A black cat always brings good luck.

This handsome little man is Samuel. On Halloween night of 2011, I was relaxing and watching a movie. All the trick or treaters were all home, and it was just a relaxing way to end a crazy day. Some noise caught my attention, it sounded like a cat crying. Seeing that I already had 3 cats, I looked throughout my home to check on each and every one. All of them were fine, but I still heard the cries. I carefully grabbed a flashlight and headed outside, the sounds grew louder with ever step I took towards the trees. From the darkness a very small animal in the brush. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a very small kitten. The small black kitten was half sticking out of a plastic shopping bag that was tied close, his face was bloody, and the kitten was skin and bones. My heart sank and I slowly reached over to rip open the bag. As soon as I removed this helpless little guy from the plastic, I knew I had to do something. I went to go inside to find a small blanket for him, to my disbelief, he starting following me. I led him into my home where he was immediately greeted by other 3 cats. I rushed around looking for washcloths and other items to clean him up, and before I knew it, my other cats had shown him where the food dish was, and he was so happy to be eating. I knew at this point he had stolen my heart. after he was done eating, I cleaned his face and gotten him the vet care he needed. He and a whole litter of black cats were dumped on a major highway, and he was homeless. that night as he lay on my pillow cuddling me, I realized that he would never be homeless again. Id like to say that Sam is almost 3 years old and is a very happy, healthy, loving young man. I was pretty sure I rescued him, but he rescued me.

Keisha Ross
Plattsburgh, NY