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Chip - My Hero

I rescued Chip from a family who accused him of killing their $600 Quaker Parrot. When I went to extend my sympathy for the loss of their bird; Chip walked up to me and said "I did not kill the bird". I picked him up and brought him home. That evening, after his former owner bought another bird, she called to tell me she came in from the garage and her dog had the bird in it's mouth. Just a few years later my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly; a few months later Chip was diagnosed with a cancer in his leg and the leg had to be amputated. Chip is my hero because he taught me if he can live without a leg I can live without my husband.We gain strengh daily from each other. He is the "man in my life".

Avon, IN

Abused Black and Abandoned

We found Huney at our local ASPCA during the Fair. I was looking for a dog to run with me on the local outdoor trail. She had been rescued by them as a puppy she was adopted and returned within 8 weeks because the new owners were moving and could not take her. She was fostered out and then returned because the foster home owner was moving. She spent 12 months of her first 2 years in a cage. No one would adopt her because she was black and very excited pulled excessively etc.

Well, she has a forever home now and is 7 years old, a certified pet therapy dog with a Chi brother and a pesky 4 year old sister too (Who was also rescued). She gives more unconditional love than any dog I've seen.

It would not be surprising for most dogs but, as per the typical rescue she had been abused. The 1st owner literally punched her face causing many of her side teeth to be lose and break they were infected when she was brought in and the ASPCA had to remove several of her teeth because of it.

Huney, is not shy about love and will sit for hours just to be petted and rubbed. Her favorite thing is when we have relaxation time and I take turns rubbing them down.

I knew she was meant to be mine when I had taken her out on our 2nd run. A kayaker was climbing a steep bank to the trail from the river. I did not notice him. She had immediately raised her hackles and stood infront of me barking very defensively. She protected me know me. That is truely amazing when in all reality she had no reason to trust me.

Spokane, WA

My baby

I had found two cats in the woodpile behind my parents house. Being from a feral mother I took them in to save them from the same fate. I was working part time at a Vet's office while those two were around 4 weeks old, and someone brought in a litter of kittens they had found in their bushes. Nobody at the office had time to bottle feed them so they were put on soft food way to early. All the kittens got taken home within a couple of days except one, and she was none too happy about it. Screaming and face covered in wet cat food, I decided to take her and keep her with my other two until she could find a home. Did she ever!!! Six years later this cat has the most unique personality out of all 6 of my resuced kitties. She loves to lay in the wierdest places, can't stand to see her foodbowl getting low and will stand up on her back legs and stretch up to me for me to pick her up. In my arms she settles in and purrs and head rubs me and will stay there as long as I'm standing up. I take her everywhere around my house that way. Brownie was her first name but now she has more nicknames than any animal I know...I love that special girl!

Jackie Blair
St. Petersburg, FL

Meet Barney

We found Barney when he was 6 mo. old at the Contra Costa Animal Shelter and it was love at first sight. We even stayed overnight in the shelter parking lot to ensure we were the first in line to get him when he became available. He is almost 13 years old now and a special needs dog who has Cushings, diabetes, glaucoma and high BP to name a few. He has also had a couple of stroke-like incidents called FCE's. But he is one of the best things that has happened to our family. I can't imagine not having him in our lives.

Vallejo, CA

Deputy Fife on Duty

My drive to work includes going through a Riparian. As I was driving through last February, I noticed something on the side of the road. I realized it was a dog curled up in a ball. I pulled over, and the lady behind me pulled over as well. With her help, we got him in my car and I took him to the shelter. I was delighted to learn he had a chip, and was hopeful he would be reunited with his owner. I called several times over the course of a week, and the shelter had not been able to make contact with the owner. So, once the waiting period was over, I went and picked him up. He has been a wonderful addition to my home, though my cats do not see it that way! I learned that his given name was Smokey, but I decided Barney Fife was the best fit. When I stopped to pick him up on the side of the road he barked and shook at the same time! And he can often be seen "patrolling" his yard. He is smart, funny and loves his squeaky stuffed toys.

