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Two Cats who came to Dinner ... and stayed

About 15 years ago, our son was in his Brooklyn apartment kitchen, when a cat came in the window, clearly expecting a welcome and dinner, which he received. Soon named Kook, he trained his new guy well. A year or so later, another cat, abused and injured, was in the yard, so our son took him to a vet, and nursed him back to health. He became Zeke, the Beta cat.

They were settled to live happily ever after, but then came 9/11, and soon our son lost first his job, and then his apartment. He was offered a room with a friend who was allergic to cats. So the cats would have to move elsewhere. We drove to Brooklyn to bring them home with us. Kook (the Alpha cat, on the left) took a while to adjust to country life, but enjoyed going outside to sit under a bush and smell the flowers, and Zeke (on the right) liked to stay in and keep our home clear of small rodents.

One of Kook's favorite places, when not sleeping in my lap, was the middle of our king-sized four poster bed. We tried to discourage him by keeping our bedroom door closed, but he soon discovered that from the balcony over it, he could 'fly' right there. He sailed over just about as soon as I'd snapped this picture.

Zeke, who must have been part Siamese, judging by his voice, became my husband's lap warmer.

They kept us entertained and we kept them healthy and fed until each died, about 4 and 5 years ago now. We still miss them!

Margaret Webber
Sharon, CT

My honey boy

Phil and his sibblings come to us as our very first foster littler. 5 in total. We lost 2 the first night. But Phil and his 2 sisters hung in until we could get to the vet on Sunday. I had no idea how difficult it was to take care of 1 week old kittens. We learned so much from this first litter and have cared for countless litters since. We never would have been able to if it wasn't for my honeyboy and his sisters. When I was down with a bad back Phil would come and lay on my back to give me some "energy". After surgery my boy was there with me every second. If I am sick Phil is there. If I am sad, Phil is there. I love my HONEY BOY and I am sure there will never be another

Cathy Franklin
buena park, CA

Boo Bunny

Boo was found abandoned in a small dirty cage and was very skinny. His teeth had grown up to his eyes and his nails were long. I am a shelter volunteer and brought him home to foster until a rabbit rescue could take him. He was fearful and aggressive lunging at me and growling(yes bunnies do growl when they are angry!) when I got too close. This made it very difficult to care for him. In fact I couldn't wait to send him to rescue.

I took him to the vet who advised we remove his front teeth. Otherwise they would continue to grow and make it difficult for him to chew food. Dental malocclusion is common in dwarf rabbits and prevents them from chewing properly and they can't grind their teeth down . It requires monthly teeth clipping or removal.

Boo got his name because my husband said he looked like a goul with his black eyes and it was Halloween when he came to my home. Over time with lots of patience and soothing talk Boo slowly started to trust me. His true sweet personality started to show and I grew to love him and decided to adopt him into my pack. He is a very happy, playful well fed bunny now. He is litter box trained and he has run of the house while I am home. He loves to lay on the carpet facing the TV or us. He races across the floor and does Binkys to show his joy. He likes to play tag with my dog and my 2 cockatiels frequently visit him and sing to him which he seems to enjoy.He has truly stolen my heart and I am so happy to have him. Any animal can blossom with love and patience!

Jeannie Ranalli
North Haven, CT


Bella came to me from Animal Haven in Shawnee Mission as a companion for my young lab. She was about 3 yrs. old when adopted and she quickly integrated into our life-style. She's quite large and "smiles" when spoken to so she's rather intimidating to strangers. Even though she's a relentless food thief and lap sitter, I can't imagine her not being around.

jb white
West Plains, MO

Sam's Story

Sam was found in a dumpster in Lowell, MA and was taken in by Pets in Need, a local animal rescue group. He lived in several foster homes before finding his forever home this February. Sam is a much happier cat today! He loves eating, sleeping, watching birds out the window, and chasing his new sister, Buttons. He's a handsome and affectionate little guy, and he's loved by everyone who meets him.

Danielle Forest
Lowell, MA

Our Tank Boy

We rescued Tank from our neighbors who were having problems. He was 7 mo old. We intended to find him a home, but, my husband who is not a cat person bonded with Tank within hours. Now Tank is a big happy boy that loves his face scratched and bringing us "presents"

Gail Clark
Arlington, TX


Back in the summer of 1998, a lady called and said she was told I might be able to find a home for a purebred Smoke Gray Persian kitten. She had purchased it two days prior and it was driving her absolutely crazy... she also said that if I couldn't find a home for it, she was going to have it put to sleep. WELL ... I couldn't let that happen! I asked what was wrong with it and her reply was, "It runs through the house like a mad thing, climbs the curtains, climbs my leg and it's just nuts!" I told her that's just what kittens do and asked what she had expected ... which was a lap cat! I told her to bring the kitten to me and to get herself an old cat. She had named this kitten Dexter which did NOT fit him at all. When he was running one day with his tail whirling like a helicoptor ... I said to him "Man! You've got your MoJo runnin' don't you?" and that was it ... from that point on, he was my MoJo. Today, at 11 years old, he IS that lap cat that lady wanted and I'm SOOOO glad I rescued my MoJo.

Shari Howard
Milan, MO

Our D.W.

Hi, this is about D.W.

"D" was left with his brothers and sisters on the doorstep of our vet. He is an ole country vet and has animals left at his door constantly. He was the runt of the bunch and very tiny. Someone we knew chose him, but didnt need another dog. She had 2 very large dogs and her husband didnt want D.W. She left him outside with the big dogs and he was made to try to eat the adult food, when there was any left. He was just so little and it broke my heart to see him like that. After a while of them not properly taking care of him he started getting so sick and weak that he couldnt hardly keep his balance to walk, I finally begged them enough to let me take him home and get him well and they finally agreed. It took alot of hard work and TLC but we did it!! Needless to say i never gave him back. What they did was cruel and uncalled for. We have a pinto akita and a mixed hound that we also rescued Our akita, Chynook took it upon herself to become D.W.'s mother and she nutured him and has loved him till this day. D.W. is a mixed lab and pit bull. He is so loving and very strong. He can sure make you laugh. I gave him the nickname "Bunny Foo Foo", because when he plays he will run and bounce around, up and down, like a rabbitt in tall grass. What a joy he has been.

They are the joy in our lives just like our kids, they give us love, smiles, happiness, serenity, protection, and are a very blessed gift from the good Lord above.

kristine l. ingram
sherman, TX


Ebony is my second shelter cat and my third rescue cat. My son gave her to me for Mother's Day in 1996 as a tiny kitten from Animal Haven. She has grown to be a very large cat, definitely a female who knows what she wants and is vocal about it.

b white
Leawood, KS


Tank was obtained from a Lab rescue group as a 6 week-old puppy. He was supposed to be a large lab but somewhere there was an uh-oh and he's maxed out at 50lbs. Now 3 yrs. old, he's a truly amazingly sweet dog.

jb white
West Plains, MO
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