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Protect Agriculture: Stop the Spotted Lanternfly

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The Spotted Lanternfly, a voracious plant-eating insect, is invading critical farmland, threatening agriculture and ecosystems.

Protect our Critical Ecosystems: Take the Spotted Lanternfly Prevention Pledge

Michigan, our Great Lakes State, is renowned for its natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and thriving agriculture. But lurking in the shadows, a silent intruder threatens to disrupt our delicate balance.

The Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive insect with an insatiable appetite, poses a clear and present danger to our environment, our farms, and our way of life1.

It's time for us to unite, to take action, and to protect our state from this relentless invader.

What is the Spotted Lanternfly?

Discovered in the United States in 2014, the Spotted Lanternfly is a menace that feasts on over 70 different plants, including grapes, apples, hops, and hardwood trees2. Its rapid spread across several states, including our own, is a cause for alarm. This unwelcome pest was confirmed in Oakland County, Michigan, in 2022, leaving experts and farmers deeply concerned3.

What's at stake?

The Spotted Lanternfly's presence could devastate our beloved Michigan. Its feeding habits not only endanger our agriculture but also disrupt our natural ecosystems. It secretes a sugary, sticky liquid called honeydew while feeding, leading to plant deaths and a conducive environment for black sooty mold4. This menace also attracts unwelcome guests, such as yellow jackets, flies, and ants, further complicating matters.

In the battle against the Spotted Lanternfly, we cannot afford to be complacent. We must take action now to protect our environment, our farms, and our future. It starts with each of us.

Join us in the fight against the Spotted Lanternfly

We invite you to take the Spotted Lanternfly Prevention Pledge—a commitment to safeguarding ecosystems and agricultural heritage. By signing this pledge, you declare your dedication to taking specific actions to prevent the spread and proliferation of this invasive pest.

Sign the Spotted Lanternfly Prevention Pledge today and be part of the solution. Together, we can protect our critical ecosystems, ensuring a more resilient environment for ourselves and generations to come.

Sign the pledge now, and let's make a difference!

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The Pledge:

The Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive threat to our environment, is already causing harm in Michigan.

To protect our ecosystems, agriculture, and natural beauty, I pledge to take the following actions:

  1. Educate Myself: I will learn about the Spotted Lanternfly, understanding its life cycle, characteristics, and the threat it poses to Michigan.

  2. Vigilant Inspection: I will regularly check my vehicles, outdoor equipment, and firewood for any signs of Spotted Lanternflies or egg masses before traveling.

  3. Reporting Duty: If I spot a Spotted Lanternfly, I will take photos, note the date, time, and location, and promptly report it to the Department of Natural Resources.

  4. Hitchhiker Awareness: I will be cautious when receiving shipments from infested areas, checking goods and packaging for any potential hitchhikers.

  5. Squish It: If I encounter a Spotted Lanternfly, I will destroy it to prevent further spread.

  6. Raise Awareness: I will inform friends, family, and neighbors about the Spotted Lanternfly and encourage them to take action.

  7. Support Research: I will support research efforts to better understand and combat this invasive species.

  8. Follow Regulations: I will adhere to any state or local regulations aimed at preventing the spread of the Spotted Lanternfly.

  9. Landscape Smart: I will choose landscaping plants that are less attractive to Spotted Lanternflies and monitor my garden for signs of infestation.

  10. Stay Informed: I will stay updated on Spotted Lanternfly developments and adjust my actions accordingly.

By taking these steps, we can collectively safeguard ecosystems, ensuring a more resilient environment for ourselves and future generations. Let's protect our beautiful landscapes from this invasive threat!

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