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My elderly tuxie cat had gone over the bridge in July and I was looking for another companion to fill the space in our lives. My other cat was looking for his buddy and it was heartbreaking. I did a search for black cats on Pet Finder and found myself looking for siblings. Black cats are the least likely to be adopted, I knew, and that really does make me ill. I think they're lucky. I went to meet Castor and Pollux at their foster home. Amongst the kittens that greeted me at the door was a black one. I picked him up and sat down in a chair, fully expecting him to jump down, but he just curled up, purring, and went to sleep. He stayed there the entire time I chatted with the foster mom, and she told me that the other black kitten had jumped up and was snoozing beside me while we had talked. It was a large chair and I didn't realize he was there. So I had no choice. They picked me to be their forever mama. They had been brought to a vet to be put down just because they're black, and I'm sorry so many people live in the dark ages. They're now just over a year old, and a constant delight to me and my other cat. They are now Severus Snape and Phineas Nigellus, after two Harry Potter characters that are associated with the color black.

They're very nearly identical, and it has been a struggle keeping either one in a collar. The fastest way to tell which is which is to scratch the base of the tail; one really loves that, and the other doesn't. Flipping them on their backs helps, as Phineas has a tiny white bikini, and Sev has a even tinier one. Severus is very loving and sweet, and Phineas is mischievous and stubborn. Obiwan took to them right away.

Mary Sethre
Saint Paul, MN

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