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Help Save Coyotes In Southern California

Final signature count: 24,144

Sponsor: The Animal Rescue Site

Stop Laguna Woods' misinformed coyote killing plan.

In Southern California, some city council officials have demonstrated they have no regard for the local coyote population. The town of Laguna Woods recently voted to allow the killing of coyotes in the area due to recent coyote disturbances.

However, other cities around the country have adopted more humane tactics, promoting the healthy coexistence of humans and coyotes by drafting full scale coyote management plans. And these programs work.

On the other side of the coin, the mass killing of coyotes has been proven ineffective, as the decreased competition yields larger litters.

Ask the city council of Laguna Woods to revisit its coyote plan and to remove the allowance for these unfair killings.

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The Petition:

Dear Laguna Woods Mayor Bert Hack:

Please revise your current coyote management plan.

The Laguna Woods City Council recently voted to allow the killings of these animals due to a recent uptick in coyote disturbances. While I understand the need for a more strict coyote management program, I cannot endorse your decision.

Other cities around the country have adopted management plans that do not involve killing these innocent animals — rather, they focus on how coyotes, humans, and pets can coexist in the same environments.

Please follow the lead of these cities and stop the cruelty to coyotes!


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