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This is Sadie. We rescued her from a family who no longer wanted her because the new boyfriend was allergic to her.

At 6 years of age and a promise of no behaviors we welcomed her into our home. Immediately she began to show food aggression and a dislike of little children. As time passed her behaviors displayed signs of abuse and anxiousness around people.

With time, training and earned trust she developed into a loving, affectionate, and balanced dog and protector of our family. She is my sons best friend. He is 10 years old and Autistic.

We love her.

Suzanne Simkovich
Weatherly, PA

Almost Famous Seamus

Our guy was in a mobile SPCA adoption van, in deplorable condition. My husband bought him home, we got the SPCA to clean up their act, right after we cleaned up our Seamus. We feel that we got a twofer that day, as our SPCA got a new lease on life and our Seamus got a new leash on life.We moved to Jersey where our most precious boy enjoys frolicking on the beach at the Jersey shore.

Kate Dierks
Millville, NJ

One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Treasure

This is "Bella" I took this precious little girl in 2 weeks ago. I was contacted by an employe of Petco in NWAR that had rescued her after witnessing her being thrown out of a car in their parking lot. I immediately picked her up and had our vet check her out. This is the sweetest lovingest baby I have ever come in contact with. Needless to say.. I have fallen madly in love with her. She now has a forever home with me and my other 3 Yorkies. I feel like shes a gift from God!

Ronnie Rook
Rogers, AR

Crouching Tiger

My husband heard some cats in our back yard, where we have two large dogs. Once he goes in the back, one of the dogs went to play with one of the kittens and accidentally killed her. While all that was happening the other kitten ran off.

Fast forward about a week. We're coming home from getting groceries and we hear our dog in the porch going nuts barking, the furniture is all over the place and in one corner a little puff ball of anger and fear. When I brought her inside I put her in the tub to examine her. She was maybe 2 months old (at most) skinny as a rail, with conjunctivitis in one eye and absolutely furious at everyone.

Seeing she was feisty and hungry I left off the vet visit till the next day and gave her some food. After she ate (a lot) she went to sleep and my husband and I talked about what we'd do with her, as we already had 2 cats. The vet looked her over and gave her a fairly clean bill of health. At home she became the funniest, most domineering little thing in the world. She's very independent but will cry if she doesn't see you. She's about 2 years old now and Tigy is the little queen of the house.

San Juan

My Sweet Tallulah

After my ten year old Maine Coon Andre' died, I was heartbroken. I had just turned seventeen, and so I had had him for the majority of my lifetime, and I couldn't imagine life without him. I knew I wanted to adopt another cat, and so after awhile I took a trek down to the county Humane Society. I had a few qualifications in mind: female, long-haired, relatively young. Turns out that although the shelter was pretty big, there was only one feline who fit that description: Somer, a beautiful, uniquely colored (tortoiseshell) three month old former stray. She was very, very quiet, somewhat limp, but purred up a storm in my arms. I knew she was mine. I took her home, changing her name to Tallulah, called "Lula" most of the time, and she has been nothing but a blessing. She's not so quiet anymore, in fact, she hardly ever stops moving. She loves water, car rides, hunting, and pestering our other cats. Even at six months now she's still very much a kitten, though she is very loving and adores cuddling up next to your head at night. She's still very easy going, letting little kids pick her up and swing her around and chase her and she's still happy. And EVERYONE remarks at how beautiful she is. I call her my "rebound relationship" but she's definitely here to stay, and just what I needed at just the right time.

Dayton, TN


While at a strawberry farm in Winnipeg, my little sister and I (under the age of 10 at the time), immediately made our way to the small petting zoo. We fell in love with a tiny, sleepy, grey kitten. After taking him home for free, we discovered the poor little boy had every kind of worm or mite possible. He ended up costing a few hundred in vet bills. He showed his appreciation by livening up and proving to be quite the handful. Smokey chased our two girls (Tigger and Minou) around every chance he got, much to their dismay. In 2000, my family decided to move to Ontario. Smokey travelled all the way in the station wagon with the family, hiding under the chairs, popping out once in a while to bug the girls. Soon, our 2-pound baby kitten was a 30-pound little man. Soon, we noticed that Smokes couldn't get enough water. We took him to the vet and found out that he was diabetic. He now loves getting his 2 needles daily because he knows they come with food (even if it IS diet food). Unfortunately, on August 26, 2009, Smokey went into insulin shock. He was shaking, puking, and unaware of his surroundings. Because he started a new medication, the vet thought it was a reaction. The poor boy had seizures while we rushed him to emergency. Smokey made it, though barely. We're now thankful for every day we have with him. I can't imagine how long Smokey would have been around if we had left him at the farm in Winnipeg. I'm glad we took him home and couldn't imagine life with out my Mokes.

