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It all started on the anniversary of one of the biggest storms in Louisiana history, Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Isaac was on his way and Louisiana was in the direct path of the storm.

The Vermilion Parish Shelter located in Abbeville, LA, which still uses a gas chamber to euthanize, was filling up with owner surrenders from people fleeing the storm’s path. Animal Aid for Vermilion Area leaped into action, begging for help to please move these dogs to safer places. Big Dog Ranch Rescue contacted AAVA and agreed to take close to 30 dogs from the shelter!

With the van fully loaded with 30 dogs, 2 AAVA volunteers, set out to drive 8 hours straight through the hurricane to get the dogs to Florida to meet the second half of their transport to BDRR. This is where another amazing rescue journey begins……

Close to Alabama/Mississippi state line the girls noticed poor little skinny, hairless dog, covered in sores. With cars going 80mph down the interstate they pulled over to try and catch the dog with leftover cheese burgers from their trip. After hours of chasing the dog through flooded woods, the exhausted dog gave up graciously and accepted being put on a leash and brought to the van.

After an exam by the vet it was determined that she was incredibly malnourished and emaciated, had bacterial and yeast skin infections as well as mange.

After being put on 11 different treatments, Isabella Blue AAVA’s Hurricane Isaac rescue started the road to recovery. She is now in foster care where she receives a very important 12th treatment, love. Isabella loves everyone and everything, never again will she have to suffer or wonder where her next meal will come from.

Animal Aid of Vermilion Area

Roxanne Bayard
Metairie, LA

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