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Our precious Rebel

We had to put our 13 yr. old Lab down so we adopted Rebel from the local animal shelter. He was very sick. After $300 in vet bills & LOTS of love and attention he is doing great! (gained 5lbs. in 5 days!!) We love our Rebel very much!!

Lisa Stires
Newalla, OK

Loving Lucas

Lucas, an Irish ex-working sheepdog, was found blind, abandoned and so thin the vet couldn't believe he was still alive. His wonderful rescuer, Maura, cared for him for six weeks before he was strong enough to travel from Ireland to me. He is the kindest, most gentle and loving old gentleman. My cats adore him and snuggle into his fur to sleep while he washes their ears. Though now deaf as well as blind he loves his walks, adores his food and most of all enjoys being groomed and having his tummy tickled. I cannot imagine life without my beautiful, loving Lucas.

Jackie Short
Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Benji our Buddy

Benji was wondering the desolate roads of Kansas with few farmsteads for miles. My husband picked him up as he thought the dog was a neighbors dog. He wasn't so he brought him home and we named him Benji. We found out later, after about $3,000 damage over the years, that he was a puppy mill dog and we are deeply sadden about his start in life. Mad actually!!! He has been a keeper for ten years and we love him as he cuddles in bed, barks only when chasing a mouse on the farm, loves the lap, and is the most compliant dog we have ever rescued. He is frightened by high pitch noises, which causes the destructive behavior. That is the cause of the damage and even though it has been costly, it is not his fault but those all over the world that breed our pets in puppy mills. All ten of our current cats and five dogs are all rescued and spayed and neutered. They give us more pleasure than words can describe. Priceless!!

Pam Wesch
Oberlin, KS

Springer Love

We adopted Kristy as a puppy from English Springer Rescue America. She had been dumped in a shelter and ESRA rescued her and brought her into a foster home. 9 years later, she lives for summer spending her days diving and swimming. Her unconditional trust and love for us is something we treasure.

Cheryl Winefka
Gilberts, IL

Here's Chance

After having had a Jack Russell Terrier previously, I was excited when a nearby county shelter had Chance listed as a young adult Jack Russell Terrier on the Petfinder.com website. When I got to the shelter, he was still a puppy; but, after looking at his little black and white face--I couldn't not bring him home. Chance loves sleeping with his momma and catching vermint. Here's Chance doing what he loves most to do in the whole world, digging!

S. J. Wyman
Gainesville, FL

Our Sweet Boy

This little boy was left tied to a street sign on a busy street. When he was found, he was thirsty and starving. As soon as I saw that sweet face I knew he would be coming to our home to live. He is now a part of our family and our two Lab girls have accepted him as their little brother. We are as lucky to have such a sweet boy in our family. Please meet Jake.

Connie Welch
Knightdale, NC

Just Friends

My beloved cat Boopie died in 2000. Not a month later I went on Petfinder.com and found a playful 7 month old striped cat that looked very similiar and had the same rough housing attitude that I liked. He was at the Faxon Animal League just down the street from my house. (he is playfully biting my leg!) I named him Joey. 2 months went by and Joey seemed lonely so I decided he needed a friend. Again I went back online and found that the Pawtucket Animal Shelter in Pawtucket, RI had many cats. I found not one but two great 5-6 month old cats that seemed like they would make perfect friends for Joey. We named them Chandler and Ross (the black cat). So now Joey, Chandler and Ross are the best of friends and I don't know what I would to without them!

Laura Simons
Fall River, MA

Silly Sam

My husband and I were recently married and I felt like something was missing in our home. I've always had dogs growing up. In fact everyone I knew had a dog. I started looking on Petfiner.com and came across so many animals. I wanted to adopt them all. After months of searching for our perfect match Sam, a 1.5 year old Tree Walker came across my screen. There was just something about that face. He had been with his foster mom for only a month after his adoption agency rescued him from a kill shelter in Missouri - he only had days left. They said it was something about his face that made them use all means possible to bring him into their agency. Probably the same thing I saw in him too. After speaking with his foster mom we decided to go and meet him. He was so shy. We could hardly get him to walk with us. But we couldn't resist that adorable face and we decided to adopt him into our family. Its been nearly 6 months since we got him and he is a completely different hound. He's playful and loves to sleep in the sun. Its amazing to see him creep out of his shell - day by day. We think he is the perfect match for us and is a great pup for our first dog as a family.

Jayme Caspers
Peosta, IA


We found Palmer and 2 yellow siblings in our shed on March 16th of '09. For some reason, his mother took the other kittens off that afternoon. Thinking she would come back for him, we left him there overnight. My husband found him still there, cold and hungry the next morning. We were going to give him to some friends who love black cats, but by the time he was a couple of months old he had taken over our hearts. He is a very loved and spoiled cat. We are so glad he came into our lives!!

Jean Powell

Jean Powell
Wichita Falls, TX

Maximus, Our New Year Kitty

Our high school drumline (which my son was a member of) was having a Christmas party in the basement of a drumline member's house one wintery evening in 2007. As one of the party goers was leaving, he heard a plaintive meowing which seemed to be coming from a tree in the neighbor's yard. He returned to the basement and said "I think there's a cat stuck in a tree." Everyone rushed outside to see. They got a ladder and held it while one brave drumline member climbed up to save the cat, which appeared to be only about 6 months old. They dubbed the cat "Waffles." The next day they tried to find its owners, but no one claimed him. A few days later we received a phone call asking if we would be able to take him because they were unable to keep him. We already had a dog and a cat, but couldn't refuse the poor homeless kitty. On New Year's Eve in 2007, Max (we renamed him Maximus) came to live with us. He's been here ever since. I call him "my wandering juvie."

Brighton, MI
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