A Second Chance

I had put my last kitty, Emma, to sleep in January and really missed having a cat around. So in June, I adopted a kitty named "Babs" from a local shelter. I wanted a cat that was a little bit older, as I knew they were harder to adopt out. I was thinking 3 or 4 years old. "Babs" was 8, but that didn't bother me! She was so cute and had a sad story. In November, her owner had died and when the relatives came to clear out the house, they just put Babs out on the front porch! In November!! A declawed cat that had never gone outside. How people can be so cruel is beyond me. A nice neighbor lady (Bless her!) had been feeding her and then decided to take her in, but Babs didn't get along with her other cats, so the nice neighbor took her to a good shelter. I was told that she had been adopted twice, but then returned twice, which I thought was odd. She's so cute and is also sweet and social. But they told me she is very "vocal" and I found out that she sure is!! I like to say that she likes to "sing"! I have never heard a cat sing (yowl) so much! Perhaps that is why she was returned? I renamed her "Nora" and now she is famous among my friends, especially when I talk to them on the phone! Nora will usually "sing" in the background and they hear it and we have a good laugh! She is really LOUD!! I am so glad that I was able to give an older kitty a second chance at a forever home, especially after the stressful 8 months that she had. And it is so wonderful to have a feline friend again! Nora is a lap cat and sits with me every night when I watch TV. She is my constant companion!

Linda Santanen