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I found Mavrik almost 14 years ago at the local animal shelter in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was definitely love at first sight. We were a perfect fit from the first minute. He was a sick little boy when I found him but with love & care he quickly sprang back to health. He gives the best neck hugs, loves car rides, going to the lake, and has more personality than he knows! He makes friends everywhere he goes....which is basically everywhere we go. It is difficult to have a bad day when you are greeted by his wagging tail and big smile. He is not just a pet and a best friend....he is the truly the heart of our family. He continues to bring us the most joy everyday and we are so blessed to have him.

Knoxville, TN

Brown Sugar to Heal My Heart

When our dalmatian, Rocky passed away after 13 1/2 years, I was heartbroken. I said,"No more dogs. I can't go through this again." But... My friend emailed someone who had dalmatians and told her my story. She contacted others and soon I was receiving emails and calls from everywhere asking if I was interested in showing or rescuing another dal. At first I said no, but when The Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia emailed me a picture of a baby liver dalmatian, named Forrest, I fell in love again. He had been rescued from a pound in Tenn. We drove to Virginia and brought him back home. I still miss my Rocky terribly, but having Forrest helps. We adopted this sweet brown boy, but he rescued me.

Terri Street
Randleman, NC

Puppy Mill Rescue!!

I have always wanted a long-haired Doxie! My wife, on the other hand, loves the short-haired ones. So...we compromised, three times in a row, and got short hairs. Though I love Chloe, Gretta, and Penny, I really wanted a long hair.

Our friend Stacey, who runs Foxy Doxy Dachshund Rescue in Atascadero, CA., had just rescued a batch of doxies from a puppy mill in the Northern California Sierra foothills. One of the dogs that she rescued was a long-haired, red and white piebald five-month-old little girl.

My wife, Genete, and I were not really looking for another dog. We had gone to a dog event earlier in the day, as she teaches Pet 1st Aid for the American Red Cross. As I was walking our three girls, a lady came up to me and said, "Wow, you've got one of every color." I jinxed myself and said, "No, there's still others that we don't have." Two hours later, while visiting one of Stacey's adoption events, Genete placed a little ball of fluff into my arms and said, "Look at this one." I held her tight and it was all over! I held her for two hours and begged Genete to let me take her home.

Genete really didn't put up that much of a fuss and I had my long-haired little girl. She was kind of shell shocked at first, with all that she had been through. Everything scared her! Other dogs, people, noises, even leafs blowing in the yard. She would only potty once a day at first, probably because she was used to being in a cage all day long.

It's now been almost a year since we adopted her. Liesel has really blossomed and has developed her own personality. I love her more than anything!

Jeff Bowen
Santa Maria, CA


I live across the street from a shelter. Every once in a while I would go in trying to find the perfect adult cat to bring home. I went in one day and saw Callie. From her cage, she called to me, reached out & I fell in love with her. My husband met me and said that if she was still there in a month then we could adopt her. Well, we went back and she was still there. We took her home and she is the happiest, jolliest and sweetest cat in our home. She loves being the center of attention and having her belly rubbed.

Ally Vandervoort
Daytona Beach, FL


I had lost my best friend of 11 years very suddenly 2 months earlier and wasn't looking for another dog when my friend called to tell me she had just groomed a little brown shi-tzu that someone had deserted. He was all matted and very thin and a group called Pound Partners was looking for a home for him. I wasn't ready but I worried about Buddy all week-end and finally went to see him Tuesday. After all he had been through he came bouncing up to me as happy as could be and I couldn't leave him behind. That was 3 years ago and he goes where ever I go including to work and on vacation. His best friend is a 19 pound long-haired black Norwegian Forest Cat, also a rescue, named Paris.

Suzie Hamlin
Ironton, OH

Two Wonderful Rescue Kitties

A few months after the death of my beloved Shadowfax, I visited the local shelter "just to see who was there". Of course, since I had no intention of adopting, the perfect cat presented himself.

About nine months old, he had been returned to the shelter because he couldn't get along with the resident dog at his first adopted home. He was a perky, friendly orange tabby with silky fur and a white chest. His head and beautiful green eyes looked enormous as he had scratched away the fur on his neck -- obviously this was a lonely cat in need of TLC.

When I was let into his cage, he jumped on my chest, put his paws on my shoulders, and happily rubbed my face and neck -- Sean is still always ready for a hug.

A year later, Sean and I adopted another orange tabby we named Shane, and they get along famously...but Sean still owns The Lap! These wondeful little guys have enriched my life in more ways than I can name.

Linda Van Haste
Lincoln City, OR

Looks like we made it

When these two sisters were brought to the attention of the rescue group I volunteer with we had to take them in. They were on their last day at the shelter when we got there. This picture was taken on their third day in foster care when they were just starting to relax in their new environment. They snuggled up together on the couch and the song "Looks like we made it" came on the radio. I made it their theme song. "Might have took the long way, but we both knew we'd get here someday." That's what I imagined they were thinking. The were quickly adopted by a loving family of four and are living their happily ever after.

Fostering is such a rewarding endeavor.

Laura Martin
San Francisco, CA

Sweet Mandy

After I lost a very special dog to congestive heart failure a year ago, I was wary about adopting another one, thinking another dog would have a hard time "measuring up". However a few weeks ago I was in a pet store where a local rescue group was holding adoptions. This little girl caught my eye and when I took her out of the crate, she just snuggled up to me like she belonged there. She's turned out to be the sweetest, snuggliest dog I've ever had and has quickly won over my cat, my grandkids, all the neighborhood kids, and everyone else she's met. I think she's rescued me much more than I rescued her, and I thank TLC and all the other rescue groups who make stories like this possible.

Garland, TX

And kitty makes three

When we returned from our honeymoon, we found a mama cat and three kittens waiting for us outside our house. After talking with a local shelter, we found the kittens could be adopted very easily, but older cats seems to wait forever for a family. Well, the mama cat needed a home, and our house needed to BE a home--which was easily accomplished by adding Mimi (her new name) to our family. Perfect fit! Despite being told recently we won't have much more time with her, she brings us joy every day.

Kristi Silvey
Lexington, KY

Sufi and Bufi

Last summer my husband overheard someone talking about a person who passed and had 15 chihauhas. Well when we go there, the two left were 13 yrs. old, in congestive heart failure, dehydrated and hungry.

We snapped them up, got them on medications and now they are the loves of our lives. Such precious angels, they are even frisky now!! It has been almost a year, we were told they would maybe live three months.....

Joan Sessions
Port Charlotte, FL
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