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Blackie lived on my street as a stray for five years. During this time, she stayed in the empty lot next to my house, and would not let people come close to her. She was a shy, small cat who had the cutest meow. She surprised my husband by letting him sit near her one day, and he saw she had extra toes on her front paws. From that moment, Blackie began to steal our hearts. She would greet my husband and I in our front yard at night and let us give her food, but never let us touch her. One day, however, everything changed.

Our next door neighbor found Blackie stuck on a wooden fence, and he saw her back left leg was injured as a result. Our neighbor managed to free Blackie from the fence, but she got away from him and we did not see her for three days. When she finally came up to our front yard, we could see the leg had become infected. It took two more days before my husband could catch Blackie, and by then she was hardly able to walk. We took Blackie to a veterinarian, and the vet advised us Blackie would have to have the leg amputated or be euthanized. I could not see this sweet, feisty girl dying and we decided then and there Blackie would become our house cat. Blackie was scared at first because she had never had a home before, and it took a lot of time and patience to get her used to us. Now, she hops on our lap, demands love and attention, races around the house, and even plays with our bulldog. It has been twelve years since she came to live with us, and she has never been happier. You would never guess she has only three legs!

Riverside, CA

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