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Second Chance

2006 was the year both our elderly dogs passed away.We were not ready for another pet but then the week before Christmas a stray showed up in our neighborhood. Weak, skinny and with a big open sore on his chin the neighbors were ready to give him a ride to the pound.My husband called to the dog and the poor thing followed him up the drive and into the yard.We named him Chance because we gave him a second chance at life and he gave us a second chance to experience the love and devotion of a dog.

Billie Simpson
Guntersville, AL

I was only going to LOOK.

A neighbor wanted me to see the local County Animal Shelter which is operated by the SPCA, so I went to JUST LOOK. Well, there was a one year-old black lab cross that was in the very first kennel on the right as I entered the door and when she put her paws up on the fence to get close to me and say "hello", I said OH NO, I'm already adopted by this sweet dog. I got permission to enter her kennel and then to take her outside and then it was all over. I named her Rachel on the ride home. She was not even house trained and she showed some signs of abuse, but she learned the house training and healing on a leash almost instantly. Now she heals without a leash and you can't even tell that she is not on leash. I'm sure she was a gift from God and I tell everybody to get their next pet from a shelter. She loves EVERYBODY.

Greenville, SC

My bundle of energy

I went to my local SPCA to look at kittens. I wasn't planning on coming home with one that day. I was looking to get a friend for my 9 month old kitten. As I was looking around I saw Elliot. He was talking and basically wanted out of his pen. I went into a room with Elliot and also 3 other kittens. I decided Elliot was the one and went home with him that day. I know I made the right decision and if I could I would have brought all of the kittens home.

He is so full of energy, but a love bug too. Loves to sit in your lap and snuggle in your neck. He also gets along with my other kitty Snowball.

Elk Grove, CA

Un milagro llamado Ranger

Ranger llego como cualquier otro perrito abandonado pero con la gran diferencia de estar totalmente deshidratado y en un estado de desnutricion lamentable como nunca habia visto un perro. Tambien estaba muy enfermo, todo su cuerpo con sarna a tal punto que en su cara tenia erupciones sangrientas y sus orejitas le guindaban de solo una parte. Los vecinos lo ahuyentaban echandole agua caliente o con jabon. Amo tanto los animales que sabia que para Ranger habia una oportunidad. Lo empece a a alimentar y a ganarme su confianza. Estaba traumado. Poco a poco le administre medicamentos y cremas y hasta logre bañarlo varias veces. Luego de algunos meses el perro era otro completamente, saludable y precioso. Han pasado tres años y ahora Ranger es un fiel compañero y junto a los demas perritos abandonados que ahora son parte de mi familia vive feliz y se ve precioso. Le encanta bailar solo que para todos los ritmos hace los mismos pasos con una enorme sonrisa y sonoros ladridos. Se ve tan lindo que ahora quienes lo ahuyentaban se quedan sorprendidos al verlo tan cambiado. La clave fue el amor !!! Ahi les mando una foto para que conozcan a este milagro llamado Ranger.

Alajuela, Barrio San Jose, Costa Rica

Tiki Lani

Tiki Lani is a red miniature pincher who is very tiny for her breed and is often mistaken for a Chihuahua. I adopted her when she was only 8 months old. She had been rescued from a high kill animal shelter in Cherry Hill NC by a woman who only rescues large and aged dogs that would never get a chance to be adopted from this shelter. Tiki had been thrown into a very large pen with tons of large dogs to fend for herself. The tip of her left ear had been bitten off by another dog and she was bleeding profusely. The lady new they would just leave her there and give no medical attention. She was terrified she would possibly be killed by the other dogs so she adopted her and immediately took her to the vet. When I brought her home she was terrified of absolutely everything and everybody. She spent her time cowering in a ball under a blanket or piece of furniture. It took me two years but with a lot of love, patients and conditioning I finally started to see improvement. It has now been 4 and a half years and Tiki Lani has blossomed into a little fireball with a very big personality, big heart and a mighty bark! She loves to play with her sister and loves to entertain guests! This once extremely shy little girl commands to be the center of attention at all times!! She is definitely my little chunky monkey and I thank god everyday I drove four hours away after reading a plea for help to give this adorable creature a chance at a good life. This picture is of a rare moment when she is actually still.

Kini Worsena
Raleigh, NC


I am a Realtor and, one Sunday in September 2007, during an Open House, I heard a cat crying outdoors. When I went out to investigate, I found a scraggly, starving orange and white kitty. I phoned a friend to bring over some cat food and, when the Open House ended, I took her home with me. The next day I took her to the vet to be checked out. Other than a thyroid deficiency (common in older cats) and being deaf as a post, she was relatively healthy. By that time, I couldn't give her up and, although my husband and I had been talking about getting a dog, we now found ourselves with an elderly cat that my husband named K.C. (short for Kitty Cat). We have had her for over two years now and the vet believes that she is about 20 years old. She gets her thyroid medication twice daily and has become quite curmudgeonly. We frequently remind her that she would be in a sorry state if we hadn't brought her home, but she doesn't care! ;-) Initially, she was very distrustful, but she has come to enjoy our company and tolerate our cuddles with good temper. She is extremely polite and never bites or scratches (us or the funiture). She has brought us laughter and joy. We love her and know that, given her age, each day with her is a gift.

Kathy Manelis
Beverly, MA

Christmas Present

Two weeks ago my husband was raking the yard and he heard a noise. Well to his surprise here sits this little girl kitten in his wheel barrel.

She is a feril kitten but, now a pet. All white with pink skin and one blue eye and one green. What a stinker but, what a dolly. Took her to the vet, and she was only 5 weeks old I was told. She had lots of shots and she is 100% healthy.

I cannot imagine what would have happened to her with these other feril cats and the cold weather here in Michigan.

My Christmas present, Isabella "Bella" Jeanne Stewart.

Olivia J. Gordon-Stewart
Wayland, MI

A baby Bunny Finds a new mother

My female rabbit gave birth to a single baby a few days ago. This is her 2nd litter, and the first died due to her neglecting and ecnoring them. So i was bottle feeding it. Witch is a hard thing to do with a new born. While i was feeding my other animals i remembered my Rat had babies as well. She is a great mom so i put the bunny near her cage andd opend it.She came running out, pickerd him up and took him home. Im so excited and amazed by how loving some mothers can be. She has 11 babies of her ow, and now she just took in a bunnie =)

gainesville, VA


GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!

My son's and I made regular visits to Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin, IL.

This particular day we were just going to look and play with the animals. I had just lost my girl Gravy, a little poodle mix that was born at Anderson's 16 years prior.

We walked in an there sat this strange little dog with his tongue sticking out. He was so unique looking we just had to take him home. That was in 2000.

Butch is my little man. His tongue, we quickly realized sticks out all the time due to a deformed jaw. It adds to his character.

We love him bunches!

Joni Fugiel
Saint Charles, IL

The Cat Who Won the Lottery

My daughter found Wiley eating grease from a dumpster on a cold Christmas Eve one year. She rescued her but couldn't keep her so she asked me to take her home. Wiley was starving, her fur was badly matted and she just looked awful but she had these beautiful green eyes. I took her to the vet asap after Christmas and had her checked out. Amazingly while she was barely alive, her vitals were good. It took Wiley six months recovery before she was back to herself but without a doubt, she was the most wonderful companion of all the cats we have had over the years. She was named Wiley after Wiley Coyote because when she was first back on her feet she was so skinny and scraggly, not like the beauty she is in the photo. Sadly she has crossed the rainbow bridge now but she really did win the lottery because she was at the end of all hope and she found a new life.

Madeleine Fenwick
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB, Canada
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