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Our "Rescues"

Our first rescue was a boxer that was found roaming the streets after a surgical procedure with stitches and a dirty wound seven years ago. My mom had been saying how much she loved the boxer she had as a child, and would like to have one but didn't relish the idea of going through the "puppy stage" again. A friend called me told me about "Duke" the 2 year old boxer they had in shelter care. His owner never come forward. My daughter was just 2, but when we went down to visit him and took him out to the play yard at the shelter, Duke just seemed to know that he had to be gentle with her. I adopted him on the spot and my mother flew out about a month later to meet and bond with him. They hit it off immediately, and just as he had done with my daughter, Duke just knew he had to be gentle with my mother. They took a few obedience/bonding lessons from a trainer before she took him home. That was seven years ago and Duke is still going strong and is my mother's constant (and spoiled) companion. My daughter,now 10, recently adopted Jasper, a Husky/Shepherd/Beagle mix. He was just a puppy a few months ago when we brought him home, but, as you can see, he fits right in around here. It is amazing how rescued animals just seem to know that they have been given a 2nd chance and it's wonderful to see the security they begin to have when they know they are in their forever home. We love our "rescues" as people call them, but these guys are family to us. I can't imagine my home or my heart without them. Please, click everyday!

Meg Sanchez
Redding, CA

Turtle In The Road!

One day, one of my neighbors came knocking on my door to tell us that there was a turtle inside the street underneath a parked car. My brother rushed out of the house like he new what he was doing, while the neighbor showed us the way. The turtle was so cute, looking at me straight in the eye while burning from heat in the sunlight. We picked up the turtle and put him in a tank with water for about 25 minutes for it to get comfortable so it wasn't scared, and then we let it go in the ocean where it came from ( we didn't know where the turtle came from but we were guessing it came from the ocean water down the street from my house ). I already miss the long lost turtle, I hope I find another one to save.

E.p, United States Minor Outlying Islands


Our bloodhound mix passed away and we could not be a household without a dog. Our son talked us into going to our local shelter to adopt. We were there probably two hours and did not see an animal that was compatible with our then two year old daughter. We started to leave and our son saw this pup out of the corner of his eye and started to plead. We agreed to give "Stitch" a try, still worried about our daughter. We brought him home, he ran in the door, flopped on a sleeping bag and took a nap with our daughter and has been a joy ever since. That was six years ago!

Kriss Persico
Morton, PA


Ruby is a little mix breed dog that showed up at my husband's job one day. She would only approach him and one other. We brought her home and now she is the friendliest and best behaved of our dogs. We tell others that she is our "German Shepard in Disguise". She may be smaller ,but she lets the boys know who is boss. She loves to play with them and our cats, go riding in the truck and pose to have her picture taken. We are truly blessed to have her adopt us for her pets!

Ruby's Mom
Bayou La Batre, AL

TJ, Zoey & MK

All the kitties I've been blessed with in my life have either been strays or rescues. The 3 kitties that currently grace our home are no different. 3 years ago I was wrestling with whether or not to add another kitty to our family. At the time our dear Remi girl was fighting kidney disease & starting to slow down (we had already lost another girl to kidney disease as well). Our kids were 2 & 5 at the time & had always had a cat in their lives. They loved their kitty & I was concerned how losing Remi would affect them...especially since they constantly loved on her from sun-up to sun-down, but didn't want to add any stress to our sick kitty by bringing in a newcomer. Our neighbor walked over to our driveway with a little 5 week old orange ball of fur to "show" us before taking him to the shelter the next day. Needless to say, TJ became our newest family member at that moment! He was SO rambuncious that we thought it best to find a healthy, young playmate for him. Not long after Zoey, scrawny, all- black with bright green eyes, joined us after being rescued from a newspaper parking lot by the local humane society. 4 months later we lost our Remi which was very hard but made a little easier by having TJ & Zoey to love. A few months later a somewhat wild mother cat with her 2 babies appeared under my neighbors shed. After some time, we trapped her babies (now my parents' kitties) & then finally MamaKitty. Although she is still aloof she'll jump up on the bed for treats & purrs louder than any cat I've known. I'm still holding out hope that she'll come around someday!

