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My search for a second dog began about five months after I adopted my Xena. I began working longer hours and felt that my baby love needed a friend to ease her terrible separation anxiety. I tried bringing her to work with me as I work at an animal hospital, but she cried so much every time I left her in back. My fiancée and I searched shelters nearby but failed to find a dog that fit our family and got along well with my Xena.

We began searching online, and within a week she popped up. She was a beautiful white boxer/pittie mix and I fell head over heels for her smile. That night we lacked our Xena into the car and drove to the shelter she was at three hours away to meet her. We entered the shelter and I immediately sensed where to go. I walked straight in back and sat down in front of her kennel. She was so shy and timid, I felt that my girl might scare her. She literally bounded up and her whole body began to wag(I now call it "the willow sway") upon opening her kennel. My heart melted. My fiancée and my Xena love agreed, she was coming home with us. I was shocked to learn that she was actually scheduled to be put down that morning but a fan of hers at the shelter talked them into giving her one more day. We asked to meet her savior and she began to tear up when she saw us filling out her paperwork. She came up to me and said "I just knew it. (Bell, her old name) wasn't meant to die, not that way. I knew her family was coming. Bless you!" I hugged her and thanked her for keeping my sweet girl safe until I came for her.

Upon getting her home we discovered she had terrible allergies(as many white boxers&pitties do) and was very skittish. She is now eating special food and taking allergy pills, and gets loves constantly. She is my man's baby.

Salt Lake City, UT

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