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My husband & I were having major yard work done, & sod installed, & we all worked well past dark on a May evening. At about 11pm, we heard a noise, way off in the distance. My husband thought it was a bird, & was wondering why it would be making noise so late at night. After several times, I realized it was a kitten screaming! We spent the next couple of hours trying to find it, but the sound was coming from a spot way off in the woods & across a creek. We couldn't find it, & then the screaming stopped. I was very upset, but planned on looking more the next morning.

When we woke up, I went outside, & still no more noise. It was mother's day, & we were getting ready to pick up my Mom for lunch. My daughter & I were dressed up, when we went back outside at about 11am, we heard it again!

We started tramping through the woods in our dress clothes! The sound would stop & start up again later. My daughter eventually figured out that if she meowed like a cat, he would cry. We determined that the sound was coming from a whole different neighborhood, so we jumped in the car & drove there. After a very long time of searching & meowing, we narrowed it down to someone's back yard. Fortunately, the people were leaving, & we asked them if we could go in their backyard to look.

More searching led us to a tree with a hole in the bottom of the trunk. My daughter meowed again, & out popped a tiny orange head! We found him! I reached inside the tree, got him, & we put him in the car. He didn't understand the windows, & tried to jump through them, but finally calmed down.

That was 4 years ago. He has been the smartest, most entertaining, & loving cat! He mostly loves dogs & people, and opens cabinets & the toaster oven. We love him anyway. We're lucky he was SO loud!

Atlanta, GA

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