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Charlie Chan

In July 2008 a picture of an eight week old kitten, in need of a home, appeared in our local paper. I went to the shelter and saw him through the glass window. He was sitting on a stool with his back to me cleaning himself. (Our old cat never cleaned himself!) I said, "I'll take him!" The volunteers asked if I would like to hold him - I replied of course, but start the paperwork. When I brought him home, he immediately took over the house as his own.

Charlie Chan delights us every day with his antics. He is a joy, an imp and a lover. Those blue eyes get him most anything he wants from we humans. Our three year old beagle thinks he came to our home to be her best friend and playmate. Life without him would be very dull indeed!

Helen Gross
Lodi, CA

Ghost Dog

Labor day weekend the American Legion was having a big bar-b-q dinner and my friend was the DJ. I stayed very late to help load up equipment and when leaving I saw a very ghost-like shape across the road from me rather stumbling along, in and out of the bushes, the woods, the darkness - big, white, long-haired, spooky.

I stopped, rolled down my window, and attempted to talk to it - but it sped up. Me too. We jogged back and forth for a while and finally I got out and being very careful, came close. It let me and I could see/smell the ruffled, matted coat packed with mud and debris. I spoke nice to it; it had no collar and being as how I had a leash with me in my pickup I finally managed to loop it around it's head. It then followed me everywhere (but I couldn't get it up in the truck bed) so in the cab it went (what a mess!). I checked the shelters, newspapers, asked around, - nothing. Nice, wonderful, gentle giant; turns out she is an Kuvasz and has been living with me ever since. So ya see how my holiday went; rescued and made friends with a pooch.

J K Lacey
Panama City, FL

Calico Angels

I was at Direct Tire at Poplar and Hollywood in Memphis Tn. They had pulled out 4 calico kittens out of the air conditioning vent that were appoximately two weeks old. They hadnt seen the mother in over two days and were afraid the kittens would die. I took them to the vet and then headed to the pet store to buy baby bottles, formula and supplies. One of the kittens was just too small and she died. Her name was Miracle. The other three kitties stayed with me. I set my alarm every two hours in the night to get up and feed them. They grew like little weeds! At 6 weeks old they were able to eat cat food and potty and get around on their own My grandmother took two of them and named them Hope and Faith. I kept one and she was so silly looking. She had big bug eyes and instead of running she hopped! I named her Froggy! She is the sweetest baby and she LOVES her mama! All 3 are fat and healthy and live as inside cats. They have toys and lots of love! They will be 4 this year and I am so happy I was able to rescue them and give them a home. I have included a pic of Hope and Faith but I dont have one of Froggy with me. Shes so hyper its hard for her to sit still for a pic! :)

Trish DeLaPaz
memphis, TN

Mr. Bigglesworth's rescue story

I had a grey kitten that died due to complications from a spaying surgery, at 10 months old. I was devastated and went in search of another grey kitten. There was a cat only boarding facility near me, that advertised free kittens to a good home, so I went to ask if they happened to have a grey one. Sure enough, they did, but he wasn't weaned yet. They did have Mr. Bigglesworth who was being brought back by the foster mom, because she couldn't keep him anymore. He was found in the street, near the facility, near death (apparently hit by a car). The owner of the facility took him to a vet and they saved his life. They said his ear was amputated, due to severe ear mite/infections. He was all shaved because of excessive matting and he really looked mangy. They told me he needed a home, but I didn't really want him, especially because he was a long haired cat and I'm allergic to cats (I can tolerate short haired cats better). However, when they put him back in the cage and told me that's where he'd stay, and I saw his beautiful eyes pleading with me, I couldn't resist. So I said I'd foster him only until my kitten was ready. Well, sure enough, Mr. B. decided he wanted my house to be his furever home, so he charmed me into keeping him! I did get the grey kitten, and his brother, but after a year of dealing with 3 boys fighting for alpha male position (and other issues), I had to find new homes for the boys. Now Mr. B. is the king of his castle, who gets my undivided attention; just the way he likes it! He is, of course, spoiled rotten!

