Bandit Ran For His Life

One lazy afternoon, my little dog Patsy and I were chilling on our back yard patio when we were surprised by a visitor. A small dog appeared and started playing with Patsy. I knew he did not belong to a neighbor so I investigated to find his owner. After posting his picture online, I discovered that his owner was a sailor who lived in a houseboat on a creek about 2 miles down the road, so I returned him. A few days later, I was shocked when the little dog returned. I couldn't believe he had found us again. This time, when I took the dog back to his owner, I talked with him and learned that he was about 7 years old and I became aware that the dog was not being properly cared for. I offered to take the dog to the vet for a checkup and to pay for his shots, which I did. I offered to buy the dog but the owner declined. The owner assured me that he would do a better job of taking care of the dog. Several days later, the pitiful dog reappeared in my back yard, wet and muddy from the rain and shivering from the cold. When he saw me, he ran and jumped into my arms and we both cried. This time, the owner came to my house to pick him up and I had to let him go. But thankfully the next day, the owner brought him back to me, along with his bed and blanket, and told me I could keep him. It was one of the happiest days of my life. So, I named him Bandit because by choosing Patsy and me for his forever family, he had stolen my heart.

Mary Taylor