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Their loss is our gain

I lost my Golden Retriever, Annie in 2006. She was 14 1/2 years old and the best dog I ever had. I still miss her terribly. I have 2 cats, Teddy and Sophie (both rescues also), so I wasn't sure about getting another dog, however, I just bought a new home in May 09 so I decided it was time to get another dog. My son and I went to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in VA and found Harlow. She was a stray about 4 months old at the time. She was in the last cage we looked in. We met with her and found out that she loved to chase tennis balls and give kisses. We decided right then and there that we wanted her. She is now about 9 months old and she is a really good girl. The cats however weren't so happy that I brought a dog home but they are definitely getting use to her. She loves to herd the cats (they don't like it, she thinks it's a game and her job). She is an Austrialian Shepherd Mix about 50 lbs. She has lots of energy and LOVES the dog park. She also has a boyfriend - Jackson (a black lab/hound mix). They are inseparable when they are together. We all love her to death - yes even the cats, Teddy and Sophie, albeit they would never admit it. I can't believe she was a picked up as a stray and nobody claimed her but their LOSS is definitely OUR GAIN.

Manassas, VA

Little girl

This is Arwen, a 4 year old tabby point siamese. We 'addopted' her next door to a garage sale. The woman who owned her had just had a baby and threw her out because she was afraid that she "might" hurt the baby!! This is the gentelest cat I have ever known!! She was starving and flea ridden too!

Now she is healthy, flea free, and spoiled rotten!! LOL Our baby girl!!

Ann McDaniel
Dayton, OH

Brother and Sister, Snuggles Forever

This is Angel and Damien and they are brother and sister from the same litter. They were dropped off at the Orphan Save-A-Pet Oasis Shelter here in North Palm Springs as kittens. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence... the shelter sees a lot of kittens abandoned on their doorstep in boxes. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first showed up at the shelter (first of all I wanted to take every last animal there home with me)... The gal that led me into the cat sanctuary took me to where the kittens were staying. I immediately fell in love with them when I saw them... Damien with those big beautiful green eyes and Angel... well she had this little angel-face that became her namesake. The paperwork noted them as domestic longhairs, however, you can't really tell from the picture but Angel has always had that "M" on her forehead, not to mention the two of them have grown up to be just MASSIVE, so I'm pretty sure there's at least SOME Main Coon in there somewhere. The two of them are still inseparable, and I constantly find them spooning and snuggling. They are the most lovable cats I've ever had, and are total mama's babies that follow me EVERYWHERE (and I wouldn't have it any other way.)

Michelle Bergeron
Palm Springs, CA

"Legs" and our Angel of Mercy "Julie"

I first saw Legs(so named because she's all legs) wandering my neighborhood on my way to do some errands. Another neighbor was attempting to catch her, but for some reason she wouldn't go to the neighbor. I forgot about her & went about my errands. I got home & here was this Boxer still wandering. I called to her & she started wiggling all over & ran up to me.I'm on disability & already have 2 dogs & I knew that I couldn't afford another one. I first tried putting up fliers to see if someone would claim her(who wouldn't or so I thought). No one did. I then put word out to find her a home. I was introduced to a lady via email named Julie(seen here in the pic). I found out she had several Boxers herself & was unable to take her, but Julie volunteered to get Legs spayed & her shots in hopes to make it easier to find her a home. Julie then asked me if I would want to keep Legs if she did all that and of course by this time I've gotten attached to Legs & willingly said yes. Then I found out that Boxers can tend to have a lot of health issues & I told Julie I thought it would be selfish on my part & it wouldn't be fair to Legs if later on down the road I had to find her another home after she got used to our family(2 dogs & 2 cats),because I couldn't afford her. Julie told me to put my mind at ease because she was going to be our sponsor & she was going to help with any cost that might arise. Thank you Julie for being mine & Legs guardian angel.

Pat Yocum
San Antonio, TX

saved from being put down

Tobie's owner got the news he was being deployed to Iran he had to find a new home for the dog. I drove from Columbus, Ohio to Hurricane, West Virginia to save this darling pup as the next day he was going to be put in the Animal Shelter. He is the joy of our lives and the energy this little Jack Russell has is amazing. So glad we made that 3 hour drive. We keep in touch with the prior owners and let him know about Tobie's progress and provide photos.

Debbie Bennett
Grove City, OH

This is "Mia"

We found Mia from a rescue group here in N. KY. (S.A.A.P.)

Stray Animal Adoption Program. She was rescued from one of our local shelters. She had been dropped off skinny and starving with newborn pups.

Sadly, the pups didn't make it. Her story touched my heart and we adopted her. She is now fat and sassy, and is a great friend to Annie our Golden.

All stray and shelter animals deserve a second chance at happiness.

Everyone should help whenever they can. She is a joyful addition to our "family". Chris L.

Louisville, KY

In From the Cold

Diego was found by Sonoma County Animal Control late one rainy December night last year. He was about four months old and had no collar. I found at the shelter begging for someone to take him home. Within a week the workup on him had been completed so we could take him home. He is a very playful, and mostly obedient member of our family now which includes his "sister," a 20 year old calico cat named Tales to whom Diego is very respectful.

Martin Schwartz
Santa Rosa, CA

Love that Red Mousie

We found Sheba at the Houston SPCA after our cat died from cancer. She is an adorable black cat and was very small, about 6 lbs. She wanted desperately to get our attention, by "talking" and waving her paw through the cage bars. When we brought her home, she found a red mousie that our last cat had hidden somewhere. Now she has put on some weight and looks good. She talks, plays fetch, and loves to snuggle under the covers on cool nights. Even though she has many toys now, her favorite toy is still the little red mousie that she found when we first brought her home. She puts it in her food dish, water bowl, and even the litter box sometimes. It goes with her everywhere.

Barbara H.
Houston, TX

Birthday Blessings

Exactly one day after my 30th birthday, I found an emanciated, tick-infested Rottweiler in the alley behind my office. It took a friend and I almost 3 hours to pull all the ticks off her skinny body. My plan was to get her healthy and find her a good home, and I did...MINE!!! I named her Lina, which is short for "creolina," a Cuban tick remedy. Anyone who thinks Rotties deserve their bad reputation has never owned one -- Lina gets along wonderfully with kids, cats, and other dogs, especially her "brother," another rescued dog named Elvis. If you are considering adding an animal companion to your life, please make pet adoption your first option - rescued pets are the best!

Anastasia Yecke
Miami, FL

Waylon, the wayward Catahoula

Driving in pouring down rain down Highway 15 in northeast Mississippi, a small dog darted in front of my car. Our eyes actually met as my car went over him. As I braked, waiting for the thud, a car behind me nearly hit me. After stopping, I opened my door, and as I did, the little dog came out from under the car and looked up at me. I scooped him up and man, was he muddy and stinky. I pulled over, he had no collar and was thin. He weighed 30 lbs, was a couple of months old, according to the vet. They said he was a catahoula, which I had never heard of. Smart, funny and nuttier than a fruitcake. That was 3 1/2 years ago. He's one of four rescues we have. He now weighs 75 lbs. What a love!

Mary Jo
Memphis, TN
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