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Chance's story

A neighbor told me the cat had been roaming the streets for a year. When I chanced upon Kitty, he was in my backyard merrily swatting at butterflies. He ran over to me for a belly rub. The neighbor also said that she had Kitty neutered. I suspect neighbor may have thrown him out as she had complained Kitty had sprayed in her house! I named him 'Chance'. My rescued kitties clearly communicated they did not want him in the house. So 'Chance' lived on the back porch with plenty of fresh water and regular mealtimes. At night, he would curl up on a soft bed set in a corner of the deck. For 6 weeks, he led a comfortable outside life. We played fetch and chase on the green grass, and he loved belly rubs. He was my exercise guru! My vet was interested in adopting him out to prospective clients. 'Chance' quickly found his forever home with a wonderful family. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and is very content in his new environment. Appreciation to the vet and the family who adopted 'Chance'.

Durham, NC

My Two Buddies

I got George and Gracie from my local no kill animal sheleter (AAWL) here in Phoenix. Gracie was 3 when I got her that was 4 years ago. One year later I got George from the same shelter he is 13 and just full of energy.

The two of them are inseperatable, George loves to groom Gracie and they run around the house like kittens. They bring so much joy into the house with there warm souls.

They make me smile everyday and truly touch my heart.

Phoenix, AZ


Our little Zoe, a shih tzu mix, was rescued from the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago. I was a volunteer at the shelter at the time. I was advised by the shelter manager that Zoe would have been euthanized if I had not agreed to adopt her because she gave the vet such a hard time during her physical exam. Zoe is a sweet, loving dog except when it comes to the mail. When our mail is delivered, she runs to the mail slot in our front door from wherever she may be in the house and attacks it as it falls through the slot. My husband has had to learn to read his Sports Illustrated magazine in pieces!

Gayle Arlen
Chicago, IL

My Sapphire

My story began April 8, 1988; the most beautiful quarter horse filly was born. I took one look at her and cried! She was a blue-grey color, which is how I came upon her name, "Lady's Bleu Sapphire." Lady was her mother, bleu was her color, and Sapphire is my birthstone. I did not know at the time that she would end up being the blackest of night with not a white hair on her body.

The bond that we shared was like none other. She and I had the most incredible, unspoken communication; it seemed too good to be true. I spent every moment I had with her in her first years of life to help her be the best show horse she could be. She proved over and over that she was the best. We won numerous blue ribbons over our many, many years of showing together. The feeling of pride when I had her by my side or when I rode her was indescribable. As she grew older, we stopped showing as much and began helping others learn how to ride. She helped me teach many children and adults how to ride and to really experience how fun horses can be when you learn from one of the best. She may have been small in size (14.3 hands), but she was the biggest in heart!

I unexpectedly, lost my friend on May 9, 2009 & buried her the morning of Mother's Day, May 10, 2009. One of the saddest days of my life, my dear, beautiful friend is gone and now loping in the white clouds of heaven. I will forever love her & remember her with a smile on my heart. We were together 21 years, 1 month & 1 day.

I love you Sapphire!

Jeana Pappas Meek
Santa Fe, TX

Giving Birth

I live on a second floor apartment with an outdoor deck. Momma cat and her 2 kittens showed up one day 7 years ago and settled in. My landlord had told me "no pets" so I tried not to get too attached while I sought a good home for them....needless to say, that did not happen!

After pleading my case, the landlord agreed to let them stay. I came home one day and looked out the window to find all 3 of them in cat bliss, snoozing together on a nice summer's day. Momma cat is in the background, and Stanley appears to be "giving birth" to Blanche with a sweet smile on his face!

Nancy Dame
Troy, NY

The Unknown Story of Gracie

Gracie started her life somewhere in the year of 2005-early 2006 I'm sure with a family who had intentions of having a wonderful smart cat for their family - but somehow that all changed.

When I discovered 'Gracie', I was living in some apartments and my neighbors were trying to feed her crab meat from a can - eeeeewwwwww. They had found her by her own mewing from under a car that had been long since abandoned in our apartment complex. My neighbors thinking that ALL cats liked the taste of seafood they thought crab would be good for her. I promptly asked them if they were going to keep her, they stated "no they just wanted to keep her until the shelter opened on Monday". So... I took 'Gracie' home not knowing if she had FLV or any other disease, I kept her quarantined from my other 2 cats until the following Monday.

Upon my arrival at our vet in complete tears with this little throw away of a cat, a woman (whom to this day I have no idea who she is) paid for the blood tests that 'Gracie' required to show that she was in good health.

Now to look at Gracie she weighs 4# at the most, stunted growth and she doesn't see well because of the scar on her forehead caused by a car fan blade. Her tail has 2 (two) 90 degree fractures that are frozen in time - we believe her tail was crushed in a door because of the distance between the angles of her tail, they fit perfectly.

