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When my daughter rescued Shadow, he was so tiny that

he fit in the palm of my hand and he was the last thing

we needed! We already had a cat, a dog and a baby on the

way. After desperately trying to find another home for him

3 times, only to come back to us each time, I promised

him that he already had his 'forever home'. Fifteen years of

love and true devotion later, he climbed into my arms, right

where he wanted to be and took his last breath. Not a day

goes by where we still don't think of our

'little boy in a kitty's suit'!

Lila Eschenfelder
Peoria, IL

Home for a Broken Kitty

My name is Tripod and I don’t remember how I lost my leg and my tail.

I remember that my other meowmy tried her best to take care of me after the accident. I remember her calling all the shelters but they were all full and didn’t have room for me. I heard one person tell my meowmy that no would adopt a cat that was missing its leg.

My meowmy ran out of time and she had to take me to the animal shelter. They took me back to the room where they kept the other kitties and put me in this cage all by myself. I could hear the other kitties crying and meowing because they were scared. I would look out the door of my cage and see people come and pick out a kitten to take home but only a few people came over to look at us older kitties. When they came to my cage I would purr real loud so they could hear me and maybe pick me. No one would give me a chance to show them that I can run and play like the other kitties.

I didn’t think I would be here very long cause I would wake up and see that a whole bunch of older kitties were not in their cages. That’s when I found out what happens to kitties that no one takes home. They thought I was broken and who would want to love a broken kitty. They would just throw this broken kitty away.

That changed one morning when my new family came and picked me to take home. At my new home they don’t think that I am broken, just special and I like that.

Alana Miller
St Pauls, NC

My Best Friend

About 3 or 4 years ago me and my friends found a cute orange male cat. It followed me home and i fed it food that made him stick around. He looked just like Puss n Boots so i named him that. He had the cutest meow and beautiful fur. He always made me happy and ended up becoming my bestfriend..I loved the cat to death, he touched my heart even thou he was just a cat i know animals do that for us. Sadly this last feburary i lost my bestfriend, to somebody poisining him. .It was a really hard and sad day to see him pretty much dieing. But he changed my life and im so grateful he came into mine :)

Lehi, UT

Please rescue these dogs from their owners!


This man keeps a 2-2.5 year old female white Labrador in a small side yard which is where trash cans are stored. The dog does not see any human contact except when fed twice a day. This is inhumane if not neglectful. . The dog is untrained, starving for attention and is heard whimpering throughout the day.

The owner says he wants to sell the dog for $500 because that is what he paid for him. I am not sure if the dog is neutered. The dog would be very adoptable -- but since would be a rambunctious handful, and is no longer a puppy, would not be easily salable for $500. If someone would pay the man for this dog, it could save the dog from a miserable existence. Or maybe Mr. Diaz could be convinced to simply do the right thing and put the dog up for adoption through a reputable agency.


Ed's son Brian keeps a 1.5-2 year old female pit bull at the above address. Brian says he cannot afford to spay or vaccinate the dog. When the god was injured in a fight, Brian could not afford the vet bill to properly treat the wound.

Now the dog is pregnant. I offered to pay for a spaying/abortion for the dog. Brian declined my offer.

Maybe Brian can be persuaded to do the right thing and have the spaying/abortion done before the pups end up at the pound which is bound to happen as Brian's friends who he thinks will take the pups, are as irresponsible as he is. The dog is unregistered and unlicensed and Brian is not a registered breeder.

Agoura Hills, CA

We're not keeping her!

About six weeks after we had to put our 12 year-old shepherd mix (a rescue) down, this young lab mix showed up on our property. She was about six months old and someone had dumped her in our development. I vowed not to keep her as my heart was still broken and I couldn't fathom ever loving another dog. I placed ads and tried to find her a home despite my partner's and neighbors' pleas to keep her.

My broken heart was ultimately healed by Kylie, who found her forever home with us. We are pretty sure that the dog we'd just lost, Brandi, sent Kylie to us as they are so very similar in so many ways. It has been nearly eight years and we can't imagine our lives without her. There is no better love than that from a pet you've saved - open your home to one and you'll understand.

