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My fluffy lovebug

Lhasa's family had to give him up due to family illness/moving & couldn't bear him going to unknown people or being put down. As a dog lover, I was approached & he moved in with my wee yorkie & I.That was 7 yrs ago. Lhasa's first family once travelled to Tibet, thus his name.When I brought him home, I hugged him & comforted him; gave lots of walks and stayed constantly with him during first weeks of transition. Soon he embraced me with all his might.He sleeps on our bed, loves running daily off-leash through the woods, & we cook for him, play with and sing to him.He was a perfect gentle daddy to the new baby yorkie, a year after our beloved SweetPea passed.He raised the young yorkie and they are best friends. He is 13 now, still loves to run in the woods, likes to visit other dogs there, adores the yorkie & still happily gets to see his first family about once a month with me. He's happy to visit, but wants to come home with me. He seems to understand he has all of us in his life, but in a different configuration. He's a sweet happy boy...a profoundly wise calm sweet soul & our teacher.

Toronto, ON, Canada

Year of the Tiger

We received an email from a friend who passes on info about rescues needing homes. We were not looking to adopt as we already had 4 cats. This one however tugged at my heart as she reminded me of my recently departed Jackson. Tiger, as we named her, was found sleeping on a bag of top soil in a garden center, starving and nearly dead. She was scooped up and nursed back to health by a caring soul. After meeting her, we decided to give her a forever home with our other 4 male cats. She loves stalking them and they love showing her how to play. We named her Tiger, because of her stripes and it's the Year of the Tiger. Now it's a year of loving another fur kid! We are so blessed that she came into our lives.

Nanci Moll
Edmond, OK

Trooper - SaddleBrooke Miracle Cat

Following up on a message regarding help needed for an orphaned kitten, I went to meet him.

Young kittens require small feedings by bottle every 3-4 hours; and they require stimulation to go to the bathroom until they are able to go on their own. I named the kitten Trooper and he became a wonderful cat who touches the heart of everyone he meets. We couldn't give him up so he joined Maggie and Hannah.

He was taken to be neutered December 30, 2009 and upon return from an errand, I had a message to call the vet.

Trooper had "arrested post-op" and was in a coma, with no way to know if he would survive. I asked to be allowed to come see him. I knew it would help him to hear the voice feel the touch of the human who had become his "mother".

For 4 plus hours my husband Ken and I stroked Trooper and talked to him, trying to bring him back. At 1:30 that afternoon he was able to breathe on his own, so we transported him to Veterinary Specialty Center Tucson. Trooper was now getting the best care to afford him every opportunity to survive and, hopefully, recover.

Day 2 he woke up confused, blind, unable to stand, and was critically ill with an uncertain future. On the 5th day they released Trooper. Slowly his motor skills returned. He remains blind and that could be permanent, complete or partial, or he could recover full sight in time.

One week after the episode, the type/brand of anesthesia used was recalled by the manufacturer (who has since settled with us). Trooper is doing great and we are still hopeful he will regain his sight. He has a wonderful spirit and is a happy boy.

Diana Steinke
SaddleBrooke, AZ

Megan and Gabby

These two beautiful girls are sisters, yes from the same litter. Megan (Siamese mix) and Gabby (Persian mix) were part of an unwanted litter born in the Ozark mountains on my Uncles' property. There was no running water, no indoor plumbing. Gabby was chosen by my Uncle especially for me, but when I arrived I noticed her sister was always nearby and very protective. As you see by the photo these two never spent a moment apart until Megan went missing at 12 years of age. Her protective spirit lives on in our home. The boxing matches Gabby had with Megan Gabby now continues with our new dog, Teddy. What better medicine in the world than the unconditional love of a pet. We love you Meggie.

Lorin Danis
aurora, CO

Pepper and Blue

The animal pound here in our town had euthinzied over 300 animals because of a "virus' which supposedly wasn't Parvo, They closed down to clean the kennels. I was upset over all the animals that were put down. We had just just lost our Tigger, and I really needed a companion because my husband works off shore and I am home alone much of the time. After the pound re-opened, I went to adopt a small, lap dog. There was only 5 dogs in the shelter, and they were bigger than i could get at the time, except for our Pepper, she was a baby, only bout 8 weeks old, so I took her home.

