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Little Gracie

My husband and I saw this beautiful little girl with a rescue organization at Petsmart. I was drawn to Gracie and knew the minute I saw her that she was coming home with us. She had been kept in a small space for hours a day. It took patience and love but this girl has come out of her shell and is the most loving dog we could hope for!

Sherry Stinson
Gainesville, FL

Smokey the cat

Last year when our 22 year old son became sick with a horrible disease he desperately wanted a cat. We went to our local rescue shelter and he picked Smokey, mainly because he was older (10) and had been there the longest. Our son thought he would not be adopted because of his age and quiet disposition. Smokey, his beloved "Kittyman" unconditionally loved and made him laugh even when events in his life were tough. Last November we inherited Smokey when Zachary passed away. Smokey is funny and brings us the joy we so need with the same unconditional love he showed Zach. What a wonderful gift he has been to all of us. Please consider an older cat when adopting.

Pat and Bill Dueger
Williamsville, NY

Our Wonderful Experience

In October 2008 while out walking our two canine buddies my husband noticed a stray cat in our neighborhood. He asked "Did you see the cat? It's out there." I said no but immediately went to take a peek. There it was a beautiful white cat and she was pregnant. We started putting out food and several mornings we would watch her as she cautiously approached our front porch to eat. After a few days she started coming around in the evening. Again, we would put food out and as she would eat we would go out through the garage and just watch her.She would not let us get close. If we tried she would retreat to some nearby bushes. This lasted a couple of weeks and finally she allowed us to touch her. On Friday night October 10, she was no longer a stray and she had a name, "Mattie". We took her in and on Wednesday October 15, four babies were born. Tim, Trooper, Cotton and Tug. We kept Mattie and all the kittens until after the holidays. In January 2009 my niece took Mattie and the animal group we volunteer with took the kittens. Cotton & Tug, are white and gray, Triooper is the all gray, Tim is the black one. Cotton, Tug and Trooper all found forever homes that weekend. On Monday I called my husband and told him Tim was alone and he said it was time to bring Tim home. I filled out the adoption papers, paid the adoption fee and Tim came back home. Tim lives quite a life here with his feline sister and two canine brothers. Our bed is crowded but what an experience, we wouldn't have missed it for the world! Tim will be 1 year old October 15.

Vicki Logsdon
Independence, MO

Nugget... The trip of my life!

Motar, our 115lb choc lab "thinks" he's a lap dog as does Jackie our 65lb BluePoint Healer mix.

After 16 years of large breed dogs I decided I wanted something a bit smaller and a "true" lap dog. I started a very long search on the internet looking at coutless pictures and reading coutless descriptions of dogs. Most of the time the dogs were either too far away or too expensive for me.

One day after Jackie and I came home from training class I googled looking for our local animal shelter. Not being computer savvy I just started clicking on links not knowing where it would lead me. Then I saw a puppy adoption event from Colorado Puppy Rescue and it was only 35 miles away! I told my husband, "We're going for a ride."

I told the staff I wanted a female and saw a tiny fawn colored puppy sleeping with her sister. The moment I held her she started to go wild with the kisses. "I think she likes me" I told the staff. A few minutes later my husband said, "Where's the paper work" and we adopted our first tiny dog.

We spent all evening coming up with names that described her size but could not decide. Then I went to feed her and looked at her food and the word "nugget" popped into my head. Eureka! Nugget was named.

Nugget is a Chug breed. Chihuahua, Pug mix. She goes with me everywhere and is a show stopper! Nugget and I went to the county fair and I entered her in the Westminster Dog Show. She won 3rd place for "Best Kisser" and only 3 months old!

I always thought myself a big dog person but Nugget is a trip and I can't be happier.

Karann Nelson
Wetminster, CO

Smokey the Bear...

This "little" fellow came to us as a very tiny kitten feeding on the food we left outside for the strays. I noticed something very "unusual" about him - he was running but instead of up-right, he was running as he was laying down on the ground. It looked very odd and I thought for sure something was wrong with him so I snatched him up and took him inside. He nearly bit my finger off but it was well-worth it.