Robin & Terri
Tampa, FL

Danny and Ginger

We adopted Danny(right) from a local shelter this past Easter,after losing our dear Samson the prior Fall.We never thought we could love another dog like we did him,but Danny changed our minds,he has been a blessing,sent from Heaven and his girlfriend Ginger that lives across the street,thinks he's pretty special too.

sandy ward and julie perkins
anderson, IN

Keno Wander's No More

I was sitting on my porch reading the paper one morning when this big beautiful boy wandered up. After doing everything possible to find his original owner's, it became apparent that he had been dumped.

We couldn't keep him, so I contacted Heartland Lab Rescue in Oklahoma City. We fostered him for a few more weeks, then took him to a vet that the Rescue had designated for his neuter and vaccinations. We knew we would never see him again, but also knew he would be well taken care of.

From there, he went to another loving foster home where he was house trained and waited for his new forever home. He was recently adopted by a family who had lost their dog in June to cancer. They were looking for a very special kind of dog for their son who has autism. Keno fit his new people perfectly, and now he gets to live a long, pampered life!

Jill Cook
Mulvane, KS

Pound Kitty No More!

After having two dogs and two cats, all of whom lived very long and happy lives, I lived alone for a couple of years before I found myself ready for a new love in my life...and as hard as it is to go to the Animal Shelter, my boyfriend and I went to the shelter with my good friend Mike, in search of my next companion. I knew one thing; I wanted an adult male kitty and I wanted a hugger. My sweet kitty Ollie, who lived to be 18, was such a cozy cat, loved nothing more than to be carried around and I really adored that. When I told the volunteer at the shelter that I was looking for a cat like this she said, "oh well then you have to see this guy" and she showed me a quiet one-and-a-half year-old black and white cat. As soon as she took him out of his cage, I held him against my shoulder and he literally melted against me, and I felt my eyes well up. This kitty had been at the shelter for more than 50 days! His spirit was practically broken. The volunteer said that black & white cats weren't popular at the time. Needless to say, he came home with me and after a couple of weeks adjusting, Ninja emerged! This is a very happy cat now indeed! I often wonder what happened that he ended up in the shelter, but I know that he was meant to be in my home, where he is the center of attention and completely spoiled! Ninja definitely rules the roost, and even though he's oftentimes rowdy and playful, he still never objects to being held and hugged and is happy to cuddle anytime!

Los Angeles, CA

Angels in fur coats

Cougar, the orange kitty, is going to be sixteen-years-old in February, and Liddy, the tortoiseshell-and-white, turned twelve last month. They’ve lived with me now for almost ten years since I adopted them from a girl who was about to give them up to the SPCA in the town where I used to live. I can honestly say that they are the two best-behaved kitties in the world, and the two sweetest angels in fur coats.

Unfortunately, my little Liddy developed kidney disease when she was only three, but we had a good veterinarian who gave me a lot of excellent advice, and Liddy is still alive and functioning pretty well. I was also administering Sub-Q fluids intravenously a few months back, but she was in for blood work a little while ago and the vet said she doesn’t really need that at present. Yes, Liddy is doing fine for a kitty that’s fought kidney disease for nine years.

As for old Cougar, she still plays like a kitten.

Summerland, AB, Canada

Sandwich thief steals our hearts

May 2009, my husband was at a public park playing with riding steam trains when he found a large starved, matted, long haired dog who was stealing sandwiches. Over the weekend, I convinced him to bring the dog home, but by the time we got to the park on Monday morning the county maintenance men had trapped the dog and called the local pound. The dog looked so bad he would have been put on "death row" when he reached the pound. We cancelled the call and headed home with our first "rescue dog" now called "Steamer" who barked for the hour ride home.

It took the vet. 3 hours to shave and bathe him. Steamer bounded from the vet's, hairless, but with a smile on his face and new loving caring family. Regular feedings increased his weight from 48 lb. to a healthy 79 lb. Professional training taught us how to manage such a large dog, DNA testing identified him as a Kerry Blue Terrier mix. Now, Steamer gives and receives love from every one he meets and is a well behaved member of the family.

Spring, TX
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