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Relist Gray Wolves To The Endangered Species Act!

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Gray wolves were just stripped of ESA protections and are in danger once again.

Just over 40 years ago, mankind nearly wiped out the iconic gray wolf. The wolves were hunted, trapped, and poisoned until fewer than 1,000 remained. Just as their numbers were starting to recover in some areas, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announces they are removing them for the Endangered Species Act.

Scientists say the new ruling will threaten the survival of the species and will do irreversible damage.

"Today, approximately 5500 wolves inhabit approximately 15% of their historic range within the conterminous United States."1

Wolves will be targeted once again by trophy hunters and their numbers will quickly fall, putting the species at risk of annihilation once again.

"When wolves briefly lost their federal ESA protections in late 2011, nearly 1,500 were killed in just three seasons-including hundreds of pups." 2

Aside from conservation of the beloved species, gray wolves are vital to healthy and biologically diverse ecosystems.

We urge U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to relist gray wolves to the Endangered Species Act and give them the protection they need and deserve.

Sign now and demand immediate action.

More About This Issue

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The Petition:

To: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:

We urge you to return gray wolves to the Endangered Species Act and provide them the protection they need to flourish.

The new ruling will undo decades of recovery and put the iconic species at risk once again. Gray wolves were just starting to return to areas where they once roamed free, but their freedom will be short-lived.

As previous delistings have shown, gray wolves have not fully recovered and without ESA protections will be hunted into near extinction.

The fate of gray wolves is in your hands, and the only solution is to reinstate them to the Endangered Species Act.

Help protect America's gray wolf population before it's too late.

Your swift action is appreciated.


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