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Please- PLEASE microchip your pets.

There's a local neighbor lady, she speaks Spanish and I don't, but I always greet her when she's out feeding the local strays. One day she'd already left the food out and the cats were eating, but there was an extra little white kitten I'd never seen before. I make noises at the cats in hopes that some of them are friendly. Unfortunately after they hear it-they freeze and then run off.

This time was different. Even though this kitten was already walking away from the feeding area, I made the noises... She froze.. I did it again.. She turned around and ran towards me.

She looks so dirty in this picture, and she clearly had fleas, but she was so incredibly sweet. I knew she couldn't possibly be a feral cat, so I took her home. (There was a small tiff, and I got a few scratches before I wrapped her in my new jacket)

She got a bath (and I got a few more scratches...but no bites), the next day she (and my roommate's and my own cat) got flea meds, and I bought a flea comb to get as many out right away. I wish I could post more pictures so you could see how good she looked after her bath. She stayed in my room with my cats litter box, and the door closed so they didn't fight. She stayed there for a few days because I didn't have a car to take her anywhere.

That Sunday I took her to my vet.

She was microchipped.

Her name was Ash (because the two grey spots on her head looked like ash-Wednesday marks- they weren't dirt.).

She was missing for two months, and that day she got to go home.


She got to go home, because her owners got her chipped.

Please chip your pets.

Sarah R McClure
Los Angeles, CA