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Bailey finds a home

We don't have any background on Bailey, just that she was around two years old when we met her on Christmas Eve, 2018. She was a frightened, timid Jack Russel terrier, and seemed very submissive. Once we got home, she barreled around the house looking for a place to hide, ended up in the back portion of the catio, and refused to come out. My husband Tim was determined that Bailey would become part of the family, and went to get her out so we could feed her dinner. In her fear and terror, she bit. And bit. And bit some more. Tim worked with her to help her feel comfortable, and now we have a terrier who loves and defends her home and family. The sharp barks of excitement when her Daddy comes home and the deeper barks of defense are wonderful to hear from a once terrified girl who hid under things, and now sits proudly in the front window, looking for something to comment on.

Mary Gadberry