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Meet Cracker-Yorkie Terrier Mix

We first met Cracker on a stormy afternoon at a shelter in Tampa, FL. He had been found wandering the streets. There was just something about this scared little dog that quickly melted our hearts. We applied to adopt him and after all the processing was complete, brought him home to meet our other Yorkie, Tibbi. It took a lot of TLC to have him trust again but he now enjoys his forever home with us and Tibbi. He is a very sweet boy and we are blessed to have him in our lives.

Martha and Nick

Temple Terrace, FL

Boo Man / Luther

I got Boo when he was 3 months old. I saw an ad in a paper about a shepherd - Rottweiler mix. I was looking for a German Shepherd, but I thought I would check him out. I am so glad I did. When I went to look at him, the lady brought him out, and the first thing he did, was roll in a mud puddle and then came right to me and wanted me to hold him. I picked him up and he gave me a kiss. I told the lady I would think about it. She told me in a very mean tone, that I had better think quick, because if I didn't take him, she was going to have her friend take him out in the cornfield and shoot him, cause she had 4 more dogs inside. Needless to say, I paid her the $75, took him and left. I also called paws right away. I named him Luther, but soon he just became my Boo man. He lives to play ball, and go for rides. He is the smartest and most loving dog I have ever had, he is also my best friend.

Brent Neeley
Peoria Heights, IL


In a rare Chattanooga snowstorm I found a very cold kitten who wanted nothing more than to be inside a warm home! She was so tame and trusting I was sure she belonged to someone so took her in just for the night. Happily, there was no response to the flyers we put out in the neighborhood the next day and, seven years later, Callie is still staying warm in this home!

Kin Koos
Chattanooga, TN


Both of my boys are from shelters, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Quigly is now about 13. I still remember the day we met, he was so nervous, but I just knew we were looking for each other. He was going blind when I got him, 9 years ago, and has since finished the trip. Last March he had surgery to have his eyes removed, Glaucoma had developed. He is still the same dog I love. He is the most cuddly, loving, gentle dog I've ever known, not to mention the softest! Just ask the kids who have layed on him, loved him, and played with him. He gets around just fine using his nose, as he always has. We just call it "the day Quig's headache went away." I got Willy a year later, from the Humane Society. He is probably now about 11, and a neurotic mama's boy. We've worked thru some fear issues, but he has always made me laugh, from day one. I forgive his clinginess for the humor he brings and the big baby snuggler that he really is. He always has something to say to new people, but is a big softy when the initial noise subsides. He has been very obedient and and excellent ball player from the very beginning.

I can't imagine life without my best friends, it's hard to say who saved who.

Madison, WI

Annabelle and the Doughnut

When I decided it was time to bring a pet into my home, the only choice to make was where to adopt from. In South Florida there's an amazing no-kill organization called SADSAC (Save a Dog Save a Cat). I knew I wanted to give an adult cat a home if I could, since most people try to adopt kittens. My boyfriend and I spent 4 hours there playing with cats and trying to find the right one... to no avail. Then we went into the "back area" where three cats sat in a cage together (don't get me wrong, SADSAC does the best they can). Once the woman opened the door, out pounced her. She rubbed up against my leg, 'talked' to us non stop, and purred heavily when I held her. The woman was in shock. "She hasn't done anything but scowl and hiss for the five months she's been here" She told us. My heart melted the second I saw our, at the time, four year old tabby. We changed her name to Annabelle and she has given us so much love (and maybe more 6am headbutts and ear snorts) than we deserve.

Then, last August, we were at PetCo buying cat food when we walked past the Humane Society's rescue area. Looong story short, we ended up going home with Doughnut (her name from the shelter that fit her far too well). Annabelle was cautious at first. But after making sure Doughnut knew who was the queen, the have become the best of friends. They have both brought so much joy and laughter into our lives and I couldn't imagine it any other way. They both have a forever home with us, and will live long, happy, lives together.

Boca Raton, FL

How I Met the "One"

My step mom has had the luck of finding 3 stray cats who turned out to be wonderful companions to her, absolutely adoring and loving. When she found out I was cat-hunting, she told me to leave it up to the universe and it would send me the cat I was meant to be with.

