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The Budster

After 11 years with Bud (pictured on the right), his owner brought him to the shelter, saying he was moving and Bud would not be moving with him. My friend at the shelter contacted me, asking if I could foster him. He was concerned about how an 11 year old dog who had always had a home would deal in a shelter environment, and his chances of being adopted as an elderly dog with possibly some pitty in him. He was under weight and had some renal issues. Bud came to my home and got on with my dog Honey Dew just fine, we fattened him right up and got him on the best food out there. At first Bud would pace around alot, not knowing what to do with himself, but now he has settled right in. He is a very sweet boy, very gentle, with beautiful tiger stripes. When Im working he will put his front paws on my lap and will push his head under my chin, so sweet! He deals well with Honey's pushy personality and doesn't even react when she pushes him out of the way, which she does a lot! After months with little adoption interest, it became clear that Bud would be staying with us and we couldn't be happier. It breaks my heart that someone would give up this sweet boy just when he would need them the most. I am now the proud mom of 2 beautiful, gray faced, brindled babes!

Springfield, VT

Honey Dew

3 years ago, I decided it was time to get a second dog to come live with me and my beloved pup Lazja Bear. I told my good friend Jeff, who works at a shelter to keep an eye out for a dog who might be good for my family. After picking some dogs up from the MSPCA to bring to his shelter for adoption he called me about Honey Dew, a 6 year old cattle dog mix. When I went to meet her she was a bit aloof but would plop down on her back for bellyrubs whenever anyone paid her attention. She got on fine with Lazja so we brought her home. She had originally been brought to the 1st shelter because her parents could not potty train her. But with a lot of consitancy and crate training she is now fully house trained. Honey is the loviest little dog, with the funniest personality, always by my side, always ready for loves and belly rubs, which she demands on a regular basis. She sleeps on the pillow next to me every night. When Lazja passed on, I was heartbroken, but having Honey Dew with me, pulled me through. I never thought I could love another dog as much as I love Lazja but Honey has shown me that the heart is capable of enormous amounts of love. I am utterly in love with this sweet pushy little girl. I will always, always have at least one dog in my life and I will always rescue. There are too many dogs out there in need of loving homes.

Springfield, VT

Merlin wrapped his paws around my heart the day after a dream

In the summer of 2008, I had lost my nineteen year old silver poodle, Tiny, to old age and cancer. Tiny was one of those very special dogs that occasionally find their way into our lives; my bond with him was exceptionally close and he fought hard to keep on going in spite of cancer and arthritis. But, his body eventually gave out.

In September of that year, I dreamed one night about Tiny...happily eating pizza (always a favorite treat), and seeming to tell me that he was okay. The very next day, a friend at Citizens for Animal Protection shelter in Houston (I do a lot of work with that shelter) called me to tell me that they had just taken in a beautiful six year old silver poodle. Tiny, too, was about six years old when I adopted him. Merlin needed heartworm treatment, so sight unseen, I agreed to foster him and sponsor his treatment. When I first met him, he stood on his hind legs and waved at me, and the first time he was groomed and I saw his face, he looked so much like Tiny that I began to cry. Needless to say, Merlin became a permanent part of my rescued pack (of five), and quickly made himself at home, instantly adopting the chair Tiny used to like to sit in, the spot on the bed that Tiny slept in, and Tiny's favorite blanket.

Was my dream a sign of Tiny trying to tell me that he had rested and was ready to come back and start again? I don't know, but I do know that Merlin is a wonderful, affectionate and loving dog, and I am glad that he found me.

Joy Lee
Houston, TX


I met Tom and his sisters when I was a foster mom at a local shelter. Tom was very ill and was to be put down as they knew he would never make it and he was suffering so much. I took him and his 2 sisters home with sheer determination!! Tom was sick for 4 months. He pretty much lived on my left shoulder. When he was put in the crate, Liz would lay over him to keep him warm. After 3 weeks Tom finally lifted his head. Nothing came easy and it was a long battle to keep him going...and Liz was there every step of the way. After 4 months of constant attention, he was finally healthy enough to come out of his crate with his sisters. I always KNEW he would make it, even though we had worse times than good with his health so early on. I adopted all three of the kittens. I could never let them go. Tom is still my baby. He is never far from me, usually in my arms while I clean, do laundry, even when I just sit to read a book, on the desk while I'm on the computer, just always there. If he isn't with me, he is with Liz, his faithful sister. He is the most wonderful cat I have ever met. He is so loving and so playful. He knows how much he is loved. All visitors want to take him home. He has turned people who don't like cats into cat lovers! He is a jewel! One of his favorite things to do is to just stick his tongue out at you. That's my Tom!!! (Liz, Jenna and Tom turned 9 years old this summer.)