Lia Binetti
Summerfield, FL

Wild Bill Rescued From Side of Road!

Wild Bill Hickok was found one lazy summer evening in the weeds along side a country highway.

I was headed to look at some new foals, and there he was, just his ears and eyes peering at me from the tall weeds. I stopped, backed up, got out of the car and scooped him up. He didn't even struggle; he actually burrowed a bit into my arm.

I looked up and down the road and up a few driveways for the mama cat and any brothers and sisters. No one to be found. I suspect he was abandoned there.

He was taken to the vet and the vet said he was a healthy 8-week old.

God timed it perfectly that we would find him when we did and he is a great addition to the family.

He is right at home with his older sisters, Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley!

Arcadia, MO

Treasured gifts come in all sizes......

This is Baxter. He is a toy Chihuahua (but in his eyes he is a big ferocious Pit Bull :-) I responded to an ad in the newspaper and went to go see the puppies. When I got there I could hear him in the other room whimpering so I asked if I could see him. The lady said no for he had an eye infection but I talked her into it. When she brought him out I barely had the strength to not break down and cry for one of his eyes was about 4 times bigger than the other, he was covered in feces and urine, his nails were all chalky white and he was in obvious poor health. But regardless of his situation he was just so happy to have someone hold and love him. He was full of kisses and lots of tail wagging!

I knew right then that there was no way I would leave without him so I purchased him and brought him home. The next day I took him to an Animal Eye Doctor and he immediately removed his eye. He said that if I hadn't of brought him in that day that his eye would of erupted and it would of killed him. I believe it was fate 7 years ago that made me drive from Colorado to Nebraska to see the puppies.

Baxter loves to cuddle and be as close to me as he can. He brings a smile and a tug at my heart every day that I am blessed to go home to him. There is nothing more unconditional than the love you receive from your animals.

Denise Charter
Loveland, CO


Hi, I am Mia. My mom was suppose to foster me through the holidays for Lonestar Boxer Rescue but I knew she would fall in love and become a "foster failure"!! When she came to get me, I had just recently been picked up so I was pretty hungry and I had a bad case of mange/ allergies... but that didnt stop me from sliding around the corner and running/ jumping into her arms. I got right into the car... I knew she had some delicious treats waiting for me at my new home. It has been quite a battle to get me healthy but my mom loves me, she ended up adopting me and we are on the road to finally getting me 100% healthy. I love my big brother Diesel. He helps mom care for me, shares his toys, food, couch, bed... everything with me. I am so happy that I was lucky to find my forever family, I hope that ALL rescues get this chance. Please dont buy while shelter animals die.

Houston, TX


I started my search on Petfinder.com. It didn't take long to find this beautiful Vizsla mix at a shelter in Lawrence, KS. Willow is as smart as she is pretty. She has heart and energy, she will play all day. In the evening, Willow is a true velcro Vizsla who loves to watch movies in bed and eat popcorn. I'm glad she has adopted me as her human.

Susan Teresco
Merriam, KS

2nd Chance

We rescued Chance from a kill shelter in Florida on his last day. He was very sick and had to have treatment for kennel cough and heartworm. He is completely healthy now and very happy in his forever home. When awake his energy and playfulness is contagious. We couldn't of asked for a more loving rescued dog. He completes our family.

Vicki Bowlin
Orlando, FL

Lynyrd Skynyrd Comes Home

One of our neighbors, who should not have pets, lovely cat had kittens. Since they were not being fed at home, they came a calling at my door. Smokey and her three darling kittens made our front patio home, and got "three squares" at our door daily. Since the owner didn't take responsibility, Smokey got spade, and her darlings were adopted... however I couldn't give up little Lynyrd Skynyrd... He is such a goof, and entertains us all every minute of the day. His patio space is now taken by Mao, a foundling from the neighborhood. There must be a secret code written in cat on the sidewalk, "this way to a bowl of chow!" I will always adopt and feed anything that wonders to my door.

Ann Danko
Templeton, CA
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