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They were dumped at 5 weeks old near my house. Roux and Rainbeaux. I call them Dobiemutts. Heard they were around a week before I found them starving eating bird seed in my yard. I had already had Dobermans and still had Anjing. She was getting old. I decided to adopt them both, otherwise I would have found homes for them like other dogs dumped by my house. Took them to the vet and fattened them up. They would foam at the mouth and throw up for the first year when I took them for a ride. Probably because their first ride was so traumatic when they were dumped. They realized we go do fun things and go HOME. Then if I left the door to the truck open, they would load up on their own. Sometimes it was really hot and I'd have to make them get out. And they're like "C'mon Mom, let's GO". My babies. Why do people throw away perfectly good dogs?

The three of us had soooo many good times. Boating, camping, hiking, the beach, the river, the lake, the mountains. Unless I had to fly somewhere, they went everywhere with me. Two of my best friends.

Had to help Rainbeaux cross over July 5th. Poor baby, her hips were shot, she couldn't really walk the last 10 days and she was in a lot of pain. OMG I can't think of anything harder than to make that kind of decision. The vet made it as easy as possible by coming out to my Jeep, with hugs, a clay pawprint, no charge and more hugs. Love you, Dr. Jackie. Still gets to me and probably always will. Rainbeaux is at peace now, running again in the fields of heaven, waiting for us. I KNOW that all dogs go to heaven!

Thank you God, Roux is still running around and frisky at almost 13. It would have been twice as terrible if they were both failing at the same time. We will always love you and miss you, Rainbeaux. See you again some day my darling.

Pamela Harry
St. Martinville, LA

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