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I went to a shelter with the mission to get a dog in the worse condition to give a second chance. I looked up at the top cage and seen this little frail Chihuahua.Just laying there. I took him. Took him straight to vet. Told he was in bad shape. Hardly no hair , infection in jaw that the cartlige was gone, Male parts badly infected. Needed surgery Asap! Almost died 3 times during surgery. What a "Trooper" . to pull through at 12 yrs of age . Fur is back, gained 2 lbs,runs and plays, so loving! It is great to watch him expierence new things everyday. He's taken every ones heart . Especially mine!!!

Lafayette, IN


I found Joey at the Smith County Animal Shelter. He had been adopted two times , returned both times for "behavioral issues" and was fixing to be put down. He was only 9 months old and scared to death of the sound of chains. I can only imagine what he had suffered during his short life. I fell in love with him instantly and brought him home with me. I took Joey to the Vet and found out he did not have behavioral issues....he had no peripheral vision and tended to sling his head in your direction when you talked. Joey was the sweetest, most lovable baby and everyone that met him fell in love with him. I am so glad I rescued him. My Joey went to the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago and it was one of the saddest days in my life but I am so glad he allowed me to share his life for 9 years.

Moni King
Texarkana, TX

Goliath found

My story is a little different; Goliath (GoGo) and Bishop a pound puppy were stolen out of my house. The dog pound (Lancaster animal shelter) found GoGo on the railroad tracks. He was lost for 2 weeks. I went to the pound twice a day looking for them. Bishop was lost for 2 and a half weeks and some how found his way home. GoGo has an ID injected in his neck, but the dog pound forgot to scan him. It was a Saturday and I had just left the pound an hour ago when I decided to look on their web site. I knew it was him the moment I clicked on the mug shot. I rushed back over and they had just closed. I fell on the ground crying, because I couldn't believe I had to wait until Monday. Thankfully the officer had pity for me and asks for my ID. I showed him the mug shot and he went and scanned GoGo. I took him straight to the Vet and he had bite holes in his neck and on his tail, his tail was also broken. The Vet said that he probably got caught by Coyotes. The Vet said Bishop was unharmed, but very under weight. Now Goliath and Bishop are doing great and I have an alarm on my house.

Palmdale, CA

Sparky-doodle dandy

My brother and his wife heard a loud wailing coming from the tall grass near a highway gas station. They thought it was a bird, but soon saw it was a small kitten, hungry and scared. They took it in and watched it devour some canned tuna. Having too many cats themselves, they brought it to my cat-less home and said "you need this!" They were so right! Sparky-doodle, now a 22-pound wonder, has enhanced our lives in countless ways. He's a 'sweet potato' who still loves his tuna! He is regal, yet affectionate; his magnificent cat mass often weighing down our bedcovers at night. He was such a good cat (only scratching an outside fence, never spraying, no accidents or broken things), that we decided he needed a brother from the shelter. So, now we have two black-and-whites -- Sparky and Crazy Chester -- who walk on leashes and keep each other, and us, in good company.

Pittsburgh, PA

Finally home!

In October 2007, we adopted our first dog from Brooke County Animal Shelter in Follansbee, WV. I'd occasionally check their adoptable dogs, and in October 2008, I noticed Geno. He'd been at the shelter for almost two years at that point, and my heart melted at the sight of his photos. He looked so unsure and timid, like he was trying to hide from the camera. I tried to convince friends and relatives that they should rescue him, all with no success. Eventually, after Geno had been at the shelter for over 2 years, I managed to convince my husband to foster Geno.

At that time, Geno was being fostered by a very loving mom, but she wasn't going to be able to keep fostering him. Rather than insist she drop Geno off at the shelter, they allowed us to pick him up directly from her.

I spent the first few hours with our "foster" dog driving him to our house. On the car ride, I talked to him quite a bit, and he made himself at home in the back of our Jeep. When we introduced him to our other dog, after a few minutes, she accepted that he'd be staying with us until he found a fur-ever home. They very quickly became great friends, and demonstrated this when I accidentally left a bag of treats open, and saw each of them sneak a treat from the bag!

After they adjusted to each other, it was amazing to see how much Cobaka calmed down now that she had a playmate. Seeing how loving Geno was, we couldn't let someone else adopt him. We call Geno my shadow, because when I'm with him, it seems like he's always right next to me.

