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Pumpkin's Story

My husband was out riding his motorcycle on a Fall day. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something dark move on the side of the road, so he turned around to check it out. Unfortunately, he saw a dead cat, but cuddled up to the poor thing was a little black kitten. Who knows how long she'd been cuddled up by her dead mother. He put her inside his jacket and brought her home. She's our baby and she's been with us ever since!

East Peoria, IL

Handsome southern man finds a home

As a puppy, Helo came north with some of the last dogs in the wake of Katrina; he had been languishing in the shelter where i found him for more than five months. He had some skin issues, was a bit underweight and his Catahoula energy and exuberance were not doing well in a small kennel. I brought him home, to a big fenced yard and other dogs to play with and he improved and grew by leaps and bounds. Now he is one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever been privileged to have, and the joy of our household.

Doree Bardes
Del Haven, NJ

My Favorite Rescues

My two favorite rescues are Dennis and Teddy. God Bless them, they had it rough. Both of them first came into my life at a no-kill shelter as puppies. My friend Carol adopted Teddy and her friend, Debbie, adopted Dennis, littermates. Six years later Carol passed away and Debbie adopted Teddy. All went well for about a year, then Debbie lost her job and had to move for a new one. She left the kids with a co-worker, Wanda, until she could get settled, but she never came back for them. THEN, after over a year of babysitting, Wanda's home was re-posessed and she left them with her neighbor until she could find a new home for everyone. He kept them for over a year, then just turned them loose to run his neighborhood. That's when Wanda called me and told me she had them (but not really...). That was the first I had heard that Debbie had abandoned them. Wanda went with me to the man's home and there they were, old, tired, sick with heartworms and mange, and starving for love. They remembered me and were eager to leave with me. The man was nice, but he had other animals he had taken in and he was clearly in over his head. He helped me load them into my car. I took them to my vet and we began treating them for all their ails and for the most part, got them both healthy and best of all HAPPY. Dennis lived with us for a wonderful 16 months, until he died of a heart attack, up on the sofa watching tv and laying across my lap. Teddy is still with us, a spoiled little lady, mixed in with the rest of my family, and we love her dearly.

Terri Ybarbo
Lumberton, TX

Wookie the Wall Cat

My daughter was looking for a rescue cat for a friend of hers when she found Wookie on the Internet. He and his brother Wicket had been trapped inside an interior wall of an office on a nearby air force base. People in the office heard noises from inside the wall for several days before finally realizing it wasn't rodents, it sounded feline. They broke through the wall and rescued the 2 tiny kittens just in time and took them to a nearby vet. The vet said they wouldn't have lasted another day. They hand fed and raised the 2 kittens until they were old enough to adopt, that's when our daughter brought him home. Her friend was gone for the weekend, and that tiny handful of fur and I became inseparable by the time her friend returned home. Turns out Wookie grew up to be a beautiful Exotic Siberian Smoke cat. He never acted like a kitten, always mature, and I had never let a cat sleep with me until him. Now he and his "brother" "Eddie" (my orange and white tabby) sleep with me every night. Life is never lonely with them around now, it's so rewarding to rescue! They give back to me tenfold whatever I put into them, and I can't imagine life without either of them.

Jackie Perrigoue
Bellingham, WA


Our 16 year old black and white tuxedo cat Mittens died of thyroid cancer. We were all so sad and our lives and home so lonely, that we started searching the internet for another cat to adopt. We found "Eddie" on Petfinder and fell in love with him. He'd been abandoned and/or dumped in an apartment on a busy highway. He was living on scraps from dumpsters and doomed until the shelter was finally able to capture him and take him to safety. He was treated for severe respiratory infection, which resulted in a chronic weeping eye, but he was still beautiful. My friend and I, pet carrier in tow, drove an hour to the shelter where we waited 3 hours to see Eddie. He was afraid, and hiding in an area inaccessible to people, just cats could get there. I met a lot of beautiful, loving cats during this time, but I wanted Eddie. A helper working there had 2 children with her, and they were playing with the cats as we waited. The owner said even if he came out, he wouldn't come to me, and would never let me hold him, encouraging me to pick another cat. But I wouldn't leave without at least meeting Eddie. The helper finally left with her kids, and within minutes Eddie came out. He was apparently not just afraid of people, but children. He walked right up and rubbed my legs, like he knew I was there for him. I bent down and pet him, then picked him up and held him. The owner was shocked, no one had been able to do that. He'd been there almost a year! Thank God I waited, Eddie's been my savior and "fella" ever since!

