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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 7,742
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Tell the Department of Justice to make it mandatory for officers to take a canine behavior training course to learn how to interact with dogs without lethal force!

10,000 dogs a year are being shot and killed by police officers! [1] This is an epidemic and needs to stop! Many of the dogs killed were friendly family members or service dogs. They were simply shot because the police officer "felt threatened" so it was "justified."

Police officers are treating the frightened animals as "hostile" and shooting them. Instead of assessing the situation, police officers are reaching for their guns first. Animal Legal Defense Fund states "No officer has ever been killed in the line of duty by a dog." [2]

The National Canine Research Council is trying to save dogs through a 5 step video training series. [3] The series trains police officers how to interact with dogs and how to protect themselves without lethal force. This video needs to be a mandatory part of training for all police officers.

Some states like Colorado and Texas have passed laws to protect dogs by requiring training for dog encounters. Postal workers have many dog encounters per year and they have taken a different route to dealing with dogs. They are offered training with live dogs and how to communicate and negate a situation safely. [4]

Thousands of dogs are killed by police when they show up at the wrong address and shoot first without thinking. Dogs are family members not property. The families are left devastated and the poor dog lost their life. Taking a life is serious and needs to be treated as such.

There are videos of police shooting dogs in the dogs' own backyard. Right before the dogs are shot the video shows one dog's tail wagging. [5] Other dogs have been shot because they barked when the police entered their home. These are normal things for a dog to do and not hostile. Dogs deserve more respect from the police.

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To the Director of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services of the U.S. Department of Justice

The brutal killings of innocent dogs by police officers has to stop! 10,000 dogs are killed every year by an officer.

I urge you to change the way officers are trained to interact with dogs. Officers need to be trained how to properly handle a dog without lethal force. It needs to be a required part of training and overseen by a dog handling professional.

Postal service workers encounter dogs all the time and have been trained on how to interact with them safely.

A change has to happen and it needs to be mandatory for all officers to take a canine behavior assessment training and taught non-lethal techniques to deal with animals. Some cities like Cleveland and Las Vegas have already taken the initiative to train officers in proper response techniques with much success.

As the director of COPS office you can make this a requirement and save countless dogs lives.

Please act swiftly on this matter. I want to thank you for your help and so do all the dogs who cannot speak for themselves.


Petition Signatures

Feb 20, 2018 Nora Sachs
Feb 19, 2018 Traci Moreno
Feb 19, 2018 Renee Edmisten
Feb 19, 2018 Jonathan Ludwig It is absolutely disgusting that police are killing animals! This practice MUST end immediately!
Feb 19, 2018 Robert Stroud
Feb 19, 2018 Robert Burns
Feb 19, 2018 Darlene Roepke
Feb 19, 2018 Tracy Arcure
Feb 19, 2018 Judy McKinney
Feb 19, 2018 Pat Parkin
Feb 19, 2018 Joanna Casey
Feb 19, 2018 Brenda Higgins
Feb 19, 2018 Jenny Fortsch
Feb 19, 2018 Danielle Whitman
Feb 19, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Feb 19, 2018 sheila gilbert
Feb 18, 2018 Karen Cossu
Feb 18, 2018 Lynne Burnell
Feb 18, 2018 Penny Mackenzie
Feb 17, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Feb 17, 2018 Maria Arteaga
Feb 17, 2018 Paula Lewis
Feb 17, 2018 Kristen Guarino
Feb 17, 2018 John Chambers
Feb 17, 2018 Gina White This makes me sick!! This shouldn't happen!!
Feb 17, 2018 Claudia Jarrett
Feb 17, 2018 Andrew Williams
Feb 17, 2018 Kandy Lunsford
Feb 16, 2018 bernadette cuellar
Feb 15, 2018 Robin Blakesley
Feb 15, 2018 Kathy Smith
Feb 15, 2018 Colette van Os
Feb 15, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Feb 15, 2018 Terry Robinson
Feb 15, 2018 Christine Covindassamy
Feb 14, 2018 Anita Phaneuf
Feb 14, 2018 Carol Felicello
Feb 14, 2018 Catherine Carney-Feldman
Feb 14, 2018 theresa sonia
Feb 14, 2018 Jane Chin
Feb 14, 2018 Beverly Brown
Feb 13, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Feb 13, 2018 Linda Patterson
Feb 13, 2018 Erin Skinner
Feb 13, 2018 Madeleine Gläser
Feb 13, 2018 John Burgess
Feb 13, 2018 Batya Harlow
Feb 12, 2018 Elizabeth Detrick
Feb 12, 2018 Adele Halbreich
Feb 11, 2018 Michael Collier

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