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My Three Rescues

I have become the "Cat Lady". All of my cats were rescued by others and brought to me to find a home.

My gray tabby, Winston, was born to as a feral cat on a shipping dock. His siblings did not survive. He however is thriving and has so much personality. He is King in our house and hearts.

My second cat, Scooter, the Black Panther was rescued from running the streets and found shelter from the rain in my Aunts home. She, is the true Cat Lady, and needed to find a home for this wild thing. He plays hards and loves a lot. He sleeps across my neck, he just can't close enough.

My third cat, Chairman Meow, the orange guy, found his way to my niece’s care late one evening after the parties all ended. We tried to find his family or a home, He found where he belonged and we couldn't love him more. He answers to a whistle, he walks on a leash, he is the dog killer, and truly tries to protect us. He sleeps next to me, head near my pillow. He talks and plays. He has warmed our hearts.

Our fuzz butts are the greatest gifts of love.

Salt Lake City, UT

One day left to live

This is King. He was a Christmas present seven years ago for a little boy who loved him every day. Due to circumstances many have suffered the past few years, the family could longer keep him. Being a 7 year old German Shepherd, they couldn't find a foster group to take him on. Too old, they said. A friend of the family called us, knowing that we had a houseful and no room for one more, but she took a chance. We discussed the issue and picked King up the day before he was scheduled for his visit to the vet. He was obviously happy with his family, routine, and bed. It took us several months of hugs, patience, laughter and love to make him feel a part of our family. It took our gang several months to accept our new addition.

Now, they share food bowls, beds, and toys to play fetch. Often, even laps! Take second and look at that smile.

Just when you think you don't have room for one more, keep this in mind. Hearts are very small, but very fulfilling. It's amazing how there is always room for one more. In a short time, they all beat in unison.

Bath, OH

From Six Years In a Puppy Mill to Forever Happy !

This is our new baby, we named him Baby because he is a beautiful baby boy. He is the poodle to the right, never far away from a Nylabone, or his new best friend, Algernon ! He was rescued by every creature counts, everycreaturecounts.org, and was up for adoption at Petsmart.we went to the adoption and saw him immediately, he was cowering and shaking in the far corner of his cage. I asked to meet him and as I was holding him I was told that he was just rescued from a PUPPY MILL and had lived his WHOLE life in a cage there. 6 YEARS. Well, we adopted him right away and Its been about 8 months and he is the sweetest, most happy doggie you could ever love !

He has two brothers, and they are his best friends, he eats a lot, goes on lots of walks and loves to chew Nylabones ! Loves the car, too !

Rescue a dog, it is sooo rewarding, for you and the dog !

Paul Yasinitsky
Denver, CO


My husband found Tornado on the Miami streets 7 years ago & saved him from being hit by a car. Now seven years later he is a great dog & loves to give kisses. He had a rough life before us but now he is so loved. He is battling cancer right now too.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Saving Forrest

This is Forrest, my rescued Yorky. My son found him on a cold rainy night in November (8 years ago), and begged to keep him... we ran a lost ad but no one ever replied. I already had a maltese so I was hesitant at first. The two are inseparable now & the best of friends. He has won me over & is my cuddlebug. Can't imagine life without him now. He thinks he is a Doberman Pincher & has the heart of a LION. Please give dogs the chance they deserve. You won't regret it!

Hampton, VA

I rescued a princess

Sylvia had been homeless for a long time and was so wild she had to be caught in a feral cat-trap in order to be put in the shelter. Then she spent more than a year caged before I brought her home. From those wild beginnings, she has become an incredibly loving, silly, playful girl who bosses us around, loves to have her belly rubbed, and would snuggle all day if she could. She's truly incredible and totally adored by everyone who meets her.

Denver, CO


Animals are frequently abandoned in our rural neighborhood. Gus "found" us on Thanksgiving day, 2009. He is full of fun and mischief. There's no watering plants when he's around unless you let him play in the water first! Please rescue abandoned pets. You will be rewarded with love and gratitude!

Linda Byrd
Lumberton, TX

My Puerto Rican best friend

While working in Puerto Rico for many years, I had the opportunity to make friends with my littlle Missy Girl a few months before I would leave the Island. She was part of a homeless group of puppies, running with older feral dogs, in the Arecibo beach area. After feeding her and her siblings for several months daily, I decided to take her to a Vet for shots and papers to bring her home to SC with me. She has been a wonderful addition to our family, is very protective but loving, and I am so glad that I rescued her. She doesn't know she is smaller than her cousin, the doberman, and is definitely the "pack leader".

Mary H.
Taylors, SC


I already have two dogs, both rescued and of course they are my children. I heard about this husky that lives in an old car and between scrap metal behind someone's house. When me and hubby went to have a look, I noticed no food, water or any shelter. In fact there's not even enough space to walk let alone run. I immediately fell in love with Nero and decided to take him into our home. He now lives with his little brother Eddie and his sister Samantha. Once a week they get a huge bone and of course Nero loves his Boss canned meat every evening. He is so lovable but complains when you are not rubbing his stomach every evening. He literally talks to us and lets us know when he feels left out or needs to go for a run. Me and my hubby take the "children" out every Saturday to the park to run. They will then chase birds and just run to their heart's content. I absolute adore my dogs and will do anything for them. All they need is food, water, shelter and your love. In return they will ALWAYS be there for you and bring tremendous joy to your life!

PRETORIA, South Africa

Homeless Pets - An International Problem

Growing up in the U.S. I had many pets who had been unwanted by previous owners and they had all enriched my life greatly. When I moved to Israel two years ago, I had not planned to get a pet right away. However, when I found a tiny puppy wandering outside our home and found out that people drive to our kibbutz and throw away their unwanted pets, we took her in to our home where she has become a beloved companion. Jade really enjoys sleeping in the sunshine, and as you can see, she will use anything for a pillow!

Yehudit Danoff
Gesher Haziv, Israel
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