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Thundershirt™ Calming Dog Wrap

Item # 47429

Funds 28 bowls of food.

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A drug-free solution for canine anxiety, the Thundershirt™ is recommended by thousands of vets and dog trainers worldwide. This ingenious device wraps around your pup like a warm hug, applying gentle, constant pressure to soothe and comfort. Alleviates anxiety caused by loud noises, separation, travel, and crate training, as well as negative behaviors such as problem barking and hyperactivity. Join the tens of thousands of dog owners around the world who call the Thundershirt™ a miracle cure!

  • 55% cotton, 35% polyester, 10% spandex
  • Multiple Velcro straps for snug fit
  • Machine wash cold; hang dry
  • Imported

Sizing in inches/centimeters:

SizeWeightChest range (around)
XXSUnder 7 lbs.9-13.5 / 23-34
XS8-14 lbs.13-18 / 34-46
S15-25 lbs.16-23 / 41-58
M26-40 lbs.18-26 / 46-66
L41-64 lbs.24-32 / 61-81
XL65-110 lbs.31-40 / 79-102
XXLOver 110 lbs.38-50 / 97-127

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29 reviews

Recent reviews:

August 10, 2014 - My dog is terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. She trembles, pants heavily and gets a terrified look in her eyes and holds her ears back. We have tried many things and the Thunder Shirt has changed everything. We have used it multiple times since recent purchase and the results are amazing. She is noticeably calmer and my only regret is that I didn't buy this sooner. Try it and know that if it doesn't work for your pet you can donate to your local animal shelter. Our dog is picky about wearing anything but she wears her thunder shirt and it's been a complete transformation from her first time wearing it during a storm. It was worth the money for the calm that it has provided our dog. It also seems to help her with her separation anxiety issues. Amazing product.

August 6, 2014 - One of our dogs is extremely frightened of thunder and fireworks. She LOVES her Thundershirt! Her litter mate wants us to put his on as well. It definitely helps.

July 28, 2014 - So far I have only had the opportunity to use T/shirt twice since I got it two weeks ago. Scruff woke me up in the middle of the night when we had some thunder and he was shaking and fidgety. I put the T/shirt on him and he was fast asleep in less than a minute.... snoring!!! Since I have two Jack Russels I'm definitely going to invest in another T/shirt b/c I think it's not fair to comfort one dog at a time! Then maybe I can get some peace too! When I took a stray dog to a shelter a few years ago I noticed the majority of dogs were Jack Russell's! I was stunned and enquired... I was told that they are such a high energy breed that people realize after awhile that they cannot keep up w/ their natural hyperactivity.Apparently they are the breed most abandoned! I couldn't believe it but it made so much sense to me given my dealing w / two Jacks! So I would highly recommend the T/shirt to anyone who buys or rescues a Jack or for that matter dogs like Chihuahuas that shake naturally. The T/shirt is so comforting to Scruff when he shakes.... not only calms him down but puts him to sleep! I always used to say I luv my Jacks most when they are sleeping but now I can just put the T/shirt on them and they behave like normal dogs! I think if I had T/shirt from the time they were pups, it might have changed their disposition, and I could have focused better on training them instead of figuring out ways to calm them. Bottom line - highly recommended by me for daily use especially for certain breeds! Thanks to my Auntie for the best gift!!

July 18, 2014 - We can't say enough about this thunder shirt. We use it during thunderstorms but also for our visits to the vet. Our vet is amazed at how much more calm our dog, Tessa, is when she wears it. Whenever Tessa hears the noise of the velcro, she comes to us and waits for us to put it on. Her wagging tail tells me she likes it as much (but probably even more) than we do!

May 25, 2014 - If your dog hates thunderstorms and fireworks, TRY IT! I've been using one for my English Setter for 3 yrs. He still lays by my feet for loud noises but he's not trying to get under the couch any more.

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