Wendy Lunko
Dover, PA

Gracious for Gracie

Two summers ago we lost our beloved Molly. Our first thoughts were that we couldn't go through that again, our hearts in pieces. We still have two great guys to love and fuss over, so we thought we were content. A few weeks after our Molly's passing the local news station ran a story on the overcrowding of the county pound. I decided I would go down to the shelter just to see, maybe give some much needed attention to some of the animals, but NO adopting I promised my husband. Well, all my intentions fell by the wayside when I stepped into the shelter.Two cages in, there was a "discounted" adoption fee marked on a cage of a scraggily little black dog with the saddest eyes imaginable. I inquired as to the sign and was told that she had been there a few weeks and with the crowded conditions, she would be euthanized if not adopted soon. That was all it took. I laid claim to her on the spot. She was so excited to be released from her kennel and taken away from all the noise. I decided right then that she would be called Gracie, for she was graced with a second chance. Upon arriving home, I was nervous about introducing her to her new brothers, and she quickly gave those fears a life of their own. She proceeded to bare teeth and rush both dogs.She took a few weeks to "chill out" and thoughts of relocating her to a friends house went away. Today, she is still a little reclusive, and I suppose she always will be, but she has become a central part of the family and we love her unconditionally. She has graced us with so much joy, we wouldn't change a thing.

Chris Bent
Mesa, AZ

Abandoned Cabo Puppy...Now my Lolita!

I rescued a little puppy i saw in the parking lot of my store. She was half dead and weighed less than 1 Kilo. Took to the vet....she has every worm tick and flea known to dog kind. Wont eat or drink. Vet put some solution on her neck area and fed her some de-worming medication through a syringe tube. She has thrown up worms twice, is very lethargic but has been taking the Pedialyte im feeding her through a syringe every hour or two. Also tube feeding her Gerber Chicken and Rice Baby Food and my own mix of raw egg, milk and a little Maple Syrup. Also giving her .5 ml of Flagyl and .2 ml of Bactrum suspension daily. She can hardly stand up or walk but I swear to bring her back to health. I even wrote a song as a dedication to her!

Lola...Sung to Barry Manilows Copa Cabana

"Her name is Lola, she was a stray pup.

With Tics and Fleas stuck in her hair and a few worms down in there, 

She would just lay there, could not do nada.

Almost run over by a car, without help she wont go far.

Across a crowded lot, John made a lucky spot

They were destined to have each other


Down in Cabo, Cabo San Lucas.........

Her name is Lola, she was a stray pup,

but that was 3 long days ago, and she aint a stray no mo'

She has a new home, and she'll be happy

Still needing tender love and care, a few less critters in her hair

She lays there in her bed, and needs to be hand fed

She found her love and she found a new life Now she's in the red!

Down in Cabo, Cabo San Lucas......."

John Tallman
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Brat Attacks My Foot.

I adopted Brat last October (2009) from the local shelter. He didn't have long before he was to be 'put down'. By joining our family, he has become 'little brother' to Callie and Cuddles, my other cats. I named him Brat, because like most little boys, we would chase his 'sisters' just to hear them hiss and growl at him. As you can see, he is not picky about who he attacks, as he attacks my foot! He wakes me up each morning by pouncing on my belly, just to make sure that I heard the alarm clock. I can't imagine my life without my precious little boy.

Vicky Barnhill
Panama City, FL


Still struggling to accept the latent onset of complications from a traumatic brain injury that took place in 1976, my world changed dramatically when I met Spirit at an adoption event in February 2008. This 8 years old Shih Tzu was newly rescued from a puppy mill in rural Minnesota. Her fur still stained from the horrible conditions, I saw the beauty in her eyes and felt the love in her heart just waiting to be discovered.

A few weeks later, I descended on the shelter where I'd been visiting with Spirit while helping out with the animals. Armed with a prescription for a service dog and a trainer waiting to help us, I adopted Spirit. As she discovered the joy of grass underneath her feet, the wind on her face and the beauty in the evening sky, I witnessed courage, perseverance and trust. Spirit's heart failed her 9 days after her 10th birthday. However, she remains forever Spirit, the beloved dog who was the best medicine imaginable for one such as I.

Danielle A. Engle
Minneapolis, MN


Tiffy is my 13 year old border collie and best girl friend. She was 10 months old when she was rescued from the animal shelter the day before she was scheduled to be put down. My husband gave her to me for my birthday--she and I have been celebrating our birthdays together ever since. I can't imagine anyone giving up such a faithful and loving companion. She is my "heart" dog.

Vicky Hertzfeldt
Pahrump, NV
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