Cherry Hill, NJ

My loving Chihuahua Fijett Milo

9 yrs. ago I had a meltdown and became agoraphobic. On the suggestion of my doctor I went to the shelter and adopted 3 yr. old Fijett Milo. We shared 5 yrs. before his demise. I can't express how much unconditional love he shared with me. He made me have to go outside and gave me the courage to enjoy life again. He was abused before he came to me and we learned together how to trust again. Unfortunately he was suffering from epilepsy and heart problems. I did all I could to make his 5 yrs. with me as comfortable as possible. I never thought I would survive his loss but with the help of a good friend, shortly after he was put down, I rescued a beautiful 3 yr. old Maltese, Mia Falcon, who currently makes my life livable again. I love her, but will NEVER forget Fijett Milo and all the joy and love he brought to me. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and tell him that he is loved and missed and that one day we will reunite. Until then, I will have Mia Falcon to see me through and to share what time we have in love, peace, and harmony. The love of a good pet is better than any medicine. God Bless all of you who feel the same.

Felice M. Haefner
Williamsport, PA

poor sneakers

I moved to Victoria, BC in 1990 from Saint John, NB. My brother was out to sea and his wife moved out left the cat behind. The neighbours told me that Sneakers was hanging off everyone's screen door looking for food. I opened my car door to leave and I called Sneakers and she hopped in my car and I had her for 21 years. She only had a half a tail. Somehow her tail got caught in the screen door and she ended up with a half a tail. Sneakers travelled alot with me 3 trips from east coast to west coast in the car and 1 trip be plane. I was able to buy a seat for her so she wasn't put in the back as cargo. She was in a cat carrier and she was not happy with flying. She made noises I never heard before. She died a few months ago. She was sick and I knew it was timeto go to kitty heaven.

I miss her everyday! She gave me so much joy.

Kelly Culm

Kelly Culm
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB, Canada

Little Nicky our failure to launch

We are a foster family for English Springer Rescue America. Nicky was the 30th dog we fostered. He stole our hearts so we adopted him. I am so glad we did because now he is big brother to our new fosters. He has Uncke Barkley our first foster and a big sister Tundra also adopted. This small pack has welcomed over 20 dogs and puppies in 2009. We are called Lovingly "The Hole in the Head Pack"

Don Henkins
Justice, IL

A Tail Of Tiger Lily

It was a balmy summer in August 2009 when little miss Tiger Lily-long tail literally walked into our lives (Tiger because of the Tiger stripes and Lily because she was the Lily among the thorns, and I love Peter Pan.) I called one of our outdoor cats in for dinner and noticed she had something cornered in the garden and was quite persistent. Upon hoisting the other cat up and putting her back in the house, I crouched down to see whatever small creature was lurking there. I was surprised to see a big pair of golden kitten eyes looking back at me from behind some rose bushes. It was a little tiger kitty. The poor thing was thin as a rail and frightened from her encounter. I ran back in the house and quickly retrieved some bowls of dry food and water. As soon as I placed the bowls on the ground, she came out from hiding and hurried over to me. She let out the tiniest squeak-like meow she could muster and hungrily devoured the contents of both bowls. When she was finished, she put her paws up on me and squeaked and purred and rubbed round and round my legs. She was so grateful for the meal and the kindness. I got back up to get her more food and when I opened the door to the house, she raced past me, into the living room and hopped up onto one of our couches like she had lived there for years. Well how can you say no to that? Well we didn't, of course. After cleaning up two more bowls of wet food, she curled up and went to sleep. She's been ours ever since. I couldn't imagine a more loving, grateful kitty than dear Tiger Lily.

Christiana C.
Thousand Oaks, CA

From homeless to Princess!!

Daisy Mae was born in a tire in a vacant lot. She lived there with her mom and siblings until a lady saw her trying to cross a busy street. She brought them into her home and that's where I went to go get her. The lady was moving and the house was already vacant. She has now been with us for 9 years. For the first 5 years, she wasn't very friendly, and didn't purr or meow. She is now a lap cat and as loving as can be. She purr's, meows and is the biggest love bug ever!!!

Paula Tillett
Laguna Niguel, CA

I never thought I'd want a small dog :-)

All my previous dogs (including the one I've had for over 6 years, now) were 50lbs and over. I have always loved bigger dogs. I always thought "the bigger the better" :-)

Last August (2009), I was looking at pet ads (I like to look at all the different kinds of animals) when I ran across a picture that I couldn't just look at and move on. He hardly even looked like a dog. I emailed the person who posted it and told her that I didn't have the adoption fee, and asked if I could foster him until I had the money in a few weeks. She said I could come meet him and take him home if I wanted to, and pay the fee when I could.

I went to her house (probably 30+ miles from my house), met him, and instantly fell in love. I never thought I'd like a little dog, but this one needed help so badly. He would have been defined as "emaciated". All bones, it seemed like.

I couldn't handle walking away and he was a sweet, although very independent, dog.

I took him home, and in about a week or so he was looking a lot more like a dog.

I have never seen such a skinny dog firsthand. It literally scared me that if I took him home, I might go through the heartache of losing him.

He has been the most grateful, loving, wonderful little dog I could have ever asked for. He has a lot of personality, and just loves every person he meets :-)

The picture with this story has the picture from his original ad (August 2009) on the left, and a picture from today (January 2010) on the right :-)

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