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My husband is a local truck driver. He noticed a young pitbull on his route in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. She would show up in different areas in a 5 mile radius. He noticed her for about a month and tried to feed her. She was so scared that she wouldn't come near him. So he would throw the food to her. Just the action of moving his arm to throw the food terrified her and she would run and hide. This went on for another month until finally he gently tossed the food and she came to eat! My husband's route is in an industrial area that is really nasty, dirty, with lots of big trucks, and no place for a dog. He told the guy next to him, "If she lets me pick her up, you open the door to my truck because I'm taking her home." And sure enough, he got her in the truck! You could see EVERY bone in her spine, every rib, and she was covered in scars. We think she was used for a bait dog. It had to be rough living on the streets of an industrial neighborhood. The first year was difficult trying to domesticate her. All she really wants is to be loved! Two years later and she is the most spoiled rotten, wonderfully loved pitbull! She won't leave her daddy's side. She is truly dedicated to him for saving her. What a wonderful dog she has turned out to be. We are thankful for finding her! We hate to think of what would have happened to her if my husband hadn't picked her up. We love our Bailey-Boo!