Gracie shows that everything is possible, love = affection; affection = love. Gracie to this day has the softest, kindest and most gentle paws of the West.

Catherine Hughes
Casa Grande, AZ

Mitch Celebrates His 1st New Birthday

I want to introduce everyone to Mitch my German Shepard/Chow mix. Mitch was abandoned in July of 2008 by neighbors who could't afford their house any longer & moved to Texas leaving Mitch in the backyard to be found by the utility company. Now mind you that we live in Arizona & the day he was abandoned the temperatures reached in excess of 115 degrees & not only did he not have sufficient shade, he had very little water & his "generic icky" dog food was in a bag sitting in a patio chair in the sun as if he could pour his own food. As soon as I found out about him from my closest neighbor, I asked my son to climb the gate & unlock it. My son & I took the time to gain Mitch's trust. Not owning a dog at the time; we didn't have a leash, just a calf rope. After carefully placing the rope around his neck & leading him towards the gate he KNEW he was being rescued. After much discussion I told my son there is no way we could keep a 90# dog (we are owned by 4 rescued indoor cats and countless other outdoor semi-ferrals already), well - as you can see by Mitch's eyes, they are in direct contact with his soul with those big brown eyes, I couldn't find another home for him - he already found one in our home & my heart.

My closest neighbor who told me about Mitch being abandonded in the first place tells me his name was originally "Max" but Mitch fits him better.

'Max' is in the past and Mitch is my future.

Catherine Hughes
Casa Grande, AZ

Best of Friends...

We met Calvin at a local shelter when we were helping a friend pick out a dog. We were NOT looking for a dog. My husband (then boyfriend) was not too fond of dogs, and I had recently lost my 15 year old border collie, Lady. Calvin, shelter workers told me, had been adopted (and returned) 3 times. He had trouble socializing and sometimes manic behavior. Because of these problems, he had been abused at at least one of his previous homes. We were told that whoever adopted him would be asked to agree that he should not be returned again, but take him to a kill-shelter. I took him home that day.

He cowered under our bed for days. If anybody raised a hand above chest level, he assumed it was meant to strike him. After a few months of love and reassurance training, Calvin became a well-socialized member of our family. We found that a root cause of his manic behavior was an easily treatable skin allergy.

When we had a baby, he could poke eyes and pull ears and never solicit a response from Calvin. Henry could do no wrong.

I pulled into the garage one day with Henry and noticed that the door to our house was wide open and Calvin was at the door barring me from entering. I jumped back in the car and drove up the block to call police, who said that Calvin was doing his best to warn us. It was determined that he had probably held an intruder to the foyer and they were so terrified of the snarling dog that they ran away.

Never before and never again have I seen our meek pup growl, even with a toddler's hand in his food bowl. Here's to Henry's BEST bud.

Andrea Ridings
Wimberley, TX

How much two littel puppys changed my life

well when i found wishbone he was laying crying in a ditch in the long grass he was just a puppy no teeth his eyes were not open or his ears he was not but a couple days old it was hot i didnt even think he would make it home i took him inside while bathing him in dishsoap he lifted his head up and he was drinking water out the sink i was amazed cause how littel he was my mom went to pick up puppy formula he traveled with me to many diffrent states i took him everywhere he was my baby once he got older we found out he was a blue healer red healer mix he was beutiful one day my moms boyfriend drove in and hit him he was still a puppy i was devistated i cryed and cryed cause he was like my child he was still alive but in very bad condition i stayed inside while my uncle took him out back and shot him i heard the shot that ended my babys life i was so sad after a long while my mom let me pick out one of another dogs puppys i did and it did make me feel better his name is buddie and he remindes me alot of wishbone i love him and the dog tag that says i saved a human its true he saved me from my own hurt i didnt get to bottel feed him long but i love him hes a handful im still trying to house train him but these dogs have truley changed my life the picture is of him

coolidge, TX

Best Friends

So far, I've been rescued by 4 cats and a dog. Most recently, I adopted Bandit (gray and white) from Montgomery County's Animal Resource Center in August '07 when he was 4 months old; his loving nature and mischievousness was immediately apparent. In February '09, I adopted Pinkerton (1 yr old & solid gray) from the Humane Society of Dayton; he was much more cautious and reserved. Nervous about bringing them together, they spent a couple of days separated, until curiosity got the better of them. After 4 days, they began grooming each other and playing. Their favorite sport is Friday Night Smackdown (regardless of the day), and in typical cat fashion play it at 3 am in the middle of my bed. They are wonderful pets who are my heroes, saving me from boredom and self-pity.

Joy McLaughlin
Dayton, OH
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