home," he still had these warm, trusting, sweet eyes that caught my attention immediately. It's three years later and he's made a lot of progress. He's at his ideal weight of 50 lbs, heartworm free, pain free, and happy to run and play with his canine buddies whenever possible. He's still understandably timid around new people, but the ones who have earned his trust are rewarded with endless affection by this loving mutt.

Greensboro, NC

Maizie Mae

Maizie Mae is a "foster failure" kitty.. A fellow school mate from Vet Tech school worked at a local animal shelter. Knowing I had previously worked with kittens with CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia-a neurological disorder, similar to cerebral palsy, affects motor functions in varying degrees), she called me to come get a small gray fluff ball that fell over every time she tried to walk. . My goal was to get her walking so she could be adopted out. Turns out she was moderately to sevely affected and would never walk, therefore never being able to be adopted. She would probably have been euthanized. I couldn't have that. I decided to do a "special adoption" with the shelter and took her home for the final time. I have done considerable research over the years to do right by her. I have learned so much and although I am a bit overprotective of her, she has a great life. Today, at four years old, she is a healthy, extremely happy little girl. She does most things "normal" cats do. Weighing in at 5 1/2 lbs. she is my princess. She does not walk, but crawls, is hand fed every night and takes naps with me whenever possible. She is the ultimate cuddle bug and the most affectionate kitty I have ever had. God blessed me with her and I thank Him every day..

Suzanne L.
Pittsburgh, PA

JOB (pronounced like the character in the Bible, not your work)

I named this full breed pit-bull Job because his life has followed a similar path as the character in the Bible. I found Job running scared on the side of an expressway after Hurricane Katrina. He was starved and heartworm positive. His previous owners had taken care of him only to a certain extent as his heartworm had been present for over a year. I brought this sweet, sweet dog back home with me and fixed him up. He knows he could have died and he thanks me everyday in every way for saving him and giving him an even better home now than before; thus the name JOB seemed appropriate. Job is the ultimate lap dog as are all pit-bulls if left to be themselves and not forced to be vicious.

As all rescued animals know (somehow they just know), you have save their very life and that is one reason rescued animals are the best!

Elizabeth Rutledge
Mableton, GA

Blood Sisters

Jasmine and Lola were both rescued at the 11th hour from a local shelter. Jasmine(fawn girl) had developed a lethal blood condition that left her very near death. Her sister Lola stepped in and gave her a life saving transfusion which gave Jasmine time for the doctor to diagnose and treat her. It is now two years later and the girls are both healthy and best friends, as you can see.

Christine Pitcher
Paulden, AZ

my Tillie

Tillie was left at the front door of the Randolph County, IL, Humane Society on a hot June day. I volunteer there. Being a smaller town I found out where she came from and her history.

She was 13 years old and all she wanted was love and a home. I took Tillie home to let her live out the rest of her life and am pleased that she just turned 16 years old in March and hope she gives a few more years of joy.

Laurie Lesperance
Sparta, IL
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