I'm not the type of person to wait, so I went and filled out adoption paperwork at various shelters and societies to find just the right feline for me and my first new house.

This went on for weeks - as much as I loved all the cats I visited, I couldn't find the 'one'.

So I closed on my house on Aug 31st, 2008 - and some friends helped me move in that weekend - so we were moving boxes to every room of the house trying to put everything together. I stayed at my parent's house that weekend since i did not arrage for gas/water to be turned on.

I took the following Tuesday off work, walked into my house, and found a cat in my living room. My first thought was, my step mom is going to get a kick out of this'.

I called my parents and my step-mom brought over food and a litter box, I took him to the vet, and an hour later, he came home with me.

To this day, not one of my friends saw a cat in my house when we were moving in and have no idea how he got into the house. So, I named him after the street I live on, Dearborn - and he is now a 3 year old - 15lb ball of cute, cuddlyness, and playfulness. My house wouldnt be the same without him.

Valparaiso, IN

Purrrfect Calico

Squeakers was adopted in 1997 from a drop box in Hayward, CA and was aged to about 10 months old. We were told she lived on a ranch with many other cats and the herd needed to be thinned. After moving from the East Bay area to Calaveras county in 2003, she went from being a city cat to a mountain cat with no problem. She loves being outside and uses a cat door with ease. She is the love of our lives and a perfect colored calico! She was a great hunter in the city and has kept her hunting skills just as sharp in the country. She is our company on a daily basis and we love to see where her new sleeping area is each day. She still loves to play and especially in water. Her tail is very fluffly and is always in an upright position. Everyone who visits says we have the cutest cat ever. She was a keeper.

L. Costa
Railroad Flat, CA

Valentine Marie - The Best Blessing

This is Valentine Marie. She found us nearly 12 years ago and has been the joy of our lives ever since. She gave birth to 8 puppies on our property. Was the best Mama a puppy could have. After the last one went to it's forever home, we took her in and she has been the most wonderful dog and companion we could ever want. She still sees her kids and she will be 13 this year. We named her Valentine because she found us on Valentine's Day. She and her cat sister, Miss Teeka and her cat brother, Buddy Cat travel all over with us. We love them so very much. Valentine is also a Service Therapy Dog - she visits disabled folks and everyone loves her.

Anne Johnson
Harrisburg, PA

From Tragedy to Tears of Joy

September 11, 2009 I had a House fire started by me neglecting to turn down the stove burner while grease was heating that resulted in 3 of my 5 Cats dying from smoke inhalation because they was too scared to run out of the house. I'm a big animal lover..Literally.. I am 6' 1" 325 pounds.

This incident absolutely devastated me. I felt like I lost my children and I would have went back inside the burning house and not came out till I had my Cats if I knew for sure the cats were still in there.

For the next couple of weeks I was WRECKED..

Knowing if was out of my own stupidity that caused my beloved cats lives took a big toll on me!

One day a few weeks later, while heading back to the burned house to see what we could salvage, we stopped at a red light.

I happened to glance to my right because I heard a noise and noticed a very tiny kittens head poking up from some tall grass and it was meowing loudly.

I instantly told my wife to pull over and I got out and as soon as i did this kitten came running to me!

He looked JUST LIKE my beloved cat who died in the fire when she was a kitten! My eyes instantly watered all up as I held this cat in the car.

He was just sitting there in the grass in front of an insurance company not a foot from the road.

I've had him ever since and named him Buddie.

He's mended a small piece of my heart that was crushed when this incident happened and I have vowed I am going to treat him like a KING in tribute to my other Cats!

Carthage, TN

Christmas visitor

This is 'Lucky". We had sadly lost two of our 4 cats recently and I had been considering getting us a kitten for Christmas, but we were going to Canada over the holidays and it just wasn't a good time. We arrived home on Christmas day at around 6 pm. At 8:30 pm I went out to our computer room and there was a little face peering in our door. She was about 12 weeks old. No chip, and no-one in our neighborhood know anything about her. The vet said she could have been wild. We are still wondering how she got to us as our place is totally fenced with a huge field But, she has been with us now for over a month and we are just amazed at our good fortune. She is a lovely new addition to our family.

Camano Island, WA
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