Smokey has been with me for almost 16 years now. Although he still has that feral "quality" about him, he is momma's little boy and lays on top of me when he is in a need of a cuddle. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Rochester, NY


This story is about Matt (on right side) a small kitten dropped off left to survive on his own. My mom and I feed and care for 11 homeless and feral cats along with 5 previous homeless and rescued cats that now live with her and me. Several months ago I spotted Matt hanging around with a small clan of feral cats that I have been feeding for a year now. Matt had a flea collar on so I figured he had a home, but he was welcome to eat anyway.As I picked him up and felt around this collar I noticed it was extremely tight. So I loosened it so he could breathe. Well a few days went by and I came to the conclusion that he was dropped off and left behind. So I grabbed him up ,cut that damn collar off and brought him home with me. And now he is a healthy,loving,very friendly and trusting friend. He gets along with my other cats and loves to play all the time..

Now as I sit and wonder I will never understand why someone could ever part with Matt much less leave him with a collar that would of eventually choked him to death,very slowly. If this is not torture then I don't know what is!!!!

May he have a long and happy life now!

Thank you,

Keenan Neighbors

Keenan Neighbors
Vicksburg, MS

Red Peppers

We picked out a scared black dog at the pound in April of 1997. We chose her over the other animals because she was slightly older at (maybe) six months and the others were younger and easier to be placed in homes. On the ride home I decided to call her Charlie.

Her favorite snack was red peppers and lettuce but she was known to gobble blueberries off the bush. She ate all the food she could find, but did not like bones, toys or playing catch. It was like she was a person, but an old soul at that. She slept all the time and would not cuddle. She liked to be left alone, but would want to be in which ever room all the people were congregating.

Charlie passed away at home two weeks ago and I miss her every moment of the day. I would not change a thing about my 12 years with her. I know that on that day at the pound, she really chose us and I am thankful for her.

Smithfield, RI


I would like to share my story of Dylan..

One morning a friend of ours brought Dylan to us on his way to work. He had found him in a ditch with his right side almost totally stripped of hair and skin. He instructed us to take him to the vet ASAP, which we did. The vet fixed him up as best he could and we brought him home with instructions of care.

In the weeks ahead Dylan thrived with love and constant care...he is now a beautiful, healthy cat . He was two years old just this month. Being born in the wild and a ferral cat, we have had problems with him, as he has a problem with trust, and fear.

He is thriving though with lots of love and care....I am 75 years old and was never "a cat person", as they say...Dylan is my constant companion these days, and has given me more smiles and joy than I could have ever imagined.

Sara Morris
West Palm Beach, FL


Tommy was found at 2-months old, trapped in a dumpster with his brothers and sisters. When we first saw him at the shelter only a day or so later, he was skin and bones, covered in fleas, with filthy ears and eyes and a tail so matted they had to take scissors to it. The staff were already taken with him, and it was easy to see why - he reached out to anyone walking past, mewing and purring constantly, hoping for any kind of love he could get. His blinking, crying little face and frantic, grasping paws worked their way into our hearts, and he was both the first and the only cat we held that day. Now clean, well-fed, and quite alarmingly fluffy at times, he is every bit as affectionate as he was that first day, and he has been curling up in our laps with his purr-motor running for 10 happy years, with many more to come.

Sammamish, WA

2 a.m. feeding

On September 29, 2004, my husband found a tiny kitten while at work on a construction site. The kitten was wounded and was unable to eat on it's own. He brought it home and asked me to see what could be done to help it. I called some local shelters but they all said that if the kitten coudn't eat on it's own, it would be euthanized. Well, I couldn't let that happen so I called a local vet and took the kitten in to find out how to save him.

Th kitten required bottle feedings every 4 hours (and massages to stimulate excretion), eye drops, antibiotics, and daily bathing with wound cleanser to help heal the abrasions all over his little body. My husband, three teenagers, and I, all took turns taking care of KitKat around the clock. We were supposed to just take care of him until he was old enough to be adopted, but when the time came, we just couldn't give him up. He had become a part of our family.

We've had KitKat for almost 5 years and can't imagine life without him.

P.S. On a side note, to celebrate KitKat's first birthday, we adopted a little sister for him. Kiki taught her older brother how to act like a cat.

Levittown, PA
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