DuPont, WA

Abby the dog and savior of my life

My son was helping out at a local shelter. He saw a 3 month old siberian husky being surrendered and the only thing is that the owners were afraid that the worms that she had would be transfered to their children. While she was being treated .Chris fell head over heals for her. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. I had been diagnosied with a nerve diease and with severe depression. to We lost my dog, a mutt, less then a year before. I swore no more dogs , nothing.

Well I got a call from the shelters saying that our son would like to adopt a dog and since at the age of 29 he had to have permission from me to be able to bring her home. I said yes on the condition he was to take care of her and to take her when he leaves to a new place to live.

When my son decides to move out. He told me he had something to say to me. He said I know your beloved Patches passed away , and your so depressed that while dad went to work and he was going away , an hour away. He was surrendering the dog to me. It was his gift to me so I would have something to look after and pull out of my depression. It worked to an extent but his love and thoughts of his mom being depressed and suicidal, that he surrendered a major part of him to me.

. I want to thanks my son Chris M. for the very special gift that he gave deeply from his heart and gut.

Thanks Chris I love you and thanks

Love mom and Abby

Linda Mayenschein
La Valle, WI

Grrray- thief of hearts!

Grrray was brought to me as an orphaned baby, who needed bottle fed many times a day for weeks. Now, over 13 years later, he is still my "baby"! We've been through so much together, including his horrible bout with diabetes, yet he still inspires others and myself to believe for the best in every situation. He is living proof that best friends can come with paws!

Gwen Cox
Petersburg, WV

Home Sweet Home

My daughter and I volunteer most Sunday's at the local County Dog Shelter. We walk, play, bath and do whatever is needed for these dogs.

In one of the kennels was a large Dane/Hound female that we called "Blossom", she was soo emaciated for a large frame dog, and slightly aggressive to males that approached her kennel. She wasn't getting adopted due to this behavior. She showed the signs of being physically abused & neglected. She was in the kennel for quite awhile, and space was limited, so my daughter & I decided to foster her. Needless to say, she turned out to be the most loving dog, and made her way not only into our hearts but all the other pets in our home. She definitely found her forever home, and will never spend another day in a cage.

Corrine & Jillian

Cleveland, OH


I lost my 16 year old cockapoo, BeaJae, on 2/18/08 to old age & heart disease. I adopted her from the Humane Society when she was 8 weeks old, so loosing her was really hard. It took about a year to decide I was ready for another dog. Then on 3/14/09 my cat, Shilo, passed after being with me for 10 years. She had been a rescue from a hoarder, but the arthritis had gotten too severe. At the local shelter was a West Highland White Terrier/Yorkie/Maltese mix. They were calling her "Alice". She was about 11 months old, had been picked up as a stray, & needed me as much as I needed her. Her name is now Baylee. She's a sweetheart - a total character with personality to burn.


My 3 Stooges & Mr Mom

My pure bred Husky, Jackson had been hit by a car and killed. My cat, SLY was missing him. He kept going to the back door and meowing like I forgot to let him in or something. So, I called our local pet finders and asked them to bring me 1 Female kitten. The lady said no problem, I'll be right over. Well, when she showed up, she had a box of 3 kittens, all of which had been hand fed since they were 3 days old. One, was so small he would fit in the palm of my hand, one had an eye infection and sneezed constantly and one was perfectly healthy. So, what could I do but take all 3. Squint (short-haired), Squirt (medium) & Sqeak (long haired) - ALL MALES and all from the same litter! And my cat, SLY, just fell in love and took care of these little guys. He became MR MOM! I have 5 cats - all males. Sly (black) was also rescued here in town, he was living in the autoshop's bathroom. Einstein (my oldest cat) is not as impressed with these guys. He prefers to discipline them every chance he gets! But then, he's from back east!

Natalie Hemingway
Westcliffe, CO
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