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My Thanksgiving gift

Sam was 8 weeks old, weighed 12 lbs, and was scheduled to be put down at a county pound due to illness the week before Thanksgiving. We went searching for a lab that had been advertised, but when we saw this cute puppy with huge feet , I fell in love. They neutered and vaccinated him and let us come back to pick him up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. He came to us very ill and I remember sitting up with him all Thanksgiving night, praying he would pull through. Now every day I as so thankful we found him. He has brought me such joy with his unconditional love and a new meaning to Thanksgiving. Now he is a happy 89 lb big boy. I believe he also found the meaning of Thanksgiving and shows his thanks everyday.

Kathy Haddock
Duluth, GA

My baby girl clarise!!!!

I got clarise when i was 8.Clarises birthday is febuary 4.She when i got her she got stuck in my sweater.It was sooooooo cute!

klamath falls, OR


About 4 years ago a neighbor of ours found this little 8 week old pup walking down the sidewalk. I told the neighbor that if no one claimed him and if they didn't want him that we would take him. The next day he was ours. We found out from our vet that Buster is part Pit and part Black Lab (and possibly even a little bit pig). He has the personality of the Black Lab and the bark of the Pit but he is the most lovable dog; he loves to play and give hugs. His face is very expressive and his eyes light up whenever there are treats to be eaten. Buster has earned the nickname Pigbutt (aka Piggy) due to the noise he makes when he snores. As crazy as he is, he fits our family perfectly!


First time on Internet and found my Dog.

I went into my office over my Xmas break 2001 to do Secret Santa. While I waited for everyone I played on the computer, this was new to us as we just got internet at the office. We had lost my baby Domino, a lab border collie mix, a year ago and just did not know if we were ready for another dog. I figured I would just look. I Googled pets and found petfinders.com. I put in the specifics we were looking for, female lab mix, young. And to my amazement the first picture on the screen was a duplicate of my Domino. I just froze, my friend came over and said that is Domino. I figured it was meant to be and stared a dialogue with the woman that had her up. This was a border collie 13 months old ( born right when my baby passed) and I wanted her. We drove 7 hours from LA to Sacramento to get her on the anniversary of Domino's passing. It was like her spirit went to Cheyenne. This poor baby was put in a shelter because her people were moving ( hmm where I come from we take our pets with us)in 3 MONTHS, but could not take time to find her a home. Thankfully that day, the woman who rescues animals was at the shelter picking up donated dog food. She heard this jerk and took her and had just posted her picture right when I logged on for the first time ever. Talk about fate!!!! We named her on the long drive home - CHEYENNE! She was also abused. She learned to kiss on the way home while one of us sat in back with her all the way home. She is our love and my life!

Victorville, CA

Angel says thanks to everyone

Angel wanted to let those people who were touched by her story that she really appreciates your care. So she says thank you, so does her new mom. This is one of the pictures of the precious girl and her babies. I told you she was giving her life for the puppies. They took her down to nearly nothing.

But we are working our way back. Thanks to the help some kind people have sent her way. Does my heart good to know there are people who love animals so much. We will post updates as she gets better.

And gains her weight back. Thanks again yall.

Carol Anderson
Taylorsville, GA

Sandy - Our Roadside Rescue

I was driving home from work in rush hour traffic when I saw little a little sandy-blonde colored dog running around in the middle of the busy highway. Another dog that looked just like her was lying in the road. It had been hit and killed by a car, probably just seconds earlier. Far from a residential area, I feared that the dogs had been dumped on the highway by someone who didn't want them. I knew that the dog that was still alive would be killed next if someone didn't stop and take her off of the highway. I pulled over and dodged traffic to rescue her. I brought her home and my husband bathed her at least six times that night to get rid of the ticks and fleas. After her baths, the skinny little girl ate two bowls full of dog food, then curled up and went to sleep with my three dogs. We took her to the vet the next day to see if she had a microchip, but she didn't. We watched the local 'lost dog' announcements but it seemed that no one was looking for her. We tried for several days to find her a home, but grew so attached to her that we realized we'd never be able to let her go. The little sandy-blonde dog that someone else left to die on a busy highway is now safe and loved as the fourth dog in our pack, and the newest member of our family - our Sandy.

