Anna the Sweetheart

I wasn't looking to adopt an animal. I just enjoyed going to the shelter occasionally and walk a dog or two to make them feel less alone. Anna had been abandoned there - tied up to the fence one night.The shelter kept this 50 lb girl in a cage for weeks until a stall (mostly occupied by pit mixes) opened up.
She would lean against the door and give every passerby a look that could break heartstrings. I didn't understand why she lasted so long, but I couldn't let it continue. So, Anna came home with me. Well behaved and friendly to all two-legged creatures, we've had to work on her four-legged interactions. I'm sure she still has lingering memories of being in the loud cold shelter, but now she's running and playing with boundless exuberance at the dog park. It worked out for the both of us.

Jim Solensky
Port Charlotte, FL