Second Chance Animal Rescue's Disabled Pet Project

A $3,000 grant could help the special needs animals in our rescue enormously and first we would like to say thank you for considering us. We at Second Chance Animal Rescue are a small group of unpaid, individuals dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most of our volunteers work full time and dedicate their weekends to our adoption events and getting our beautiful dogs adopted. And although we all work hard at both adopting and fundraising it is easy to find ourself running short on funds.
We currently have a 4 month old Chihuahua puppy, named Pip, with fused elbows in his front legs. We got him from our city shelter, with his 2 siblings and mom when the puppies were only 4 days old. We always knew Pip was the runt, but it wasn't until he was about 2 weeks old that we could tell he had his disability. While his brothers were starting to crawl, Pip was only hopping, and would army crawl to get around. We took him to our vet who let us know that Pip will either need surgery or a wheel chair. And although he has a disability Pip does not seem to show it at all, he barks, growls, and plays with the other dogs. We often take in special cases like Pip and have a soft spot for taking dogs from the shelters with special needs or who in other cases may be overlooked. These dogs have just as much love to give, and just happen to come in a special, unique package. This grant would allow us to help not only the more "adoptable" dogs, but would also allow us to assist others like Pip.

Ashley Kloehn
Las Vegas, NV