A Friend For Life!

We got Lady at 6 months old when my daughter, Erin, was 1 and a half. They were best friends until we had to put Lady down at 15 and a half. She lived a long and happy life. She was loyal and loving while always being protective of her human family. We always trusted her judgment over our own and she was never wrong! She loved the small and unfortunate ones, like animals that I rescued and brought home to rehabilitate. One in particular, Freeway, was so timid that Lady would stand and walk over him to make him feel safe. It worked! She loved our cats, and they loved her, and she would often give Erin's hamsters rides on her back! When I went to the shelter I had a small, low-to-the-ground dog in mind. At 6 months Lady already sat near 18" high! But they had no small dogs and, once in my arms, it was love! Only once did I think of re-homing her, when I didn't know if we'd have a place to live. But thankfully the area I was in told me they'd put her down since she was part pit bull as they had a lot of dog fighting problems. She never failed to reward us for my choosing to keep her! She was a dear love right to the literal end! We miss her...our big Lady Bug! (Lady was Pit Bull-Great Dane-Shepherd. Pix was playing dress-up around 1988.)
Jane & Erin Dean
Los Angeles, CA