About 2 weeks later, some one dumped the cutest, sweetest little guy off on our road. He was scared, sick and not very sociable, but we took him to the vet and treated him for all the puppy sicknesses. Within that same week, Pepper came down violently ill ,I took her to the vet and it was full blown parvo, poor baby was so sick, and we really thought we were gonna lose her. But thanks to our Vet, and tender loving care at home, she survived, Blue also got better. Now they are the best of buds, and the center of my husband and I's world.

While what we spent in vet care, we could have 2 "Pure-Bred" dogs, I wouldn't trade them for no pedigree papers, they go everywhere with us, sleep in our room, and sometimes the only ones i have to talk to during the day. They are truly part of our family.

I believe with all my heart, the only way to add a family member, is to adopt one that needs a home. Its a win-win situation.!!

Debbie DePhillips
Independence, LA

Finding Tippy

We lost our puppy and wanted another dog. We went to a local pet rescue adoption place and Sally took us to see 3 dogs. The first two were beautiful but one was so jumpy we figured our older dog, Zeke, would scare her to death since he still thinks he's a puppy. The second one was much too heavy and neither of us had the time or good health to help her lose the weight. The third one was behind a fence and snarled and growled like she wanted to kill us. That was the one my husband wanted. She was left tied to a post outside the animal shelter in an ice storm. Needless to say, she was not crazy about people. Long story short, we took her home, and she loves her Mommy and Daddy and brother, Zeke. I'm so glad my husband decided she was the right one. Boy was he right!!! She's part of the family now and we don't know what we'd do without her.

Carolyn Matson
Abilene, KS

Noel the Christmas Kitty.

When me and my family went into PetsMart on December 8, 2007 we weren't really looking for a cat. But being the animal lover I am, I went over and looked at the cats that were up for adoption. While my parents shopped I spent my time with a long-haired torte. My parents came and got me and I pointed out the kitten, she was about 6 months at the time of adoption. My mom instantly fell in love with her, just as I had. My dad said we weren't going to adopt her and turned to leave. Me and my mom practically burst out in tears. So we ended up adopting her. She is now 2 years old and the most loving cat I could have ever asked for. We ended up naming her Noel, and her nickname is Nolly. And you can't really tell in the picture, but her eyes are a bright yellowish/green.

Dawn Synakowski
Chesapeake, VA

Here's our General Beauregard

In February of 2006, we lost our amazing 18 year old orange tabby, Newton. He was the love of our lives. The house was just so quiet without him that we went out and adopted 2 more "boys". Jasper and Charlie. They didn't really bond to my husband. So a week later, we went back for a girl. Lizbeth. She became his little "feline mistress". Unfortunately, we only had the boys 2 1/2 years. They both had to be put down in Fall 2008 due to cancer. Then, Lizbeth went suddenly of some kind of seizure or stroke 8 months after that. That was almost a year ago and we were devastated and missing our furbabies. But we went to a pet event last weekend and met this boy. He'd been trapped as a stray and thought to be feral and wild but no...he's the biggest lover you've ever met. He'll stay in your arms and cuddle, he loves to be petted and tummy rubbed and he'll rub his head against you while you're in bed. He's the prettiest light orange tabby with almond-shaped light orange eyes. He's only been with us a week but he's settled right in. We call him General Beauregard because he commands the house and is such an old fashioned "southern style" gentleman. Buddy Beau for short. He's loving, talkative, laid back but still feisty when it's "play time". He loves feathered toys and hiding under the bed and "attacking" the toy as it goes by. He's also a bit mischievous at 3am. He likes to attack the barrette I wear in my hair at night and wake me up. Please adopt. You'll never regret it. The love you get back from a "saved" animal is more precious than can ever be explained.

Long Beach, CA

Ellie Rae

I brought Ellie home from my local shelter when the foster coordinator said that they had a puppy that wasn't going to survive the weekend. They'd started calling her "dead puppy" so I took her home to prove them wrong. She is completely recovered and has paid our family back for saving her with all the puppy love she can muster.

Salt Lake City, UT

Buddy helped me survive Cancer.

We adopted Buddy from the Humane Society...he ran away from his owner. I'm so glad Buddy's in my life because with his love I've beaten Cancer.

Melanie Zysk
Palm City, FL
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