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On New Year's Eve 2010, on a very cold Chicago night, a guardian angel disguised as a pedestrian heard a wee squeak and discovered a four-week-old kitten trapped in a chain-link fence. The little fella was nearly frozen to death: icy cold, and eyes swollen to the size of ping-pong balls. He wouldn't have made it through the night without being rescued. Another guardian angel rushed him to the vet, where he was warmed up and the fleas that were frozen into his fur were removed. They named him Link, and hoped he would survive.

He made it through the night, and the next night, and the next. The vet stopped talking about removing his swollen eyes when they shrunk in size and he was able to see. He moved into a foster home, where he was loved by all, even the cranky cats already in residence.

When he was seven months old, the woman who had taken him to the vet and fostered him -- his second guardian angel -- started looking for a forever home for him. I saw his photo and was wary because the description mentioned his chronic runny eyes and drippy nose, results of the night he was found. I wasn't even looking for another cat, so I tried hard to forget him, but his sweet face and the description of his loving personality stuck with me. I made an appointment to meet him, and a week later he came home with me.

Nearly two years later, he steals everyone's hearts. He has a little frostbite scar on his nose, and his eyes don't quite look in the same direction, but he's never met anyone he didn't love. He's rambunctious, smart and inquisitive, and his fur is soft and shiny. He follows me everywhere, and if I'm sitting, he wants to be petted or held. He is now "Simon," because I didn't want his name to reflect the worst night of his life, but it was also his luckiest. I am forever grateful to his guardian angels for saving this little sweetheart of a guy.

Tonia Lorenz
Chicago, IL

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