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I’m Einstein and am a happy and very smart puppy. My coat is pure white and I run thru the yard with my ears streaming in the wind.

But this wasn't always so. When I was a baby, I was very sick and my parents couldn't afford to help me. I went to the hospital and was real scared; my tummy hurt bad. Then everything went dark.

When I woke up the doctor said "Hi” and scratched under my chin. I tried to say "hi" but couldn't because there were tubes in my mouth. So instead, I thumped my little tail.

It was very strange; I had a tube in my tummy and that's how they fed me. I could not get up, so every day I would thump my little tail just to let them know I was okay.

A lady came and said I could go home with her. I liked that, and so I thumped my tail and picked my head up to lick her hand. She was my foster mom from Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue that helped me get the life-saving surgery.

Each day I got stronger, and one day they took out the feeding tube and said I could eat real food. I danced around, wagging my tail and yelping with joy! I told my foster mom to take me home right away!

My operation was a success. I am a special-needs puppy with mega-esophagus, and MAGSR had a chair built just for me. I eat upright, and gravity pushes the food down to my tummy! Cool, huh?!

They say it's time to start looking for that special family that will love me and let me give them all the love a special puppy like me has to give! Everyone wants a special puppy, right?

Ae Hanigan
Annapolis, MD

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