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I found Cindy on the side of a busy highway. She was a 10 pound puppy. She would approach the road, and then run away frightened by the passing cars. I stopped and called her to me. She came running. All the way home, she stood on her hind legs so she could kiss me on the cheek to thank me for picking her up. That was seven years ago and she is now an eighty pound show off.

Thibodaux, LA


Boomer is a Jack Russell Terrier. I got him at the Seattle Animal Shelter in Ballard. He has a reallly bad ear infection and we took him to the vet alot of times now its gone. He is also a escape artist and ran a one time a few hours later he was standing right in front of our house and my daughter ran out to get him and he ran... inside house! And he is not a escape artist anymore. WE ALL LOVE HIM!

Seattle, WA

He was sent from Heaven

In Sept of 2007 I had to make the horrible decision to put down my beloved Mia. Mia has been part of my family for 20 years and because I never had children was my child. She had been through many very bad times and good times with me and always was by my side. The same day I came home after letting Mia go I couldn't stand the quite so I went off to adopt a new kitten. That's when I found my precious Milo. It was like he was sent from heaven by Mia. Let me tell you Milo has filled that giant void. He is perfect in everyway and I love him to pieces. And strange has it may sound does alot of the same quirky things Mia did. Like he was sent from Heaven...by Mia. Who could ask for anything more.

Kathye Secher
Bridgewater, MA

Koda the Rescue Pup

I had lost my constant companion and shadow of 16 years when my Aussie, Tessa, passed away. It left me with such an unbelievable emptiness and a feeling of always being just so lost that even after almost a year I could hardly bear to think of her. One day I decided I would 'just look through' the website for PetFinders, just to see what there was on it. It didn't take long to find the picture of poor tiny Koda. She was an Aussie mix, one of nine puppies found under an abandoned trailer at about 5 weeks old. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one with her sad, lonely eyes just begging for some one to love her and give her a good home. I contacted the shelter immediately. Within a few days they contacted me and I was told over a hundred people had applied for her, then to my amazement, she said I could come to meet her and if all went well I could bring her home the same day! I couldn't wait, I was so excited and happy, I arranged to go the very next day. I tell everyone she was the one who really rescued me with her love and her own special unique personality. She is almost 6 months old now, still growing and learning, but healthy and safe and very much loved by everyone in her new forever home.

Brenda Kosarew
Centerville, OH


Such a small dog. He arrived at our house when he was about eight months old, skinny and scared of everyone and everything. That was 12 years ago, and he has been such a joy - friend, protector ('My House! My People!") and clown prince.

His only fault as a watchdog is that he makes no distinction between, say, a cat burglar and a leaf blowing past his nose.

Jeanne MacDonald
New Waterford, NS, Canada

I can't believe they didn't want him!

I just wanted to share the story of how my family became complete...November 23rd this year will be the one year mark that we found our "LoveBug" Frank! My husband and I had Olie our 1 year old Boston Terrier and were on the hunt to find a brother for him. One week before Thanksgiving last year, I decided to do an online search in our local newspaper for Boston Terriers to my surprise on the first page there was a 3 year old male Boston needing a good home because his family was moving and couldn't keep him. I called immediately, well it turned out they decided to keep their other dogs but give away their Boston. I was told his name was Frank on the phone and sent a picture of him by email, he appeared to be a good sized healthy guy from the photo. We arranged a time to meet him--he was a hour and half away in the next state over from us, so we loaded up Olie and took off. We arrived to find our poor little Frank was very skinny, and almost hairless because he had flea infestation from his previous home, we also found out he was bullied by his previous owners other dogs that were much larger than him so he was mostly always in a crate. He and Olie were instant buddies, and we knew after seeing his condition we couldn't leave him there. I am happy to report he is a healthy 18 pounds now and his hair has all grown back. So please if anyone is considering an addition to their family please, search locally for a dog in need! I thank Heaven everyday for my Frank, he's the sweetest dog! I can't believe they didn't want him!

Evansville, IN

My sweet Lucky

I adopted Lucky from a shelter. They didn't know his age, but said he was about 10 yrs old. He was scared and didn't like to be held, but he looked like he needed a friend. His coat was blown, he had kennel cough and he had had all but a couple of teeth pulled. I brought him home and gave him unlimited love and attention. It didn't take him long before I was his person. He greeted me always with profuse kisses and let me know that he loved me with all his heart and wiggling body. He slept by my side every night. He loved the car even if we didn't go anywhere, he just loved to be in the car. I only had him for 5 months because he was diagnosised with tumors growing from his kidneys into his heart. I had to make the hard decision to end his suffering. But until the end and in my arms he let me know that he loved me so very much. I loved him with all my heart also and I would not have missed the privilege of having this special little man in my life even for such a short time. I will always remember him fondly. He gave me so much love!

Laurie Klein
Gold Bar, WA


I adopted Bailey almost 3 years ago from the Midland, Texas Animal Shelter. I already had two corgis and I was not looking for another corgi when I found Bailey. Bailey's previous owners left him in his crate in the rain at the animal shelter. I soon discovered the reasoning for the abandonment of Bailey. Bailey has a liver disease that almost killed him. Dr. Myers our veterinarian and I would not give up on Bailey. Dr. Myers put Bailey on a special diet and medicine. Since the discovery of this disease, he has put on weight and has become very active. No matter what we have spent, every penny is worth saving his little life! I think of it this way...Bailey was their loss and he is my Gain.

Shannan and Kennon Williamson
Odessa, TX

Cindy finds a home

Crossing our busiest scariest city street in the middle of the night, Cindy came up to me and immediately rolled onto her back for a tummy rub. When I brought her into my building, she ran up the stairs and straight to my apartment door as if she knew where home was. She has been sharing her gentle spirit with me ever since.

dj orr
bronx, NY


We first came across this beautiful tabby as a kitten born in a garbage can. Before we had a chance to bring her into our home, her mother moved her & we couldn't find them. It took us a year to finally trap her and bring her into the house. Even though she doesn't let us hug or kiss her, Dagmar does love to sit on our laps and gets lots of petting. Her happy purrs make us so proud to have rescued this little girl.

Farmingville, NY
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