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A few years ago my world was turned upside down and I ended up in this crummy efficiency apartment with nothing to look forward to. I've always been an animal person so when I noticed the neighbor's cats in our yard I started leaving out cat food in hopes they would come over and "say hi". One afternoon I was sitting in my apartment with the screen door cracked when this little black cat I'd never seen before walked into my room, jumped onto the back of the couch and laid down. He looked like he was saying "I'm home". It got to the point where every day "Blacky" as i named him would come running up to the door when I came home and stay in the apartment every night. He was skiddish and no one else could get near him but I could pet him as long as I didn't make any sudden moves.

After a few month's I decided to ask my landlord about him. Turns out they had adopted him as a kitten only to be turned loose a few months later because they "weren't good pet parents". My landlord said he was happy I was feeding the cat because they couldn't get near him to feed him. I was appalled that someone would let loose such a young cat but I was also glad because it brought him to me and quite simply, Blacky was the ray of sunshine in my cloudy world.

I've had him over a year now and we have since moved out of that crummy little space. Blacky is still afraid of everyone and everything but around me he is the most loving affectionate animal I have ever owned. I don't know why he is so comfortable with me and nobody else but I truly believe animals know when we need them. Maybe that's why he picked me. I can only guess but whatever the reason, I'm glad and I tell people all the time he rescued me instead of the other way around. I cant imagine my life without him.

Virginia Beach, VA

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