Saving Sadie

Sadie is a dog who was found in the mountains of Kentucky. She just had a litter of puppies, then she was shot between the eyes and in the back and paralyzed. Kind people found her and through a series of events, Sadie found her way to a no kill shelter in Wisconsin where I found her while I was donating blankets. Two doctors gave her a grim prognosis, but the third doctor, who is holistic said that we should give Sadie a chance and so we did.
Fast forward to today: Sadie receives every therapy known to man including acupuncture, aqua puncture, laser, chiropractic, e stim, Power Plate, swimming, far infrared therapy and the list goes on. She is no longer fecally or urinary incontinent, we are just working on her back legs to get strong enough to support her because the bullet and shrapnel are too deeply imbedded to remove.
Sadie is now known in 15 countries and across the US. Sadie was saved for a reason: she teaches acceptance of people and animals who have special needs. Her first children's book will be out before the end of the year.
Sadie has graced the covers of 7 major publications and is continually on local and international radio, TV including the Lifetime Network, she had a presence at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, and Sadie has 2-3 personal appearances per weekend.
With her signature photo of a bullet hole between her eyes, Sadie is also trying to get the laws against animal cruelty strengthened. Can you be a part of Sadie's journey and pass her message onto others?

Joal Derse
Muskego, WI