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Our Riley came to us after a heartbreaking goodbye to our Vizsla mix, Sammy, to cancer. We adopted him from the shelter 11 years prior and we were completely heartbroken. I dreaded the thought of a sad empty house and since it felt too soon to adopt another, I thought fostering would be win-win for everyone. It would help the shelter (although they only had 6 dogs at the time), it would benefit the dog and get them off concrete floors, and it would help me channel my grief and my love for dogs into something positive and productive.

After several visits to the shelter, I kept gravitating towards this older brindle mix. I was told she had come from owners that loved her for 10 years, and unfortunate circumstances brought her unexpectedly to the shelter. Despite her training and excellent disposition, her age kept her there for a very long time. My husband even resisted, and I had to point out to him; dogs don't 'depreciate' in value like cars do and they only get better with age. I had to remind him how much more we loved our Sammy as he got older, and she was no different than he. The second she trotted in our door, she ran to the couch, jumped on it, and laid against it completely still for minutes, as if she were 'hugging' it. It was such an obvious expression of gratitute and a reunion of sorts, that I didn't stop her from doing it (mind you, she had just come from the shelter and was in SERIOUS need of a bath). That was my first photo of her in the house, hugging the couch as though she thought she would never see another one.

We fell in love immediately and it wasn't long before we adopted her. She definitely rescued us, and we couldn't be any more grateful to have her in our lives. Everyone that meets her is in awe at her manners, and it just goes to show, there are excellent dogs waiting for their homes at the shelter.

LuVonne C
Kodiak, AK

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