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Our Big Girl

Several years ago my mothers fiance rescued our Fox-Hound mix from Angels For Animals. She had gone through the local prison dog training program, and once they finished her training she was placed in the shelter. Since adopting her she's been the light of our lives. Her favorite thing to do is go for rides in the truck and eat ice cream on hot days. We recently accquired two Catahoula Cur cross puppies and an abandonded Basset Hound all of whom she spends her days running around with on our farm. Chocolate Chip is probably the happiest, sweetest, most loving dog you'll ever meet.

Kinsman, OH

A miraculous accident

Our story is short and sweet. My husband and I were going to the dog park in Omaha with our husky Nikita. As we pulled into the parking lot, a lady pulled up behind us, got out of her car and came up to us and asked us if we ever thought of getting another husky. She had followed us because she thougth we were some friends of hers.

Of course, we had thought of it but had not done anything about it. Nikita was 2 years old at the time. The lady's name was Cam and she was fostering a male husky named Suka for the Midwest Animal Rescue.

We took her name and number and decided to think about it. When we got home, we looked on the website and saw Suka. One look and we wanted to know more! He was so handsome!

We arranged for the dogs to meet and they took to each other right away. After some time spent with Suka and some fostering of him ourselves, we adopted Suka 1 year ago.

He is our miracle accident.

Offutt AFB, NE

Our Wonder Dog

The story started where we moved our oldest son into his first apartment, he wanted to adopt a kitten being that we have 16 at home he wanted a kitten of his own. So we went to the animal shelter where he is now living and chose a new kitten for himself. Me, just wanting to look at the dogs not interested in adopting at the time, started walking down the rows of runners for the dogs and I passed up Zoey on the first go round because people were in front of her runner, so I told my younger son come on let's go well we started leaving and I noticed the people were gone, so him and I decided to go look again. And there she was, my eyes met hers and I was in love. She had just thrown up and looked very sick, I told my son go get his dad that I wasn't leaving her, I sat on the floor with her crying that she was hurting so much. We adopted her and several days later she began to take a turn for the worst, after several animal ER clinics, and a visit to our vet we found out that she had to have immediate surgery to remove part of her small intestines. She had 6" removed and is now a year later at 1 year old and she is happy healthy and full of spirit!! She is a wonderful companion to my younger son and our home!!

Katy, TX

Rescued and Became a Breast Cancer Survivor

Our Kitty had died and our dog killed and we needed someone to fill that space for us. We found Stella Blue at a wonderful no-kill shelter in Grayslake IL at the age of 3. She had lived in a barn and the farmer kindly brought her there. She is so good and loving and we love her dearly.

We found a lump on one of her nipples. It was cancer. This beautiful kitty would have died without us to care for her......Please examine your kitty's nipples. They can't do it themselves.

Carol Ann King
Waukegan, IL


Watching our little Purrl run across the floor chasing light from the laser pointer, I am struck by how much joy she adds to our household. It makes it even harder to understand the circumstances in which Purrl came to us. My partner called from her cell to tell me she had passed a small kitten hanging from the concrete median on Memorial Parkway. Someone had thrown her out into rush hour traffic.

I prayed the whole time waiting to hear if she was able to make it back in time to save the tiny kitten. Although My partner ran in front of a dump truck and grabbed the terrified hissing biting kitten she managed to bring our Purrl home. Her jaw was busted and she was so small she fit in the palm of my hand. With a little TLC our Purrl has became the sweetest most playful kitten. We are very lucky to have found her.

Laceys Spring, AL

my sunshine

I found Sunny and 3 other kitties when they were about 9 days old... we were tearing down my uncles warehouse and and there was no mom to be found..

I took all 4 home bottle fed all 4 and luckily all 4 lived. However Sunny got sick and so we had more time to bond and I knew he was mine.. I found a good homes for the other 3 in fact my best friend has Sunny's brother so I still get to see him..

Sunny has been through so much with me, some of which i don't think I would have survived without him.. I guess you can say we saved each other..

Long Beach, CA

Bailey's Story

I was visiting my best freind in Kansas City, MO three years ago when one day we went out ot feed the colony of strays in the backyard of her complex. It was January, and about 5 degrees. Suddenly I heard a faint cry as we were heading back in to the warmth of her apartment. We waited, and heard it again. Suddenly we saw a kitten- about six months old- hobbling toward us. He was limping from an abcess on his hind leg. Being Sunday, no veterinarians were open so we found an animal hospital and brought him there. The vet was so wonderful, he promised to take care of "Bailey" overnight and in the morning transport him to his own practice down the street. I am from Massachusetts and was leaving the next day so I could not bring Bailey home with me, as the doctor said he was also dehydrated and couldn't fly. During the week my best friend went to visit Bailey every day while he was in hospital care. At the end of the week when Bailey had improved, it was time to fly. My friend, who was visiting back home in Massachusetts anyway, brought Bailey with her! We gave him to my mother and step-father where he lives a wonderful, happy, healthy life. The special vet was so impressed with my friend and I that he only charged us boarding fees for the week, as opposed to hospital charges. Bailey finding us was meant to be!!!

Robin Fiskaa
Holland, MA

Yum Yum

Yum Yum is a beautiful Seal Point Siamese. At the age of eight, she had already been through three different homes. When Yum Yum was surrendered to the Furrever Friends Rescue Shelter, she had been given up with two beautiful male Siamese. One of my mother's friends adopted one of the males and had told us about Yum Yum. I went online to see if she was still available to be adopted, and there she was. I read her story and talked with my mom, and we decided to fill out an application to adopt her. When we finally met her, it was love at first sight. She hasn't been here very long but she seems to be enjoying her new home and new friend, (our one-year-old Flame Point Siamese, Keepurr). She is so sweet and loving. We are very grateful to the Furrever Friends Rescue shelter for helping us find her. We are very happy to say that Yum Yum will never have to see another animal shelter again and has finally found a permanent home for life.

Somers Point, NJ

Sasha and Camille

I rescued my Sasha and Camille (they are sisters) during Hurricane Isabel. We were in Virginia at the time and in the direct path of the storm. The woman a couple doors down from me was a collector and had over 20 cats both indoors and out. She abandoned them during the storm, leaving cat food out which of course got soaked from the rain (I, at that time, was not aware of the problems with cat collectors so I didn't call the SPCA). Although I could not rescue all of the cats, I took two of the kittens which had wandered into my yard. I took them to the vet for shots, got them fixed, and for the past six years they have been my loyal and sweet companions. I love you Sasha and Camille! (and yeah, the picture isn't the best, but you get two cats to pose together!)

Vine Grove, KY

My Loki

I work at a veterinary hospital and a client brought in a mom cat with her kitten. The mom had bitten her so unfortunately we had to euthanize her and test for rabies. The test was negative so I adopted the little kitten. Named Loki for Little Orange Kitty but Loki also is the God of mischief and tricks. Little Loki is awesome:)

Lake Jackson, TX
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