Bo's story

We had finally decided to get another dog. We searched the local shelters on the web and found the perfect dog for us.

We drove to see her, and when we got there she didn't show any interest in us at all. While there we looked at the other dogs. This little guy named Hobo with the big ears caught our attention. We got to spend some time with him and we knew he was the right one for us.

The lady from the Humane society said he had been there for over a month, and had came from a shelter in Mississippi. They didn't know much about him. She also said that the average dog gets adopted in about 2 days. I began to wonder if there was something that we had missed with him. Why hadn't others taken him? We decided to trust our instincts and took him home.

We worried about him adjusting to us and his new home, but he was fine right from the start. He is the best dog. He is very mellow. He loves people, and other dogs. He is about 2 years old and has lots of energy to play and go for walks, but is just as content to lay next to you on the couch. He has lots of personality, and is very smart. He rarely barks, and is overall a perfect fit for us, except for the name Hobo that the previous shelter had given him. We shortened it to Bo.

I am so happy we took him, I almost didn't because of the length of time he had been at the shelter. Do yourself, and the dogs a favor and don't overlook the dogs who have been there for a while, they may become your new best friend.

Dan Matton
Bloomington, MN