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One day in late summer 2011 I was going for my usual walk but this time I spotted a grey & white cat laying on the ground in front of a grocery store.I went into the store to ask if it belonged to them & they said "no, he's just from the neighborhood".They knew the ex-owner & I was told that the owner had put the cat on the street almost 2 years ago supposedly b/c his roommate/brother got tired of the cat & gave him an ultimatum.

Everyone called him "Junior".I wanted to win his affection so I started looking for him every day to feed him.He stole my heart.I didn't know what to do b/c I wanted him but I already had a cat of my own & had lost one recently & wasn't ready to take in any new ones.I started whistling every time I showed up so he'd recognize me & he would run out of wherever he was to come to me...for food of course lol.

One night I came by looking for him & I whistled for him, as I turned I saw him run out of a garbage bag full of old clothes where he had been sleeping & I just lost it.I started crying & I decided RIGHT THEN that he was MINE.I went back to get my carrier, took him home & renamed him "Hunter".I made him a bed & he cuddled up in it & slept for hours.

I took him to the vet the next day.He was positive for worms which was treated.It took him a while to come around.He didn't like to be handled much.I can't imagine what he went through for those 2 yrs.He had a few scars & scabs on him.He now takes over everyone's bed even though he has one of his own as well as a shared kitty condo w/ my other kid "Lucky".I'm so glad I took him in.Despite the challenging few months for him to adapt it was worth it.Animals give me purpose & I wouldn't give mine up for anything.

Bronx, NY

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