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Seniors are awesome!

Our family took in a 12 year old GSD that was about to be euthanized in March of 2008. We were only going to foster him until he could find rescue. Needless to say, my family fell in love with this big ole guy in no time. River had found his forever home! Sadly, we only had the love of this senior sweetheart for 9 months until he had to be euthanized due to medical reasons. But what a wonderful experience it was for our family. Never walk past the seniors without considering them! River was one of the best dogs we could have ever asked for and I pray one day we will be together again. Rest in Peace my sweet baby! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!

Delsie Williams
Mt Washington, KY

Sweet Benny

I decided that I wanted another dog partly to keep my older dog company and partly to maybe make it a little easier when she passes (though I doubt anything will make that any easier.) I saw a adoption event advertised on Petfinder near where I live and decided to check it out. Benny was one of the first dogs I saw when I got to the event. He seemed about the right size and didn't seem aggressive towards cats when they tested him near the cats that were at the event (I have 2 cats.) They figure he was about 8 years old and he had been in the shelter for a month by then. I really think that his time was probably short by then and that I saved his life. After having him at home for a day I realized 2 things that they hadn't mentioned in his paperwork: 1 that he can't hear very well at all and 2 that he has no barker. Oh he trys to bark but all that comes out is air so I call him by airbarker. So all that being said the bottom line is that I got really lucky getting a dog as sweet as Benny. He is a love and gets along great with all the rest of my animal family. I will always adopt whenever I get new animals as I think you do a really good thing in saving a life.

Cosmopolis, WA

Miss Pookie

I found Miss Pookie meowing loudly under my bird feeder on May 1st. I took her to our veterinarian shortly afterwards and he estimated her to be 7 or 8 months old. She weighed approximately 2 pounds. I had her spayed as soon as she gained a bit of weight, and was strong enough. She is a very loving, and vocal pet. Miss Pookie loves to say good morning to everyone, and always thanks me for feeding her!

Joanne Odjick
Maniwaki, QC, Canada

Nubbie Tail ; A Blessing Beyond Measure!

I was working at a local convenience store/ gas station. I worked the 4 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift. During breaks and my lunch I would often sit outside. I had seen 4 or 5 little kittens by the dumpster many times but, they were wild and very fast.

Over the course of summer me and the other girls at work made a point of getting customers to help us catch and adopt the kittens and the momma. I thought they had all been captured but to my surprise a small orange and white kitten had been left behind.

I grew up with cats and my daughter always had a cat. I was never really close to any of them and thought of my self as more of a dog person.

I kept feeding and eventually spending time with the little cat I named Nubbie Tail. I guess six months had pasted and I began to wonder and worry about him so much so that, would often go to work early and go by in the evening.

I prayed every night that the Lord would send angels to watch over him and I asked that he help Nubbie to trust me. I got a call late one night from a trucker that said he had trapped him in the back of his rig.

I will never forget the day I brought Nubbie Tail home!

I could never put into words the love I have for this cat! By the grace of God I have been blessed! Nubbie has touched my families heart and filled our souls!

Oil springs, KY

One of Andrew's Angels

After hurricane Andrew hit southern Florida in 1992, strays were picked up and taken to the local shelter. The West Palm Beach animal shelter was trying to find their families but ended up with 200 + dogs to find homes for. I live in St. Petersburg which is about a five hour drive from West Palm Beach. I had a dog and really didn't want to adopt another one but I agreed to ride with a friend who was a member of the local dog club and was going to pick up some dogs to help find them homes up here. We drove down and she picked out three dogs and I found a friend in Butterscotch. She got that name because she was mostly white with tan on her ears and around her tail. She was about six months to a year old and extremely shy. She was as far back in the corner of the crate as she could get. I kept telling myself I don't need another dog but I couldn't stop thinking about her and when it was time to leave we left with four dogs. I renamed her Muffy. I introduced her to my other dog Buddy. They got along great but Muffy was very shy and would hide most of the time. If someone came to visit she would go hide under the bed. I gradually trained her not to be afraid and after years I saw her finally accept people. To make a long story short, last month Muffy died. She was 18 years old. I will always miss her, Copper (a Poodle I later inherited and who became Muffy's protector) and Buddy. I enjoyed spoiling all of them. I know they must all be angels now!

S. Brunk
St. Petersburg, FL

This is our 3 legged wonder dog

This is Kismet (which means fate).

