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She adopted ME.

She adopted ME.

Came home from work one night & heard a tiny "meaow". It came from behind the trash can on the curb. Didn't look right away for fear of spooking the cat, but ran into my house and opened a can of tuna. Then I went back & put it down on the sidewalk & backed off, knowing how afraid street cats are of people.

A small gray kitten practically threw itself at the food & devoured it. I filled the empty can with water from the faucet in my front yard, left it by the sidewalk and went to bed. Next night when I got home, it came running from behind the trash can which I had put away in the yard, rubbed against my legs, (shoes, actually, it was very small) then sat and looked at me expectantly.

Repeat of last night's performance. I explained to it that I was going to buy some cat food tomorrow but, having three rescue dogs, it wasn't safe inside the house, though the dogs were restricted to the Florida room, from which they had a swinging door that let them out to the fenced back yard only. Big dogs not used to cats.

But she could live in the front yard, which was also fenced. I put a box with a blanket on the front porch and went to bed. Next day was my day off. That night, I went & bought a bag of cat food and a small bowl, though I didn't see the kitten when I went outside. But it was there when I came home, so I placed a bowl of cat food in the yard away from the front door to avoid attracting bugs, waited until it started eating, opened the door to go back inside. A little gray lightning bolt shot past me, sat in the middle of my living room floor, & said "I live here".

I panicked because I'd actually left one of the dogs inside & she came strolling out of the bedroom. I grabbed her collar but realized she was just curious & so was the kitten. They touched noses, I let the dog go, then both followed me when I went out to collect the leftover cat food. The dog used the grass & so did the kitten. We all three went back inside.

Next day, I took her to the vet for vaccines. He pronounced it female & healthy. Had her vaccinated & later spayed. That was over 11 years ago. Her name is Lily, she is convinced she's a dog, became one of the pack, & lets herself in & out the dog door. I feed her separately but have seen her actually nibbling at the dog food. Go figure.

Alicia Gelabert

Taco Bell Cat With A Wound

Taco Bell Cat With A Wound

Hello, my name is Melissa Vasquez. I am a rescuer and TNR trapper. I would like to share a story about a stray cat that I trapped in July 2023. Someone made a post on Next Door about a cat with a big wound on his neck outside of a Taco Bell.

I saw the post on Facebook because multiple people were sharing the Next Door link. I saw multiple comments of people saying he had been like that for a couple days, and those comments made me so sad.

As soon as I got out of work, I drove home and went to get a trap, wet cat food, tuna, and blankets because a rescue offered to take him. When I went to the Taco Bell, I couldn't find him, but I looked all around the business places for 48 minutes and found him behind the dumpster in the Taco Bell.

As soon as I saw him, I got out of my car, set up my trap, and waited for him to go in. After 10 minutes of waiting, I trapped him and drove him to a rescue that offered to take him. The Cat Whisper Rescue Corporation's name is Bill. He is safe and getting treated at NVC, Nederland.


My Little Bit

My Little Bit

My husband and I were sitting on the porch one day talking when all of a sudden, I saw this kitten. He was about starved to death, something had torn his ear, and he couldn't see out of one eye. I got some food and put it out for him. He would not let us get close to him. He slowly went to the food and gobbled it down. I also put water out.

I kept doing this, and finally he would let me get close but still not touch him. He was scared to death of people. I kept working with him until finally he would let me touch him. He still would not let my husband touch him. I just kept working with him and finally decided to try to get him to come in the house. After much work and time, he finally came in.

It has been four years now and I can happily say my Little Bit is the love of my life. I love this little cat so much. He still will not let anyone but me touch him. When I go to bed at night, he snuggles right up next to me and I rub him until he goes to sleep. I do not know what I would do without Little Bit.

My husband passed away January 8, 2023, so Little Bit has filled a big hole in my heart. I don't know where Little Bit came from but I sure am glad he chose me and Joe.

Patricia Brown

Pork Chop

Pork Chop

My family had just moved to South Carolina from Ohio. We made the journey in two cars, with two kids and two cats. After only a few days, I took my five year old daughter for a “look see” drive to a nearby state park. We drove through it to see a beautiful stable and horses, a large, still lake and a gnarled old woman. “Did Y’all lose a little brown dog?” she drawled.

My daughter and I looked at each other and were instantly intrigued. The dog was more yellow than brown, had fleas and a bad case of mange. It was wrapped up in a tight circle on the floor of the woman’s station wagon. The woman claimed she rescued the dog from some kids who had been hitting it with a stick. He looked more like a baby deer than a dog. Our hearts melted over the story and his pitiful appearance.

We knew that our home would easily hold at least one more. We took him home, fed him, bathed him, and named him Pork Chop. In return, he allowed our family to continue loving him for the next 19 years. Miss you still, Chop.

Amy Boyer

Hamlet the Blind Guardian

Hamlet the Blind Guardian

Sweet Hamlet was a puppy purchased from a 'breeder' by a man in west Texas who has a large ranch. After he purchased him, he realized something was wrong. He had a vet examine him and discovered he was blind and had HD.

