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As a journalism student and dog lover, a college class sent me to the local SPCA to cover the story of an abused dog. After an interview with the director, I asked about photographing the dog as my project required pictures. To my dismay, the dog was in a foster home and unavailable for photos.

"Do you have any other dogs here with interesting stories?"

Sure enough, he did. Her name was Rosie.

Rosie was found along a highway in Tennessee by a young man driving a U-Haul. He spotted this small dog while driving, picked her up and took her to a nearby animal shelter. The shelter would give her 3 days to be claimed or adopted before being euthanized due to overcrowding. Instead of leaving her to chance, the young man took on the tiny hitchhiker and named her Rosie.

Rosie traveled 14 hours in his U-Haul to New Jersey. Once there, his apartment would not allow dogs. His sister offered to take her in temporarily---she lived 3 hours away in central New York.

Thus, Rosie was on the road again. She stayed with the sister briefly and was then taken to the SPCA in Tompkins County---a no-kill shelter in Ithaca, NY.

Twenty-four hours after Rosie was put out on the adoption floor, I walked in the door looking for a good story. I didn't realize I would find my best friend.

After taking a few pictures for my project, I knew I couldn't leave without the friendly, ENERGETIC one-year old mutt whose sign read, "I may be cute, but I'm a monster." Well, she's my cuddly, bouncy monster now and I wouldn't have it any other way! A great dog and the best of friends!

P.S. I recently moved from NY to LA for work. Rosie is staying with my loving mom, dad and family dog Emma until I am fully settled. Then it seems she'll be traveling yet again! Miss my little hitchhiker and can't wait to be reunited!

**Pictured is Rosie with a stuffed cupcake celebrating our one-year anniversary/her second birthday in March 2013!

Megan Blarr
Los Angeles, CA

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