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2 year old doxie lost her owners

We had adopted several doxies over the years and still had one older dapple at home, and decided not to adopt more as we are retired and wanted to travel some before adopting again. Then we saw a rescue with a young chocolate doxie who had lost his home. He lost 2 1/2 pounds in a week; wouldn’t eat; was skin and bones and was in distress. We saw his picture and immediately knew we had to try to adopt him. Luckily we were able to bring him home 3 weeks later; the rescue had been able get him eating; he gained his weight back. We named him Corky. He is very loving little guy; needy; wants to be on our laps at all times and doesn’t like being alone; maybe because he is afraid of losing another family. Loves his daily walks and of course, we share our bed with both our doxies. Corky is such a well mannèred boy. Whoever had him before us trained him well. We are very lucky. With the coronavirus, we have been self quarantining, so it’s been a great time to add another dog. Can’t imagine our home without him now, and who knows when it will be safe to travel again. Nothing better than a dog’s unconditional love!

Jody Thorsen