When the rancher realized Hamlet would never be a livestock guardian due to his challenges, he had a choice, and he let the vet reach out to the National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network for help.

When he first came into rescue, Hamlet couldn’t even stand up because of the pain. Foster mom Tara took him to our vet. After he started rimadyl and his pain level was under control, he started walking and following her dogs around. She and her dogs helped little Hamlet gain confidence, and find his way in a dark world.

Several months later, Hamlet was listed for adoption through the rescue and was adopted by a wonderful family. He is now a little over two years old and thriving. Thanks to the NASRN rescue group for saving these livestock guardians all over the country.




When my husband and I first moved to this house, there was a young cat living under our deck. After checking with some neighbors, I found out he did not have a home and was living under the deck because the man who lived in the house before us occasionally put food out for him.

He did come out for food, but would run away if I even tried to touch him. It took some time and patience, but eventually he grew to trust me and let me pet him. After a few weeks, I was helping him learn how to come inside. He cried a lot at first but eventually realized it was a pretty cool place that always had toys and food for him.

I checked with our local shelter, and found them to be pretty full of cats. So once I gained enough trust, I took him to the vet to get vaccinated and neutered and we adopted him ourselves. After having him tested for a few common diseases; treating him for worms, fleas, ticks, and ear mites; he was finally able to join our other cats.

He has since become happy and healthy.


Rusty Loves to Run

Rusty Loves to Run

We adopted Rusty on April 16, 2020, when he was four. He is a Mountain Cur mix from the hills of Kentucky! He managed to end up at Paws Across Pittsburgh.

Rusty is very intelligent, obedient and loving. We enjoy his companionship and energy. He loves running at the dog park and is especially happy when the other dogs chase him. They never catch up to him!

Rusty is one pampered pooch and we love him beyond words.

Michael & Cynthia Ansani



We went to the dog kennels, trusting we could see a dog to give a home. And there she was: A lovely little rescue from Sarajevo. Apparently Rosie, as we called her, had been dumped, and she was rescued by a very nice lady who saw her and sent her to kennels she knew in Derbyshire, UK.

We were so thrilled when we were able to bring for home. The love she has brought to us is immense, such a gentle little dog who has given us such love, That is our story.

From Derbyshire England.

Enid Silversides
Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Gertie the Cocker Spaniel

Gertie the Cocker Spaniel

I adopt senior dogs. They are so gentle, appreciative, and already trained. Sometime when I’m ready to adopt, I have a hard time finding a senior. That was the case with Gertie. I finally called animal control in the next county over.

They told me they had a senior, 11 years old, whose owner had recently died about three months previous and the relative couldn’t keep her. She also said that Gertie was blind and had been neglected. I went to see her.

She had been living in the office under the office worker’s chair and was very shy. She hadn’t been groomed in years and the terrible smell was coming from the bad teeth in her mouth. She also had a bacterial skin infection on her back which was very itchy. I brought her home and she had her teeth pulled, skin infection has cleared up, and she is a great companion!

Besides being blind, she is also deaf. Can you imagine?! She must be so scared most of the time. She has no problem using the doggy door or finding me in my garden. It’s been six months and she still shakes like she’s scared during her baths and especially in the car since it usually has meant a trip to the vet. Just about four weeks ago was the first time she stuck her head out the car window while we were driving! A milestone.

She finally feels comfortable with me and I try to take her everywhere with me. I try to make their last years be some of their best years. Hers was a life worth saving and I’m so glad to have her be my constant companion.


Alpha The Perfect Dog I Didn't See Coming

Alpha The Perfect Dog I Didn't See Coming

I adopted Alpha from a Facebook post almost two years ago. He was advertised as a Great Pyrenees and Husky mix and an emotional support dog. I had a DNA test run on him, and he was 72% Siberian Husky, 11% Malamute, 11% Samoyed, 4% German Shepard and 1% wolf. I had the test done done because he was a giant dog at 90 pounds.

Our initial start was rocky to say the least. His original background was he was adopted from an AZ SPCA by a guy in the Army. When he was reassigned to Alaska, he gave Alpha to his mother in North Carolina. She had him for two years, but decided that she could no longer care for him because he didn't get along with her small dog, so she put him up for adoption.

That's where I entered the picture. I went for a meet and greet at a friend's house 10 miles from mine (she arranged it) and met Alpha. He did OK with her dogs, and I decided to adopt him on the spot. I brought him home and initially everything went well with our other dogs.

However, soon after that my Border Collie, Sumter, and Alpha began tangling on a regular basis. Alpha was just that, an Alpha, but he didn't know how to be one! Alpha was also in pain! Due to lack of exercise and being crated all of the time, he would literally scream when he would try to get up off of the floor. We started him on glucosamine and he began playing with the small dogs in the back yard.

Two months later, he was a different dog. His relationship with my Border Collie began to improve when I started to take them on nightly walks together!

Alpha began to show his personality with me! I had lost my Samoyed five years before and it had taken me that long to adopt another dog. He would come to me when I was feeling down and wrap around my feet and say everything is okay. I think he rescued me!

Michael Atkins