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I was at Oktoberfest when I noticed this tiny kitten in a nearby field. I figured she was feral but called "kitty kitty kitty" anyway. To my amazement, she came running over and rubbed against my leg. I scooped her up and then spent the afternoon going door to door in search of who may have lost her. When nobody claimed her, I took her home.

My fiance gave three rules for keeping her; 1) She had to know what a little box was and use it 2) She couldn't be a talkative noisy kitty 3) She couldn't use our furniture as a scratching post. She proved herself overnight and the next morning we named her Bailey Piper (BP or Beeper for short).

The following month, we became an official family. Unable to have children of our own, Bailey Piper was "Our Little Girl". She was spoiled rotten! We celebrated her birthday (the day she adopted us), Christmas (she had her own stocking and presents beneath the tree) and other holidays, she was included in family photos, etc. She was not a pet; she was our child.

She passed away on Thursday, June 13, 2013 at the age of 14. Her illness was sudden and unexpected. On Sunday she was fine (a little slow, otherwise alright) and by Wednesday we were rushing her to the doctor.

Her death has been a shock to us. I am consumed by grief, not knowing what exactly happened. Her toys sit where she left them. Her favorite blanket remains unwashed (it smells of her). Her photos grace our walls reminders of happier times and what exactly we lost. In my grief, I recall all the wonderful memories spent w/ my baby girl.

She was my child. I watched her grow from cute and cuddly baby, to sassy (leave me alone mom) adolescent, to lovely adult. It is now that I realize she rescued me, saving me from the pain of not being able to conceive a human child. She was and always will be my little angel; my sweet Bailey Piper; my baby girl.

Wendy Gnau
Lincoln City, OR

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