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Victory! In January 2017, the National Milk Producers Federation Board (NMPF) approved a ban on tail docking.
Final signature count: 21,092
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

For the livestock destined for slaughterhouses in America, aren't short lifespan and often horrendous living conditions enough? For many farm owners, it's not — and they take the cruelty even further by docking the poor animals' tails.

Some producers dock animals tails because when they are closely confined they tend to step on each others' tails. But livestock shouldn't be closely confined in the first place — so tail docking makes it easier for these farmers to practice inhumane methods.

Tail docking causes extreme pain for the animal, results in lifelong discomfort and often, infection. There is no scientific basis for this practice.

H.B. 1697, if passed, would ban the method of tail docking completely. Sign in support of eradicating this painful and unnecessary practice.

Dear Representative Robert Rita:

I am very upset to learn about bovine tail docking practices taking place on farms across America. As experts in bovine science, farmers have a responsibility to the welfare of the animals they own — and through this inhumane practice farmers are continuing to shirk that responsibility.

Tail docking is a common practice in the livestock industry as it can allow more animals to one enclosure and stop them from stepping on each others' tails. However, tail docking causes major health defects that can cause extreme pain and discomfort and lead to infection.

In the livestock world, it's profit over humanity. But that's simply not fair to the animals.

Please continue to fight for farm animals by seeing that this bill is passed into law.


Petition Signatures

May 24, 2017 Yvonne Autie Please stop this painful practice now. The animals should not suffer this cruelty.
May 23, 2017 Nora Etkin
May 23, 2017 monica lane
May 23, 2017 Monica Daniel-Marshall
May 23, 2017 Jennifer Day
May 23, 2017 Pamela Llewellyn
May 22, 2017 Marilyn Logan
May 21, 2017 (Name not displayed)
May 20, 2017 susan miller
May 19, 2017 Lisa Roof
May 19, 2017 (Name not displayed)
May 18, 2017 Sandra Williamson
May 18, 2017 Cher Hester Stop putting money over animals!
May 18, 2017 Mercedes Montes
May 17, 2017 Melanie Cannon
May 17, 2017 Debra Carter
May 17, 2017 lisa hearn
May 17, 2017 Marianne Christensen
May 16, 2017 Patrizia Lazzeri Livestock shouldn't be closely confined in the first place — so tail docking makes it easier for these farmers to practice inhumane methods. In the livestock world, it's profit over humanity.It's simply not fair to the animals. Please vote for HB 1697.
May 16, 2017 digger evans
May 16, 2017 Diane Hall
May 16, 2017 Linda Meyer
May 16, 2017 veronica araujo
May 16, 2017 Margarida Rapoula
May 15, 2017 Justine WONT KNOW
May 15, 2017 Elena Burankova
May 15, 2017 (Name not displayed)
May 13, 2017 (Name not displayed)
May 13, 2017 Jackie Stone
May 13, 2017 Paola Venezia
May 12, 2017 Mary Beth Barker
May 11, 2017 (Name not displayed) Inhumane, cruel and disgusting! STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!!
May 11, 2017 Rex De Silva
May 11, 2017 Alanna Maurina
May 11, 2017 Joyce Barringer
May 10, 2017 Saiya Saiya
May 10, 2017 Romula DSilva Please stop this cruel practice...
May 10, 2017 Mary Laffrey
May 10, 2017 Jaci Taylor
May 10, 2017 Georgia Roussis
May 10, 2017 Jameson Sachs
May 10, 2017 Alson Sachs
May 10, 2017 Denise Simpson
May 10, 2017 rachel rolston
May 9, 2017 misty decker
May 9, 2017 (Name not displayed)
May 9, 2017 Pablo Ernesto Vigneaux Wilton
May 8, 2017 Dana Vincent Bovines use their tails to keep flies off of themselves and their rectum. Can you imagine the discomfort that must cause, not to mention the pain of removal? Barbaric
May 7, 2017 Karyn Pappel

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