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Meet The Shadow

Just over a year ago my husband found a small kitten trying desperately to climb into the house dumpster in search of food. Winters in Michigan being what they are, what could we do? We brought him in, got him attention for his tiny frozen paws and turned him loose - in the house. He follows Alan around like a shadow on a sunny day - though another name for him could have been "carpet" since he's always underfoot. He keeps the older cats on their toes, and keeps my mom amused with his habit of looking out the front room windows chattering at the birds and Squirrels that come for feed. In the words of a dear friend "Who Knows What Tuna Lurks In The Heart Of Cans? The Shadow Knows"

Juli Fife Nash
Muskegon, MI

Katie Girl

In 2007 I had to put my dog Sadie to sleep. It was the worst feeling I had ever encountered. I swore I would never have another dog and possibly go through that again. After about 3mo I stumbled on to PetFinder and came across Katie. She was on death row at a local shelter and was only 3mo old. I just couldn't let that happen. As soon as I seen her she came to my side and has been with me for over two years now. She is just the most loving dog and not a day goes by that she doesn't make me laugh with her playful nature. She is more like a daughter to me than a pet. To be honest, I'm not sure who rescued who.

Larry Wathen
Pittsburg, MO

Here's Chloe!

Chloe was picked up by animal control and, because she was shy and no one wanted to adopt her, was due for euthanasia after a month. A kind volunteer transferred her to a no-kill shelter where she lived for 4 more months. I met Chloe right after my 14 year old cat, Zeb, died of cancer. Chloe would sit next to me or in my lap in the cattery which was unusual for her. Because she was around 5 years old, I knew she would have a hard time finding a home. I wasn't sure if I was ready for another cat so soon after Zeb's death, but bringing her home with me is the best decision that I have ever made. While she is still shy around people, she is the most loving cat towards me. We have been best buddies for over 2 years now. I am so lucky to have found Chloe and have her in my life... or maybe she found me!

Joan Amero
Portland, OR

A second shot at a happier life

Holly had been brought by her puppy mill owners to be euthanized as her health was too poor (at age 6) to be producing puppies. Thank goodness for Smaller Paws and Pom rescue of Indiana who stepped in to save little 6 pound Holly. When we picked her up, her straw like hair was stained yellow and she had only two teeth left (the rest had to be pulled). She was afraid of everything including doorways and grass. When given a bed, she layed down next to it. She has come a long way since then. Today, we call her Holly Dolly and she is as happy as can be. Her hair is lovely, she still attempts to chew bones and spins in circles when she is happy. There is nothing like giving an abused animal a second shot at a happier life!

Katie Nowik
Elk Grove Village, IL

Meet Maddie (aka: Maddie May, Lu Lu, Maddie May Lu La, Maddie Ma

I found Maddie at our local dumpster when dropping off trash on the way to work. She was an awkward, long legged, full of energy puppy, that ran right up to me and jumped all over my work clothes. So, of course, I had no other option than to take her back home with me along with my khakis covered with puppy prints ! My husband and I had lost our first “child” Maggie (Manchester/ Terrier mix) to kidney disease quite a few years ago. I couldn’t convince him to get another dog after that. And we certainly would NEVER have chosen a Chocolate Lab / Pit Bull mix!! But after breaking the news to him while he was at work, and arriving home and meeting her he said, “That puppy would make someone a good dog”. Well … after waiting for someone to claim her at the dog pound, and posting pictures at the local store and the dumpsters she became ours! It has been a year now and yes, she has made US a good dog and we are very happy to have her in our lives. There is nothing like having a friendly smile and a full “body wag” greeting you after a long day at work. We love you Maddie!! Thank you for bringing joy to our lives!

Huddleston, VA

Rainy Day Rescue

This handsome boy was found at the top of a tree on the grounds of the Dallas Fort Worth Humane Society during a pouring rain storm. Several of the wonderful employees there got him down and broght him inside. They named him Drizzle and to this day he loves water!

He knew I was the one for him when I came in to adopt because he reached out and touched me on the arm. So, I guess you can say he picked me to adopt him. He is full of life and brings us joy every day. I can't imagine our lives without him.

Irving, TX

Picks of the Litter

I found Nikki (right) on Petfinder last August. As soon as I saw her, I knew she was our dog and she sealed the deal when we met her. Her parents were the strays that were rescued and her mom was pregnant when the shelter took them in. She had the litter and the shelter took such good care of them during those first months. I felt with Nikki we had gotten the pick of the litter. Seven months later I made the mistake of going back to the shelter's website and found out that through no fault of their own, a couple of Nikki's brothers and sisters were back at the shelter. Well, after seeing Stella's (left) little face, practically a mirror image of Nikki's, I knew that she had to come home with us too. I shot this picture after the two were only together for a couple of days. Our little family had been missing a piece and we didn't even know it. Without a doubt, I know that our two girls were definitely the picks of the litter!

League City, TX

My two little girls!

My two little girls. Lola on the left was pick of the litter; boy what a pick I made. Spot, my sweet little girl. I found her on my way to work. She was crossing a very busy intersection and barely missed getting hit by a car. She ran right up to me when I got out of my car. The poor thing was covered in ticks and fleas. I took her to work, bathed her and located her owner through the humane society. Spot wasn't wanted and clearly abused and neglected. She officially became part of the family back in 2003. She's been a joy in our lives every since.

Victor Chaumont
Colchester, VT

Another Life Saved

We drove 3 hours to meet a dog that I found on Petfinder.com but when we got there, we were greeted by Teddy. Teddy was saved by the Humane Society from death row at another local shelter because he was considered a "cage risk" and he was the Humane Society's office dog because he would get stressed out in his cage. He had only been there for one week, had kennel cough and very little hair on his itchy body but he is the one who bonded with my family and we could not look away from his soulful eyes. Teddy showed signs of past abuse but he has been with us for 3 years now, his hair is thick and shiney from proper nutrition and we cannot imagine life without him; he is a wonderful companion for our other rescued dog and is loved and safe in his forever home. I only adopt rescues - they are the best!

Debra Barton
Claremont, NH

Shiloh and Stevie

We adopted an english setter from ACES and after she passed, I knew I wanted another setter. My husband was reluctant; he was still mourning over the loss of our first setter, Jolie. I found one on Petfinder.com and when we went to meet her I fell in love. Shiloh must have sensed my husband's reluctance because when he sat on the ground, she plopped herself right in his lap! She knew exactly how to win him over. She has a broken tail, but you'd never know. We recently adopted a cat from a shelter and she is so loving. Watching the cat and dog play is our own funniest videos!!!!

terri furniss
east greenwich, NJ
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