Vanimandor the healer she saved me

in 2006 I lost my 4 cats in a fire, needless to say I was devastated, then a co worker mentionned she had a friend given away kittens, it had been about a month but figured lets go see. so I went and saw this frisky litttle lady clawing and full of energy. I decided she was the one for me. so I took her home, and she hated car rides she clawed at the box like crazy. she helped me get over my loses. Together we went through many towns cause of my work, she enjoyed walk outside on her arness, climbing fences and sleepin on the back rest of my chair. then on feb 28th 2016 she had an epilepsy attack, after a while she seemed fine, so I took care to stay with her and be there in need, then march 2nd she went over the rainbow bridge in my arms knowing I will always love her and keep a special place in my heart for her, Vani you brother Jack, Pika and sister Tati and Lady will be waithing for you over the bridge you all in my heart keep an eye on me

Alain Carrier
sherbrooke, Canada