Amy Vega
Cameron, NC

The day Lilly saved my life.

It was a month after mother passed away, I was at the Humane Society looking for a dog for my sister. She was having a difficult time adjusting to life without Mom as so was I. I thought a dog would be a perfect way to pick my sisters spirits up. While in the parking lot, a man walked up with 2 Cocker Spanials about a year old each. The white one that looked just like a dog she had in her younger days, I thought perfect!!! I took her home, showed her to my sister and my sister said she wanted a puppy. I said she is just a year, she still is.... she said no, I want an 8 week old so it can grow up with me. I was so disapointed in her that I thought I will keep her a couple of days and my sister will change her mind. In those few days, that little dog would not let me greive for my mother. Everytime I started to cry, she would jump in my face and lick the tears away and wiggle and squirm as to say,, look, life is still fun, lets go lets go. Well, after my sister was firm on wanting a baby puppy, I could not let her go. She stole my heart, after I named her Lilly, I found out that that was my moms favorite flower. Before Lilly came, I was so distraught after my mom death, and felt so alone even with siblings I wanted to die. Little did I know, that day I saved Lilly's life, she saved mine instead. I love her with all my heart. I am blessed she found me! And I know my mom had something to do with it! Thanks Mom!!

Kris Tidwell
Westland, MI


We found Clementine through the Westfield Homeless Cat Project. Fully grown, she was calmly sitting in her cage, waiting for someone to see how special she is. Despite the active kittens in the cages near her, we knew Clementine would be the perfect addition to our home and we were right. Now she keeps our feet warm every night.

Cathy Twiss
Southampton, MA

Alize Rain finds a new home

My daughter and I were looking for a new kitty. We had a wonderful tuxedo kitty who passed away and we were looking for a new friend to fill the void. I wanted another tuxedo kitty but Jazz said we had to look at all the kitties before making a choice.

We knew about Luna's House from adoption days at our local PetSmart store and thought we'd check them out since they do such great work in our community. We logged on to their website and read about Elizabeth and looked at all the beautiful kitties available but decided to go to PetSmart and see them in person.

We met Ms. Dee Murphy from Luna's House there and she showed us a number of other cats. They were great but Elizabeth just seemed to zoom in on Jazz and really took to her. Liz had been a stray and was found near NorthPoint Police Station in Baltimore County. She was heavily pregnant with a litter but had to have it aborted so they could save Liz. And when we saw her at Luna's House, I just couldn't say no to her. Liz was a fiesty little furball and I wasn't keen on her attitude at first (Liz does NOT get along with other cats) but as much as she liked Jazz, we decided to take a chance. While she still doesn't like being picked up much, she's learning how to be more polite about it. Not so much hissing and biting. *smile*

She is now known as Alize Rain and she is the happiest, funniest, silliest cat we've ever had. She loves Krispy Kreme donuts and will play with just about anything. She is such an entertainer. Thanks Luna's House for our new FURREVER kid!

Jason, Meri & Jazzi
Aberdeen, MD

Cheech and Chong

Our story is not very exciting. We just showed up one October day at our new parents' lake house. Wet, dirty, hair long and matted and so very hungry. After a good dinner we just stayed on the deck all night, while our new parents were hoping we would just go back home. They already have a rescue cat and dog...they don't need more, but we think they will take good care of us, so we stay.

After many phone calls and inquiries they could not find anyone missing a couple of "lovable mutts", so we made the short trip back to Georgia where we saw the vet...no, there wasn't a chip...then we made a visit to the spa and "WA-LA" we are "house pets"...(mama's boys). By the way our names came from our excited actions (running around, jumping, and playing). They think we might be brothers because we love each other very much and are never apart.

We are very good boys and our new parents are so blessed to have us!

Albany, GA
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