I went to the humane society in 2002 because it was my birthday and I wanted a dog. My husband was still living in CA working and I was living in AZ because we bought our retirement home there. I was lonely and needed a friend. I was looking for a small dog. As I passed cages I stopped and talked to each dog. When I stopped at this cage this pretty little face looked up at me but didn't get up. I could see she was bigger than what I was looking for so I kept going. As I was coming back that pretty little face had stood up and I saw she was missing a complete leg... all the way to the hip. I told her "Come on let's go home". She had been hit by a car, left for dead, someone else picked her up and took her to the vet. He saved her by amputating. She is amazing and has no idea she is missing a leg. She is faithful, spoiled rotten and a complete joy. Best birthday present in the world. We love her and can't imagine our lives without her. She is a full time camper as we are traveling the United States for the next 4 years. She loves every minute of it. She is a Catahoula and the softest dog I have ever met.

Prescott, AZ

Jack, my wife's best friend

Our daughter had seen a dog that had been abused and desperately needed a home. She decided to get him and give him to me as a surprise birthday present, even though we already had 3 other dogs. When we got Jack he was afraid of everyone as well as our other dogs. My wife took the lead and got Jack to sit with her on the couch. She just sat with him for hours trying to help him feel at home. He now follows her everywhere and if she goes behind a door, he waits for her to come out. Jack is always at her side and she is grateful for his sweet spirit every day. Over the last 2 1/2 years he has adopted one of our other dogs as his brother, doing almost everything Gizmo does. When I am walking them and they are ahead of me, when I call them, they turn in unison like a dance team would. Jack is still cautious of strangers, but he does not bark at everyone when they are 50 feet away like he used to. As you can see from the picture, he feels perfectly at home with me now too. He brings such a loving sweet spirit to our home and has become my wife's best friend. He loves unconditionally as all dogs do and he is not afraid to show it to us.

Larry Ottesen
Fremont, CA

Beautiful Indeed

During the first year after my beloved 14-year-old German Shepherd died I thought about someday adopting another, but the sadness of knowing that it wouldn't be her kept me from taking any steps toward finding another. One day I happened by accident to see an ad in the newspaper under Lost and Found, needing a home for a "Beautiful German Shepherd".

I didn't know that the ad was from our local humane society, brief and understated as it was. I kept the ad for several days and thought about calling, but hesitated, unsure if I could bear to move ahead without my darling girl. After a week or so, I telephoned, and after a substantial interview, which I now know was to screen out callers with motives, I was invited to meet the dog.

He came home with me that afternoon. He barely fit into my car, he was so huge, and was quite utterly wild and untrained. I learned that I am his fourth owner; none of the previous three had time for him, and at least one abused him badly.

Such a pair the two of us are, together for six years now, and inseparable. At 91 pounds, my sweet boy is now the gentlest, most obedient, most cheerful and loving companion you could ever imagine. How lucky I was to see that newspaper ad, and how near I came to missing out on the great happiness of life together with him.

Pocatello, ID

Meet Bailey

Meet Bailey. We rescued him from our local shelter 3 years ago after seeing him on Petfinder.com. He's 4 years old now, and loves his new family. Bailey enjoys hanging out with his adopted 'sister' Margo, a black lab mix, & his adopted 'brother' Sammy, a rotty-shepherd mix; both rescued from the same shelter. They all love playing in the yard, wrestling, going for walks, rollerblading, going to the beach, & bike riding. Bailey's more than happy to speak, roll over, or shake hands in order to receive some of his favorite treats, including carrots, melon, bananas, & cheese. Hoping to spend many more years of happiness & love with Bailey. He's our precious little angel!

Maryann Ossenfort
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

My Pepper

I just wanted to show off my beauty and share the interesting story of how I found her and had to save her. I was sitting at home one Sunday morning, watching the local news when they brought out this puppy named Stephanie. She was found abandoned with her mother and 10 brothers and sisters. As soon as our eyes met, that was it. I was in love instantly. So, I went to the Houston Humane Society and walked around looking for her but she wasn't in any cage where the other dogs were. As I started to cry, I asked the receptionist about Stephanie. She went to the back and brought her to me. She had a respiratory infection and was being treated so she was in a special quiet part of the facility. I adopted her immediately and since she was sick, I had to wait a few weeks to take her home. But, I worked not but a few miles from there so I went on my lunch break every day to play with her and bond. I changed her name to Pepper cuz well, it's another of my fav things (jalapenos) I love her so much and she loves me back. She is the sweetest most loving animal and I am truly blessed to have her.

The Humane Society had so many animals it was heartbreaking. I'd take them all if I could. Enjoy the pic.

Houston, TX
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