Tombstone, AZ

My little munchkin

My dad and I had to put our 16-year old puppy, K.C., down in March 2008. We got him from the local animal shelter when he was 8-weeks old and were both devestated that we had to make the decision to let him go. I had the hardest time adjusting to our home life after that and couldn't get used to the empty feeling in the house. I kept pushing to get another dog but the first few we looked at just didn't click with us. Then one day, I went back to the same animal shelter we got K.C. from and found my munchkin, Kota. The rest is history. K.C. and Kota are very different but there are some very odd similarities and things that Kota just knew when he came home the first day. I don't know a lot but I know my angel K.C. must have sent Kota our way and told him about the good home waiting for him.

Fairfax, VA

Home At Last

After losing our retired guide dog in 10/08, we swore off any more dogs. His loss was so devastating! Six months later, we broke down and adopted Norman from LRROF. He had been abused, was heartworm positive, and was very much underweight. After much medical care and patience, 9 months later he has blossomed into a healthy, loving lab, just the way he was supposed to be! He has filled the void in our hearts and will be spoiled for the rest of his life!

Susan T
Apollo Beach, FL

My 9/11 Sweetheart

My husband, Tom, and I both had dogs while we were growing up and always wanted one once we were married. Unfortunately that never happened, nor did having children.

On 9/11/2001 we both went to work, but only I came home. My husband had a meeting in the WTC that day. I never saw him again. I moved into my parents house for a few months while I dealt with this. I decided that I wanted a dog before I moved back to my own home. When I returned to work my mother started searching rescue sites. She found an abandoned Cocker Spaniel mother and three pups, only 4 weeks old, at a local vets office. I was lucky enough to get my sweetie, Joey, one of the puppies. He is named after my husband whose middle name was Joseph and he has been my crazy sidekick for all these years after losing Tom on 9/11.

He sleeps with me at night, curls up in my lap when I watch TV and is currently draped across my lap as I write this. He is my friend and companion and I think he knows when 9/11 comes around exactly what I need....even more loving and he gives it all the time.

The attached picture is Joey when I finally picked him up in December 2001 at just about a month old. Most people call him a pest and a spoiled dog (which he is), but he's my pest. He gives me love, company, friendship and laughter. And I still love his "puppy" kisses.

I would not trade him for all the well behaved dogs in the world. He is exactly what I needed most at a time when I needed him the most. And he always will be. That's my Joey.

staten island, NY

Set in Granite

I had just moved to NH and knew noone other than my then-fiance. He'd promised that when we got there I could get a kitten. I wandered into the Concord SPCA and saw the most beautiful kitten I'd ever seen. I inquired and was told he'd just come in and wouldn't be available for 2 more days - on my birthday! Even though we weren't settled into our own home yet, I got the OK. On my birthday I went back in to find him, and he wasn't in his cage! Sadly, I walked around and saw he was in a different cage! Someone was reaching for him, and I just walked up and moved right in front of them, saying "Sorry, he's already been adopted." Granite came home with me, and he's now 13! He's been with me through a divorce, a move back to VA, and then a new marriage and kids... and he's still the most beautiful cat I've ever had.

Christiansburg, VA

He chose me

My Mom and I were at Petsmart to purchase food for her cats when we saw one of the local animal rescue teams hosting an adoption drive. They had a number of cats and kittens in crates lined up on the sidewalk.

As my Mom and I were walking by I felt a tug on the sleeve of my sweater. I backed up to see what I had gotten stuck on, only to discover that one of the kittens had reached out from his crate and stuck his paw through the loose knit of my sweater. He was a tiny little thing complete with a sad story that included the loss of most of his littermates.

I wasn't planning to adopt an animal, but found out from his foster mom that he not only survived a very rough start to his life, but also shared a first name with my grandpa. I had to take him home. That was 10 years ago. His initial grab for attention has turned into a life of snuggling and constant attention seeking. Barney has been a little ball of love every minute of his life.

Orchard Park, NY
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