A Second Home

Willow had been adopted as a kitten from the Humane Society and had a happy life until her mom had to go into a rehabilitation facility for an extended period. The mom’s daughter brought Willow to the vet who had cared for her for nine years to be put to sleep. “Why?” said the front desk person. “Because I don’t want her,” said the daughter. My vet has a window full of kittens for adoption, and they decided to take a risk with a 9 year old cat. She had been there for a few weeks when I came in and mentioned that I was thinking of adopting another cat. “Wait right there,” they said. So Willow and I went to the socializing room and spent some time together. She wasn’t very interested in me, but I wanted an older cat, and I agreed to take her. I took her home “on trial” – I think I was on trial, not Willow. The outcome of this story is all good. Willow is now 14, loving, playful, my companion and my husband’s companion, though maybe not her tabby sister’s friend. And her original mom finally came home from rehab, was thrilled to learn that Willow had a home, and adopted two more cats of her own. Older cats are the best!

MaryJane Boland