A Man and His Dog

After moving to a small town where we could have a dog John kept asking, and asking. My sister directed me to a website for their local SPCA. We looked at the photos (I wanted a dachshund!) and kept coming back to a terrier mix named Oreo. He looked like he was having a bad hair day and he was not a dachshund, but there was something in his eyes. But he was 10? Could we handle maybe just having him a few years?? The caption under the photo said he was looking for his forever home. We went to visit and fell in love. He was extremely skittish. But we loved him and adopted him. He and John go on walks and I love to watch him prancing alongside. He is a people-watcher and is very stubborn, once he decides to sit down you cannot get him to move! He is such a charmer and a gentleman. I'm glad John kept asking.
Tamre Bohn
Alva, OK