Jackie Perrigoue
Bellingham, WA

My Amber

She was about 2 years old when I walked into the local humane society looking for a cat to take home. I was on the fence as to whether to get a kitten or an older cat, but Amber made up my mind for me.

Amber sat huddled in the back of the cage, looking angrily out at me. She looked extremely unhappy to have other cats in cages around her, but I took a look and was sure I wanted her, despite the deep growls and hissing. I really didn’t think about it much at the time, but who knows what would have happened to her if I hadn’t taken her home.

More than fourteen years later, our vet calls her “the little panther.” The older she gets, the less tolerant she gets of other people, but she shows me love every day. I’ve had all kinds of nicknames for her, but they have all been affectionate ones because she’s still my little girl.

Plymouth, MA

Sweet Savannah Girl

I was looking for a small cuddle dog and found Savannah at Animal Control in Savannah, GA she was due to be put down in 2 days and I just had to have her. She may not be small but she's definitely a cuddle dog. She also surprised us by finding out she was pregnant and 5 weeks later we had a litter of 10 beautiful puppies. We were able to find good homes for 9 and kept 1 and he's our Tater. What love they have brought us.

Joyce Cooper
Bluffton, SC

Finally Found My Mojo

As a sufferer of extreme allergies I couldn't have a pet, but I wanted to understand the animal/human relationship. Against all advice, I began looking for a small, white, fluffy dog. Eventually, a little white face appeared on an internet search and I knew I'd found my pup.

The following day I drove 2-hours to a rundown shelter, where Mojo and his brother had been dropped by the family who'd raised them for their first 8 months. They were abandoned, confused and scared. I considered taking them both, but wasn't sure my allergies could handle one.

Mojo cowered when I lifted him from the crowded cage he shared with 3 other dogs. He was so terrified he threw up 3 times on the drive home and lost control of his bowels when we walked in the door. He was filthy, his eyes were caked with gunk, so I bathed him and made him comfy. We promptly visited the vet and groomer, and within 2 days we were in love. I struggled, but my allergies gradually wore down.

That was 3 years ago and now Mojo is the world's most loved, confident, popular, spoiled, stubborn dog. He runs, plays, eats healthy food and treats, sleeps in comfortable beds, has 2 toy boxes, and lots of doggie friends. He is the sole object of my doting and affection - he even gets tucked in at night.

Now I understand the love between pet and human. Mojo has opened me to learning about the innumerable forms of animal suffering, abuse and misuse. Because of him, I have rescued and fostered other dogs, and become an animal rights activist. He has changed my life, I have changed his. My only regret is that I didn't take his brother, but fortunately, he got adopted too.

Kelly Kinnard
Tampa, FL

OMG Let Me In!!

Millie showed up one night, scared to death of a tom cat that was chasing her and starving--you could feel every bone in her little body. We took her in and she ate, and ate and ate, and then slept for two days. She was so grateful---when we fed or held her, she would lick our hand. We took her to the vet to check for a chip (none) and found she was not yet a year old, but healthy in every way. We had her spayed and now she is a ball of fire around the house, playing with everything and she is a great companion for our other two rescued kitties.

Patti & Tommy Bullock
Lancaster, KY

Princess Tracy

Tracy was rescued from an abused home where she was left in the backyard inside a hot metal doggie house in the middle of summer in Florida with warm water and lots of flies around the whatever food it was left there for her. At that time she was no older than 6 months old. To make things worse she was at the mercy of the young kids who live there. I rescued her and she became our princess. From the time she came to our home 15 years ago my mom and I have tried to compensate for that hard beginning she had by giving her all the love she deserves, keeping her safe, warm and fashionable. It took a long time for her to recover from that nightmare. We can see she did by the way she demonstrates her love to us all the time. She learned to trust again but she still doesn't like children around her. Who could blame her!

Suzannah and Mom Ilda
Miami, FL
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