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I adopted my dog, Gemini, April 7th, 2012. She was the perfect dog and I could not for the life of me figure out why anyone would dump her at a shelter and my friend who went with me heard the staff say she was a RETURN. Why in the world would anyone return her?! She loves to give hugs, as you can see from the pic, she's sweet, she doesn't potty inside, good with my other animals ...etc.

THEN it started, she suffers from Separation anxiety. UGH! This is why she was returned.

May 2nd, I was laid off from my job due to downsizing, I was lost I had no idea what I wanted to due with my life and I was feeling very depressed. Then I started to think, if I didn't adopt Gemini and someone else did and they returned her due to her anxiety issue, it's possible she would have been put down, how many animals are in shelters due to issues like this and wind up being put to sleep? Otherwise sweet, loving and caring animals that have problems, just like a lot of humans have.

Then it hit me, I now know what I want to be! I want to save animals that are like Gemini.I want to be an animal behavior instructor! And, thanks to Gemini AND the ad I saw on Animal Rescue site, I am on my way to fulfilling that goal! I signed up with Animal Behavior College and am in the process of becoming a professional trainer and HOPEFULLY saving the lives of precious babies is in my future! AND actually having a job I will enjoy for the first time in my life!

Each one of my furbabies make me smile each day!

Beth Smith
Wrightstown, PA

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