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Save Vermont's Wildlife from Inhumanity

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Join the fight to rewrite Vermont's future: stand up for wildlife safety and demand humane hunting and trapping laws.

In the serene landscapes of Vermont, a silent crisis unfolds, affecting our wildlife, pets, and community's safety. Recent regulations by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board have sparked a major debate, revealing significant gaps in the protection of our beloved natural inhabitants and their environments.

The Heart of the Issue

The crux of the matter lies in the new hunting and trapping rules that fail to shield both wildlife and the public from the inherent dangers of these activities. Despite legislative efforts to ensure more humane practices, the current regulations fall short, leaving our wildlife and pets at risk1.

Animal welfare organizations, after seeing little progress, have taken a stand by suing the state, urging a revision of these rules to truly reflect the protective intent of the laws passed in 20222. Their legal action underscores the urgent need for regulations that genuinely safeguard our community and its animals.

Why This Matters

This isn't just about the wildlife. It's about the safety of our pets, the rights of landowners, and the ethical treatment of animals in our state. Stories of pets caught in traps and wildlife chased into private properties by hunting dogs have become all too common, pointing to a glaring oversight in the current regulatory framework3.

Your Voice Can Make a Difference

Change is possible, but only if we come together to demand it. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board needs to hear from us—the people who cherish Vermont's wildlife and natural beauty. We call for:

  • Clear definitions and safe distances for trap settings to protect our trails and lands.
  • Stringent controls over hunting dogs to prevent them from endangering pets and farm animals.
  • A commitment to transparency and public involvement in shaping future regulations.

Take Action Now

The future of Vermont's wildlife, the safety of our pets, and the preservation of our natural heritage are in our hands. By signing the petition, you're not just adding your name to a list; you're joining a community committed to ensuring a safer, more humane Vermont.

Sign the petition to demand safer hunting and trapping regulations in Vermont — Your support can drive change, bringing us closer to a future where our wildlife thrives in harmony with our community. Stand with us today.

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The Petition:

To the Chair and Members of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board,

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned citizens, wildlife advocates, and stewards of Vermont's natural heritage. We urge you to reconsider and amend the state's hunting and trapping regulations to ensure they adequately protect communities, pets, and the wildlife that enrich our landscapes.

Recent regulations have fallen short of their intended purpose to safeguard against the risks associated with trapping and the practice of hunting coyotes with dogs. Incidents of non-target animals being caught in traps and the uncontrolled chase of coyotes by dogs have raised significant alarm among Vermonters about the safety of our pets and the humane treatment of wildlife.

We call for clear, enforceable rules that:

  1. Enhance Trap Setback Requirements: Clearly define "public trails" to include trails on private lands used by the public, ensuring traps are set at a safe distance.
  2. Improve Control Over Hunting Dogs: Implement more stringent measures than GPS collars to ensure hunters maintain control over their dogs, preventing them from wandering onto private properties and posing risks to pets and farm animals.
  3. Establish Transparent Reporting: Require immediate reporting of all non-target animals caught in traps, providing data for ongoing regulation assessments.
  4. Foster Public Participation: Create a forum for ongoing dialogue between the Fish & Wildlife Board, wildlife advocates, and the public to address concerns and adapt regulations as needed.

By taking these actions, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board will not only align more closely with the compassionate values of our community but also lead by example in the responsible stewardship of our state's rich biodiversity.

Implementing these changes will pave the way for a future where Vermont's natural beauty and wildlife are safeguarded for generations to come, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between humans, our pets, and the wild inhabitants of our cherished landscapes.


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