Sarah Lennox
Brampton, ON, Canada


We found Sasha at a very crowded no-kill shelter. I actually wanted a girl kitten (at least four to six months old) with long fur and not another white cat since I lost my 13 yr old white female to kidney disease six months earlier. However, when I laid eyes on Sasha, all my plans went out the window. A boy, white, short fur but within the age range. He looked so frightened one of the shelter workers warned me to hold him tight so he wouldn't jump out of my arms. No problem there, he held onto me for dear life....and would not stop purring!!! He just melted my heart with his singing, soft fur, and his odd-eyes. I looked at my husband and said "I don't need to look anymore.I'm hooked." I had already picked out the name Sasha...which can be for either sex even though it is commonly a female name in America. We had to leave him there for a week while he got neutered. He caught a bad case of ringworm that left him with scarring on his ears and nose but he is still handsome as ever. He just turned one this past November. He is very good with my cocker spaniel and stepson which was a concern of ours. He is my first shelter cat and definitely one of the best cats I've ever known!

spring lake, NC

Shelby and Mr. Mittens

Say hello to Shelby, our dog by chance, and to Mr. Mittens, our adopted cat by choice! 11 years ago when we were getting married and bought our house, Shelby and 2 other pups came with this house because the owner beat them so badly he could not catch them when he moved. Shelby became ours and we found homes for the other two. Shelby came out of the abuse and became the best dog you could ever ask for! And Mr. Mittens joined our family last year from the local humane society and as you can see they are great buddies! I will ALWAYS adopt from now on! There is just something about a dog or cat that has struggled for a forever loving home that makes them that much more special! We've had 11 years with Shelby and hope we have many more!

Tammy Van Gorp
Pella, IA

The Best Pepperoni EVER!

I went to pet store to pick up hamster pellets (for rescued hamsters) & they had chihuahua rescue there -- 21 cheewahs in a pen! This little guy was just sitting in the corner all calm & quiet & shy. The rescue lady put him in my arms & I was instantly in love! But, we weren't ready for another dog yet, so I reluctantly & tearfully gave him back & we got our pellets & went home. I thought of nothing but this wonderful little dog for the next two days & spent all of that time hunting her down so I could apply for adoption. I finally found her & having her hands so full at the time, she brought him over right away & did the home inspection. Pepe -- now The Pepperoni, was in his forever home. He has added so much happiness to our home & our hearts & he finally has a family who loves him so very much & a safe place to spend the rest of his years. We know little about his history, but suspect he was part of a group of chihuahuas rescued from a mill -- possibly a breeder, having not been neutered at 6 yrs old until Chihuahua Rescue got him. But what a fabulous little character he is -- such a cuddle bunny & so loving & fun! He truly is the BEST Pepperoni ever!

Tempe, AZ

Lucky Friday the 13th.

Friday, January 13th, 1995 was a cold day in Iowa especially at 5 a.m. Arriving home from my night job, I heard our dogs barking outside and went to see what was happening. I heard a frantic little voice meowing and saw this bitty kitten making her way across the snow to me. As I picked her up I noticed she had an injury to her tail (no tail left) so stayed up to take her to our vet. Turns out she was six months old and weighed only two pounds. I don't think she would have survived much longer if she hadn't found us. The injury was not recent by the way so our dogs were innocent; she was looking around the kennel for food.

Chloe was home as far as we were concerned. She had surgery to amputate what was left of the tail and treatment for worms including lung worms. Whatever happened to her during those first six months of her life left her afraid of loud noises and skittish of just about everything. She gradually came to trust us and life without her would be unimaginable.

She turned 15 this last summer. We have been blessed with her in our family. When people talk about unlucky Friday the 13th, I just laugh. It was a very lucky day for us and little blue-eyed angel, Chloe.

Andrea Coco
Des Moines, IA
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